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Gravity Flux

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Project 1999 Auction Tracker (Blue)
30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen
 ? ± ? 200 ± 0 135 ± 74 10 / 200 15


Date Seller Price Date Seller Price
2023-03-25 Meddicine 200 2020-10-22 Gremlen 200
2020-10-21 Gremlen 200 2020-08-27 Enchantaator 200
2020-07-29 Egoe 100 2020-05-30 Rhes 200
2019-06-16 Sunsparkle 39 2018-10-02 Casterspellz 200
2018-09-21 Casterspellz 200 2017-03-26 Crackie 10
2017-02-21 Velarkath 200 2015-11-13 Khalamandrus 39
2015-06-07 Selas 100 2015-06-06 Selas 100
2013-08-17 Kulael 30

ADMIN (Last 20 Recorded Auctions)

Spellicon C.png

Two different incompatible versions of this spell exists in game. One is crafted by Wizards and the other is crafted by Enchanters. Causes a sudden reversal in the gravity around your target, doing 214 damage. Only hits 4 mobs max. Please confirm damage at various levels.

Quad-kiting Wizards are recommended to use the more mana efficient Circle of Force until level 51, then Pillar of Frost. This spell has an alternate use to project yourself/duel to locations not easily accessible like ramparts of CoM.

When cast by NPCs, this spell can be very dangerous against players, as fall damage can be very brutal, especially if they are overweight or fall off nearby cliffs. Levitate and Dead Man Floating can counter this risk.



1 : Decrease Hitpoints by 214 (L44)
2 : Toss Up(100)
Mana 337 Skill Alteration
Casting Time 5.90 Recast Time 10.00
Fizzle Time 2.50 Resist Magic (0)
Range 200 Target Type Targeted AE
Spell Type Detrimental Duration Instant
Cast on You You experience chaotic weightlessness.
Cast on Other Someone rises chaotically into the air.
Wears Off

Items with Spell Effect

  • Earring of Displacement
    Earring of Displacement
    Item 544.png

    Slot: EAR
    Charges: 2
    AC: 6
    CHA: +4 INT: +4 MANA: +25
    Effect: Gravity Flux (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 45
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: ENC
    Race: ALL

Where to Obtain

  • This spell is crafted with the Research Skill (Trivial: 142)
    • Yield: Spell: Gravity Flux x1
Item 1004.png 1 x Salil's Writ Pg. 174 (Left) - Dropped
Item 1005.png 1 x Salil's Writ Pg. 174 (Right) - Dropped
Item 967.png 1 x Rune of Attraction ((Two different incompatible versions exist)) - Dropped
Item 967.png 1 x Rune of The Inverse- Dropped
Item 967.png 1 x Rune of Rathe- Dropped