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Druid Levelling guide by Verdir

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I am keeping track of my progression and where I play.

Here's my story.

Levels 1 to 3

Trash mobs in Greater Faydark: bats and decayed skeletons mostly.

Keep the bat wings, it's a reagent for your Levitate spell.

Keep also the bone chips for quests or to sell to higher level players.

Levels 4 to 8

Group: Orc Hill in Greater Faydark.

Levels 9 to 16

I trained one point in Meditate with my guild master.

Group and later solo: Crushbone gives amazing experience. Keep the Legionnaire Should Pad and the Crushbone Belts for xp quest in Kaladim.

Levels 17 to 19

Group: Unrest, off Dagnor's Cauldron, is a great place to play.

Beware the trains who are frequent and deadly. Just make sure you don't stand anywhere near the path of trains. You could soul bind yourself just outside the zone line of Unrest, in Dagnor's Cauldron. Expect to die often, especially at the beginning.

Level 20 to 29

I trained one point in Tracking with my guild master. Note: On P1999 there is a display bug in the skills window and your level of tracking skill always shows a red '20'. Verify your tracking skill with any druid Guildmaster in the Train window.

Solo: Lake of Ill Omen (LOIO), kitting mobs around the windmill while waiting for groups or breathe underwater and kill fishes in the tiny water body between the great lake and the zone line to Firiona Vie.

Group: Sarnak Fort, on the ledge, in Lake of Ill Omen.

Level 30 to 34

First hell level at 30! Don't worry, it's not so bad.

Group: Dalnir

Solo: Warsliks Woods Brutes just outside Dalnir.

You could soul bind yourself just outside the zone line to Dalnir, it's safe, and pull the Brutes to that place.

Level 35 to 43

Group: Temple of Droga Solusek B

Solo: female dwarves in Butcherblock, anything near the ledge to Frontier Mountains or Skyfire Mountains in Overthere or hidden basement of Unrest in Greater Wolf Form, since mobs won't agro you when you are a wolf, unless they are close enough to you fighting one of them. Make sure they don't by carefully choosing your place and pulling away from others!

Level 44 to 46

Group: Kedge Keep

Solo: Drolvarg quad on the cliffs of Firiona Vie

Level 47 to 52

Solo: Spiroc quad on the Ogre's island of Timorous Deep (buy and use a Luminescent Staff)

Level 53 to 54

Solo: Quad Wurms in Cobalt Scar

Level 55 to 57

Group: Sebilis, the Hole

Solo: Quad the Goos in Wakening Land

Druid spells by tactic


  1. Agro reduction AoE (Harmony)
  2. Magic AoE (Lightning Blast at lvl 49)
  3. Sow
  4. Heal
  5. Levitate
  6. Fire DD (Starfire at lvl 49)
  7. TP quick escape (Gate)
  8. Snaring


  1. Magic DOT
  2. Fire DOT
  3. Root
  4. Heal
  5. Regen, Self only DS, Skin buff, Wolf form, and finally keep DS on when fully buffed.
  6. Fire DD
  7. TP quick escape (Gate, Evac...)
  8. Snaring

Agro Kitting

The idea is to charm a weak enough animal that will do nice damage but is low level enough not to break charm for a good while. Slow any mob, agro it onto you with Flame Lick, then run in circle while the charmed animal is doing the dps. The aim of this technique is to use as little mana as possible.

  1. Magic DOT
  2. Flame Lick no other spell will do, this one does the maximum amount of agro.
  3. Root
  4. Heal
  5. Charm
  6. Fire DD
  7. TP quick escape (Gate, Evac...)
  8. Snaring

Fear kitting animals

  1. Magic DOT
  2. Fire DOT
  3. Fear Animal
  4. Heal
  5. Fire DD
  6. Switch between Buffs (including self only) and keep Regen when all buffs are done.
  7. TP quick escape (Gate, Evac...)
  8. Snaring

Charm animals

  1. Magic DOT
  2. Fire DD (the biggest one)
  3. Root
  4. Heal
  5. Switch between Debuff Animal/Buff Animal/DS on others (not self only)
  6. Charm Animal
  7. TP quick escape (Gate, Evac...)
  8. Snaring


  1. Magic DOT
  2. Fire DOT
  3. Root
  4. Heal
  5. DS
  6. AoE Desagro
  7. TP quick escape (gate, evac...)
  8. Snaring

Kit vs Spell casters

Never stay long enough in range for the spell caster to blast you. Instead, stay just long enough in range to cast a Dizzying Wind then start running again. Keep a magic dot on the mob at all times. Keep the Wolf Form on yourself.

  1. Magic DOT
  2. Fire DOT
  3. Dizzying Wind
  4. Heal
  5. DS
  6. Fire DD
  7. TP quick escape (gate, evac...)
  8. Snaring

Druid spells by line

Fire DOT

This DOT will stack with your Magic based DOT, so feel free to double DOT your mobs. It generates a lot of agro and requires a single fire beetle eye to be carried around in your bags but doesn't have to be equiped. The fire beetle eye isn't consumed when the spell is cast and is a very common drop from fire beetles in Antonica (none in Faydwer?).

  1. Flame Lick
  2. Immolate
  3. Breath of Ro

Magic DOT

Combine this Magic DOT with a Fire DOT to double DOT mobs. A mob that can't mob will go down quite fast.

  1. Stinging Swarm
  2. Creeping Crud
  3. Drones of Doom
  4. Drifting Death
  5. Winged Death

Fire DD

One good blast of damage, but not very mana efficient. Watch out to make sure you have enough mana left to heal.

  1. Burst of Flame
  2. Burst of Fire
  3. Ignite
  4. Combust
  5. Firestrike
  6. Calefaction
  7. Starfire
  8. Scoriae
  9. Wildfire

Cold DD

This single blast of cold damage will also lower the mob's resistance to fire. Useful to land first against mobs that resists the line of Fire DD.

  1. Ice
  2. Frost

Magic DD

There is only one DD that is magic based, and it's useful when it's the biggest available DD until you get your Fire and later Cold based DD.

  1. Careless Lightning

Root + DD

This line of spells both immobilizes a mob and deals a small amount of DD. This is useful in combination with DOTs since a mob that moves gets half the damage of a DOT per tick. This is the technique of root/roting a mob where you root it and then land your two DOTs on it. Keep the mob rooted again when it breaks or when the DOT has just run out. The root is always slighly longer than the DOT.

  1. Grasping Roots
  2. Ensnaring Roots
  3. Enveloping Roots
  4. Engulfing Roots
  5. Engorging Roots

AoE Root + DD

  1. Entrapping Roots

AoE Magic DD

  1. Invoke Lightning
  2. Lightning Strike
  3. Lightning Blast
  4. Fist of Karana

AoE Fire DD

  1. Fire

AoE Cold Rain

This line works well if you have a group of mobs tanked in a given place, providing they don't move to make sure they get the full damage during the duration of the waves of DD falling on them. Useful in a group situation where the tank is taking on several mobs at once and keeps a good agro on them. You probably won't use these spells much outside this very specific situation.

  1. Cascade of Hail
  2. Pogonip
  3. Avalanche
  4. Blizzard

AoE Snare

Great for quadding, i.e. taking on several mobs at once and kitting them with Fist of Karana.

  1. Bonds of Tunare

AoE Blindness

Rarely useful, this one spell will blind several mobs so they will start not knowing where to go and will hit anyone who's near enough. Don't really see the point of this spell (anyone?).

  1. Sunbeam

AoE Agro Reduction

This is a very useful spell to single pull in outdoors areas. Certain dungeons like Unrest are considered to be outdoors too.

  1. Harmony


  1. Tremor
  2. Earthquake
  3. Upheaval

DD + stun

This line is a must when agro kitting spell casting mobs. Stay out of range by running faster than them, and while they are still catching up, use this line of spells to prevent them from casting their own spell, while at the same time doing some damage and doubling the DOT damage during the stun.

This could be also be useful if you are charm kitting; when the charm breaks and your former pet attacks you, you can stun him with this line of spells then re-charm him.

  1. Whirling Wind
  2. Dizzying Wind
  3. Breath of Karana

DD vs Summoned

This line of spell does a good deal of damage against summoned mobs, like elementals for example. This could be good if you find the right place to play, where there are lots of this type of mobs. These spells are more mana efficient than the fire or the cold DD lines of spells

  1. Ward Summoned
  2. Dismiss Summoned
  3. Expel Summoned
  4. Banish Summoned
  5. Exile Summoned
  6. Banishment

Vs Animals

There are quite a few spells meant to fight, reduce agro range or charm animals.

Reduce agro range of Animals

  1. Lull Animal
  2. Calm Animal

Fear Animals

Make an animal afraid while he's either snared or immobilised makes it easy to raise your weapon skill or to kill him with a charmed animal. It's safer to get the animal you want to kill feared and snared or immobilised in case your charmed animal breaks out of your charm. That way you only have to deal with one mob at a time.

  1. Panic Animal
  2. Terrorize Animal
  3. Repulse Animal

Charm Animals

Your charisma makes no difference to how long your mob is charmed. This is random. Resist will be based on your level.

  1. Befriend Animal
  2. Charm Animals
  3. Beguile Animals
  4. Allure of the Wild
  5. Call of Karana
  6. Tunare's Request

Debuff MR of Animals

Useful when trying to charm an animal, especially one that resists being charmed.

  1. Glamour of Tunare

Animal utilities

  1. Sense Animals
  2. Invisibility versus Animals


  1. Minor Healing
  2. Light Healing
  3. Healing
  4. Greater Healing
  5. Superior Healing
  6. Chloroblast
  7. Nature's Touch

Regen over time


This type of healing is great over time but can't cope with a fast paced fight. Keep it for these long, mana efficient kitting sessions when you double DOT mobs and snare them. Regen yourself should be sufficient for the occasional hit you need to recover from while your mob is slowly going down.

This regen acts like a buff that doesn't last too long but is well advised to cast before a pull if the idea is to DOT the mob slowly. Keep a fast heal memed, just in case. Once cast, the fast heal could replace the slot taken by the regen spell.

  1. Regeneration
  2. Chloroplast
  3. Regrowth


A group regen is appreciated when playing in a dungeon. This won't save someone being beaten up by a mob, but over time, it will help. This is especially useful after a tough fight to get everyone back to full health while recovering.

  1. Pack Regeneration
  2. Pack Chloroplast
  3. Regrowth of the Grove

Buff HP and AC

Very useful buff, unless there is a Cleric since their buff doesn't stack with yours and happens to be better. Always keep it up on yourself, whether soloing or grouping.

  1. Skin Like Wood
  2. Skin Like Rock
  3. Skin Like Steel
  4. Skin Like Diamond
  5. Skin Like Nature (+2HP regen)
  6. Natureskin (+4HP regen)

Buff Strength

Useful to raise your melee attack score and how much damage your deal with your melee weapon.

  1. Strength of Earth
  2. Strength of Stone
  3. Storm Strength
  4. Girdle of Karana

Buff resistance

This is useful in raids, and sometimes when playing in a group that fights a lot of spell casters. When soloing, you would do well to fight warrior types, so this line of buffs isn't worth using when on your own.

  1. Endure Fire
  2. Endure Cold
  3. Endure Disease
  4. Endure Poison
  5. Endure Magic

  1. Resist Fire
  2. Resist Cold
  3. Resist Disease
  4. Resist Poison
  5. Resist Magic

Wolf Form


Turn yourself into a wolf, to buff your speed over a long period of time (but within the same zone) and to increase your melee. Useful when soloing.

  1. Wolf Form
  2. Greater Wolf Form
  3. Form of the Great Wolf
  4. Form of the Howler (+2 mana/tick)
  5. Form of the Hunter


If your group isn't confused to all look alike, this buff is great, especially if you have several melees in the group.

  1. Share Wolf Form


  1. Camouflage
  2. See Invisible
  3. Improved Superior Camouflage (Self-Only / Fixed 10min Duration)