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Dwarvish Dictionary

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Dwarvish Roleplay

Dwarves are a very gruff society, living within the mountains and caverns of the world. Often miners and warriors, they tend to live by the philosophy of: Work hard, play harder. It is often very difficult to out-drink a Dwarf, and their short tempers are legendary. Dwarves hail from Kaladim in Faydwer and often worship Brell Serilis, the god of underfoot.

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/OOC Note: The below dictionary is mostly from Tolkien but is supplemented from other online sources (TSR) where available. Please feel free to modify the dictionary to suit.

Common Phrases

Baruk Khazâd! Axes of the Dwarves!
Khazâd ai-mênu! The Dwarves are upon you!
*Huglgla! Haw aru tauu? *Hello! How are you?
*A'r gaang gurt wuglgl, tthanc tauu. *I'm doing very well, thank you.

*Note: Supplemental source, use sparingly.

Common Words

A Of, with, within, to
Af They, you (plural)
Ai Yes
Bin In, on, beside
Ek He, she, it you (singular)
Khazâd Dwarves
Khuzdul The Dwarvish Language
Nai No
Ok Why, how
Or I, me, myself
Um Them, those, these
Un And
Ut Us, we ourselves
Wanrag Where
Wanarak When


Ong One
Tuk Two
Dwe Three
Fut Four
Sak Five
Siz Six
Set Seven
Odro Eight
Nuk Nine
Don Ten
Kantuz One Hundred
Milluz One Thousand

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