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Brew Barrel

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A Brew Barrel is a stationary container used in certain Brewing recipes. Brew Barrels can be found all over Norrath.

A picture of a brew barrel outside Hogcallers Inn in West Freeport.


  • City of Mist
    • brew barrel @ -125, -640, 75 Map Icon.png, In small room in the pathway on top of the wall in Stables area.
    • This is the "upstairs" part of the zone. Several upper-30s level KoS mobs guard it and wander through the room.
  • Erudin
    • brew barrel @ -999, -86 Map Icon.png, Second floor (through 2nd entrance) of Erudin Surplus
    • brew barrel @ -1213, -311 Map Icon.png, In Blue Hawks, first building to right of Toxxulia Forest zoneline
  • Kelethin (in Greater Faydark)
    • brew barrel @ -520, 210 Map Icon.png, Near Soldiers of Tunare (druids' guild) (EQAtlas platform #21)
  • Paineel
    • brew barrel @ 955, 788 Map Icon.png, In Shackled Spirits Tavern & Inn
    • Down hallway to the right of (while facing) and before entering 2nd portal in main city portion of Paineel.