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Field of Bone Servants of Sythrax

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Class(es): Necromancer
Levels: 32-35
Zone: Field of Bone


In the North Eastern most area of FoB is the Sythrax Temple, B on the map[1], accessible via an underwater tunnel. Inside is a hallway leading to a few rooms full of non agro but social Servant of Sythrax, deeper inside are some KoS Skeletal Jester’s and Gharg Oberbord a Troll SK. **I’ve only brought my Necro here so not sure how this would go for other classes.


  • For a soloer, great isolated camp, didn’t see another person the entire time I was here.
  • Non agro Servants means you can afk without worry.
  • Some pathing mobs but easy to learn the patrol patterns.
  • Undead, means more options for Necro, could charm but I prefer fear kiting.
  • Right next to Cabilis, easy to vendor and restock as needed. (iksar)


  • Mobs are quite the undercon, hit hard combined with a cold/fire dd proc means pets will die fast.
  • Continuing from the above, high resists, plenty of fights went south running out of mana trying to cast darkness/fear.
  • No loot, not even bone chips, except a quest item for Iksar shamans and copper coin.


The wiki was outdated when I tried this camp, it listed the Servants as all being Lv27 (now shows 26-29), and it became immediately apparent that there was a level range as some of them would gently beat the piss out of my pet and resist a bit of my spells to bludgeoning my pet to shit and resisting 3-4 casts in a row. I had to take a lower level character here just to see if there was a range and sure enough some were yellow and others red.


Rough at 32 with resists but still doable, though I’m not sure how other classes would fair and/or find the camp viable. Was still good exp at 35 but I had another camp up my sleeve to get too. I would imagine with exp rules being exp rules that you could still get exp off the lowest level ones up to 39.


Originally posted by Tann on the Project 1999 forums.