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Existing Classic Research Topics

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Tons of research has gone into making Project 1999 the most classic EverQuest server to exist since ... well since the live servers (1999-2001).

However, most of that research now only exists in the archives of the Project's bug forums. This page attempts to organize that information by topic, to make it easier to find previously conducted research.

See: Classic Research for general info on conducting (new) classic research.

Pet Classes

  • Experience taken by pets
  • Pet ability to tank
    • Indicates that in 2004 pets were limited to tanking only when < 4 people were on hate list (implying that prior to that pets could tank no matter how many PCs were on the hate list)

Lull-casting Classes

  • Lull and Charisma
    • Verant employee quote explaining that after a 2002 overhaul there were two checks involved in Lull, and Charisma only affected the second (it's implied that prior to the overhaul it worked similarly, but the differences aren't specified)