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The golems of Everquest are magical or mechanical constructions which were created by their masters as servants, bodyguards, soldiers, or for some other duty or purpose. Many of these servants seem to be nigh mindless, but Sentry Kcor and others in Skyshrine are capable of conversation and creative action. The dialog of many golems suggest that they are long-lived or ageless, many survive their creators and continue to carry out their prescribed functions, even if those directives have become pointless or deprecated.

A race of mud golems with uncertain origins called the muddites inhabit the Gorge of King Xorbb.

Golems are strongly associated with evil gods, especially Cazic-Thule who created Dread, Terror and Fright.

The Shissar and possibly Iksar also were capable of creating golems, and created armies of them. They appear in form as enlarged, muscular Iksar made of mud. Many are capable of speech, but are only concerned with their purpose bestowed on them at creation; barring encroachment onto the territory of the army of the Ik. The towering Sebilite protector is probably the biggest golem in Kunark.

The largest golems of all can be found in Sleeper's Tomb, tasked with guarding the Sleeper.

Gnomish constructions known as clockworks are also informally known as golems, and might properly be a subset of golems, but are not included on this page. In the Wizard Epic Quest, a sprocket is inserted into the broken golem (which appears as a stone golem model), and a gnome claims to have created him. This raises some serious questions about the very nature of golems, and whether they are more mechanical in nature than they appear.


Plane of Fear

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Sleeper's Tomb

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