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Deepwater Knights

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Followers of the Oceanlord Prexus, The Deepwater Knights are led by the Paladin Weligon Steelherder and the Cleric Gans Paust. For the Knights, swimming is a mandatory skill, as many of their quests lead them beneath the waves. These Knights are allied with the High Council of Erudin and oppose the Heretics who live in Paineel now.

Note: You can't do any of the quests such as Bracer of Ro until amiable. To raise it, you either have to kill Elial Brook (guy on the beach) every six minutes over and over, or better yet, kill the two sharks that spawn at the Erudin docks. They are placeholders for a diseased shark. Kill it and a bunch of young sharks spawn. Kill them all! Every one of them gives +5 faction (took roughly 50 kills to go from barely kindly to warmly). Plus you can turn in their quest parts for a Barnacle Breastplate once you hit amiable.

Zones in which you can raise the faction Zones in which you can lower the faction
Quests you can do to raise the faction Quests you can do to lower the faction
Mobs you can kill to raise the faction Mobs you can kill to lower the faction