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Fish's Ale

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Fish's Ale
Fish's Ale, poker painting

If sailors aren't already belly-up with booze as they step off the boat to Qeynos, they won't have to go far to find a pub to wet their whistle. Just south of Port Authority, Fish's Ale is the first stop on your way into the city. The pub has two service bars, a large seating area, a Brew Barrel, and even a private sleeping area with cots for those who can't make it to the Inn.

City: Qeynos
NPCs: Klieb Torne, Trumpy Irontoe, Bruno Barstomper, Micc Koter, Gash Flockwalker, Fish Ranamer, McNeal Jocub
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: Blackburrow Stout Shipment, Moonstones, Gnasher's Head, Honey Mead for Trumpy
Notable Drinks: Black Burrow Stout

Don't let the warm aroma of nearby Voleena's Fine Baked Goods fool you, as this is not a bar suitable for all. If you're opposed by Circle of Unseen Hands, it may be best to stay away. Frequent patrons Klieb Torne and Trumpy Irontoe will not be of your liking, nor will Bruno Barstomper if he catches sight of the scuffle. Word has it that Micc Koter is also an ally of the trio.

Another danger of this bar is a feisty druid by the name of Gash Flockwalker. He opposes all Necros and any others who are not an ally of the Jaggedpine Treefolk. Many have reported being rooted and nuked by this wandering druid as they sit near the dock area. He doesn't pack much of a punch, but word has it he can be very obnoxious! It's no wonder the Unkempt Druids have a mark on his head.

Let it be known that talk of the Paw of Opolla is a sensitive subject in here, unless you're buying rounds of course. Asking Klieb Torne about the Paw will return harsh words, but buy Micc Koter a couple of rounds of Brandy and he's quick to spill the beans of it's location.

With such unruly patrons, it makes you wonder who runs this joint. Vicus Nonad of the Qeynos council will have you know that the owner, Fish Ranamer, is not so clean himself. Word has it that he's well behind on his city tax payments. If you want to push his buttons while kicking back a brew or two, just ask him about his taxes.

That isn't the end of this bar's secrets. McNeal Jocub, tender of the back room at Fish's Ale, has his hand in the distribution of Black Burrow Stout, a drink brewed by gnolls and outlawed in Qeynos.

Poker Painting

Three goofy fish sit around a table in this Poker Painting.

Fish's Ale, bar area
Fish's Ale, brew barrels
Fish's Ale, back bar


Fish's Ale Comic.jpg