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Elemental Grimoire

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Elemental Grimoire
Item 777.png

WT: 4.0 Weight Reduction: 0%
Capacity: 10 Size Capacity: LARGE

This is the tradeskill container used by Magicians for Spell Research.
It's also a reasonably good bank bag, though Deluxe Toolboxes are better for characters who can travel to Iceclad to buy them. One accessible vendor sells them for about 10p in the freeport casters guild.

Drops From

  • This item is not dropped by mobs.

Sold by

Zone Merchant Name Area Loc
East Commonlands Lyth Spellstar (269, 4915)
Erudin Palace Harban Ranflash (695, 883)
Felwithe Merchant Jewyln (567, -609)
West Freeport Mekoma Buma (145, -761)
Neriak Commons Genzal R`Jyen (119, -919)
South Qeynos Hanlore Escaval (303, -569)
Toxxulia Forest Tran Lilspin (1761, -736)

Related quests

Player crafted

  • This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill recipes

  • This item is not used in player tradeskills.