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Paineel is the secret city of the Erudites who did not agree with Erud's vision, and have fled the council and established a city on the remains of an ancient city of Paineel, taking its name for their own.

The entrance to Paineel is buried in rubble at launch, and the tunnel is mined open come Feb 2000 patch. [1] Evil Erudites will begin in Erudin in the meanwhile. Evil class vendors are available in huts in Toxxulia Forest.

Requires a Bone Crafted Key to enter the city.

City Races: Erudite
Guilds: Cleric, Necromancer, Shadow Knight
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forge, Kiln and Pottery Wheel, Oven
Related Quests: Cazic Thule Symbol Quests, Azraxs' Legacy, Experienced Courier, The Fisherman, The Lost Pet, The Summoning of Dread, The Summoning of Fright, The Summoning of Terror, Shadow Knight Epic Quest
Adjacent Zones: The Hole, The Warrens, Toxxulia Forest
Name in /who: paineel
Succor/Evacuate: 800, 200 (Zone line to Toxxulia)
ZEM Value: 100 (133%)


Paineel Main City Map
Paineel Newbie Zone Map

Main City

  • 1. Darkglow Palace
  • 2. Athenaeum Necromantia - Library
  • 3. Fortunes' Fancy - Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems
  • 4. Tabernacle of Terror - Cleric Guild
  • 5. Merchants selling Chain Mail Armor and Blunt Weapons
  • 6. Merchants selling Shields and Blunt Weapons
  • 7. False Idols - Merchant with Pottery Supplies, Clay, and Ore, Kiln inside
  • 8. The Final Reckoning - Bank
  • 9. Shackled Spirits - Dancing Skeletons, Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, Inn upstairs
  • 10. Superior Supplies (Poison Petal on top floor) - Merchants selling Food and other Goods and Alchemy Supplies, Hole Key
  • 11. Sinfully Handsome - Merchants selling Cloth and Leather Armor, Loom
  • 12. Good Iva's Tasty Treats - Merchants selling Food and Cooking Supplies
  • 13. The Abbatoir - Necromancer Guild
  • 14. The Fell Blade - Shadow Knight Guild, Merchants selling Leather Armor and Two-Handed Slashing Weapons
  • 15. Merchant selling Plate Armor, Forge and Erud Forge inside
  • 16. PvP area
  • 17. Observatory

Teleporters are located at A, B, and C and teleport to the spot with the matching letter.

Surrounding Areas

Toxxulia Forest lies just outside the doors of the city, and across the darkness of the woods lies Erudin, home of the members of the Council. Old Paineel itself lies beneath the city, and many who enter its remains never return.

The exit to The Hole door can be found at the southeast.

The exit to The Warrens can be found near the newbie area, on the left before The Hole.

Traveling To and From Paineel

Paineel's entrance lies in the southern edge of Toxxulia Forest. To get to the main continent of Antonica, one must pass through the city of Erudin, a prospect that is dangerous to many of the inhabitants of Paineel, since they are actively hunted by the citizens of Erud. You will need a Bone Crafted Key to enter the city of Paineel. It controls the rock elevator that takes you into the city. You must be holding the key on your pointer when you click the rock, to make it work.


The history of Paineel begins with the warped and obsessed man known as Miragul, an Erudite who grew discontented with the rules that the Erudin High Council enforced to control magical study. Gradually amassing a group of followers who shared his ideas, he began to hold secret meetings to study forbidden tomes and dark magics. Some of his followers traveled to faraway Neriak and returned with knowledge of necromancy and the dark gods-- knowledge that instantly captured Miragul's imagination above all else. He and his group came to believe that Cazic-Thule, god of fear, was the most powerful of all gods, and that the practice of necromancy was the best way to serve him.

In time, the Erudin High Council began to uncover the secret workings of Miragul's followers, and declared them Heretics for turning to the dark gods. Miragul was enraged by what he saw as the Council's weakness and fear, and began a civil war. His followers set up camps to the south and practiced guerilla warfare against their former brethren. The High Council fought back with the combined might of their arcane schools, and drove the Heretics further and further south, until the war culminated in one disastrous outpouring of hostile magic.

The Erudites - some say with the help of a double agent - tried to end the war with one concentrated blast of magical force. This single devastating explosion of power was enough to expel a large chunk of Odus out into space. The blow was too great for the Heretics, and their forces scattered. The Erudites, thinking they had won, returned northward... but meanwhile Miragul and his followers had begun building a great city deep within the chasm created by the blast - the chasm that came to be known as the Hole.

Unfortunately, during their building projects, the Heretics unwittingly opened a portal to the plane of the Underfoot. Elementals flooded into the city of Old Paineel and nearly wiped out the Heretics before they were able to close off the portal and begin building over again, closer to the surface. If one looks down deeply into the Hole, however, one can still see remnants of what was once the vile city of Old Paineel.

Local Color


The city has an interesting design, with separate areas connected by portals that instantaneously teleport anyone between them. Other areas of interest are the Pit and the nearby Observatory. It is unclear what purpose this observatory might have once served where it is.


The citizens walk casually among the many skeletons that they have animated to protect the city from without and within. Although ever hunted, the inhabitants are comfortable in their city of the dead.

What's in this zone?

Quests - Found 20 quests that start in Paineel:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
Azraxs' Legacy  ?
Azzar's Dreadful Hat, Part 2  ?
Azzar's Dreadful Hat Quest  ?
Bat Fur and Beetle Legs  ?
Bat Wings and Snake Fangs  ?
Cat Courier  ?
Cazic Thule Symbol Quests  ?
Cold Iron  ?
Experienced Courier  ?
Herb Shop  ?
Kobold Molars (Evil)  ?
Neonate Cowardice  ?
The Fisherman  ?
The Lost Pet  ?
The Summoning of Dread  ?
The Summoning of Fright  ?
The Summoning of Terror  ?
The Waylaid Courier  ?
Titan Samples (evil)  ?
Tunic of Ridossan Quest  ?

NPCs - Found 115 NPCs that spawn in Paineel:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
A Decaying Skeleton
A Fire Beetle
A Kobold Runt
A black bat
A pack rat
A spirit chanter
Alaria Mujan
An undead rat
Antus Shelbra
Atdehim Sqonci
Auhrik Siet`ka
Avatar of Dread
Avatar of Fright
Azzar Habbib
Brettas Norval
Coriante Verisue
Dannis Faleet
Danus Kelmun
Davorre Bloodthorn
Derena Leflor
Devinious Natasu
Dilche Orlezcha
Dovan Sires
Duriek Bloodpool
Dzan Amo
Elia Athrex
Erelin Verisue
Ernax the Scholar
Evus Doracmal
Geomar Hapera
Gerot Kastane
Gorng Alusnein
Guard Abbilash
Guard Abrebla
Guard Ackin
Guard Buldoral
Guard Captain Latorl
Guard Exclorpt
Guard Ezrothe
Guard Heridion
Guard Hetorzuz
Guard Ishvlor
Guard Kellolonren
Guard Korlack
Guard Lecknar
Guard Lehlufa
Guard Lelton
Guard Lesunra
Guard Lidozarnn
Guard Lomanres
Guard Menbuknar
Guard Mertanor
Guard Nextloxtl
Guard Notzxatl
Guard Pendleir
Guard Perelin
Guard Polzdurn
Guard Pomnares
Guard Potren
Guard Rireboln
Guard Sheltuin
Guard Tynaryn
Guard Yerlash
Ishen Lelelan
Iva Tersala
Jenkin Fleetmore
Keeshla Levlora
Keletha Nightweaver
Kervis Ackblor
Kilevra Natasu
Leovre Kieqmarn
Library assistant
Lillean Han Oni
Linnleu Brackmar
Mandaril Dark Knife
Marsa Folor
Medoris Flalzm
Miadera Shadowfyre
Nadara Reloclen
Nedorl Ipabrun
Ninna Flalzm
Nivold Predd
Noclin Saah
Noclin`s Pet
Oren Calferdo
Overlord Virate Manaar
Pardas Nalue
Rallia Hapera
Royal Guard Lilkus
Royal Guard Sheltuin
Sejako Mujan
Sern Adolia
Sheras Milaku
Shevra Kollintar
Shwara Volerno
Talloth Vara
Taralani Rahnta
Taria Clayspinner
Tatalros the Cruel
Telan Buvare
Tenralus Brackmar
Tentus Brackmar
Tormented Soul
Toryn Roltaire
Velana Kelmuza
Verolk Kishneal
Winnla Crestus
Yvonne Ani
Zarnlel Apridor

Items - Found 7 items that drop in Paineel:

Item NameDrops FromSlotStats
A Rolled Up Note
A Rolled Up Note
Item 861.png

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: None
Race: None

None? (None)
Bone Crafted Key
Bone Crafted Key
Item 1078.png

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Infected Rat Livers
Infected Rat Livers
Item 820.png

WT: 0.2 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Kite Shield
Kite Shield
Item 676.png

AC: 8
WT: 10.0 Size: LARGE

None? (None)
Rolled up Note
Rolled up Note
Item 861.png

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: None
Race: None

None? (None)
Rotting Femur
Rotting Femur
Item 905.png

WT: 4.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: NONE
Race: NONE

None? (None)
Words of Transcendence
Words of Transcendence
Item 869.png

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)