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Harla Dar

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Harla Dar
Harla Dar
Race: Lava Dragon
Class: Enchanter
Level: 66
Zone: Western Wastes
Location: 13% @ (2199, -3077)

AC: 448
HP: 60000 (15)
Damage per hit: 264
Attacks per round: 2 (78%)
Special: Dragon Roar, Frost Breath (250 damage version), Enrage, Rampage, Summon, Charm, Slowable, Uncharmable, Unfearable,
Unmezzable, Unstunable, See Invis, Gates


Fears / Harla Dar is the mother of Phara Dar and the late Frakadar. Her partner was once Jaled Dar.
3 Hour respawn.

Known Loot


Opposing Factions

Related Quests

Harla Dar's Loot and Torpor

This is a table of sequential drops from Harla Dar investigating her as a possible source for Torpor. She is on a 3 hour respawn timer here and is infrequently killed, so is usually up. This can provide both a list of possible drops, as well as some insight into frequency.

Generally, she will always drop her 6 neck and her quest piece. She then usually drops 3-5 spells, and can drop Kunark spells despite being a Velious dragon (as she is lore related to Phara Dar). No First Brood Talisman has dropped in any of these kills, meaning it is either very rare or not on her table.

Most of these kills were before the push change. She could be reliably killed with two groups before that, with the biggest problem being push to stop gate. Kill attempts since the push change have been mixed, with some successes and some gates despite mana sieve. It is unclear exactly how or why she gated in one instance and not another.

There are 2 Torpor drops out of 21 kills. Sample size is small, but modeling it as a binomial distribution, the 95% confidence interval calculator gave a Clopper-Pearson interval of 1.17% to 30.38% with a best estimate of 9.52% for Torpor drop chance.

Loot Table Hypothesis:

The way loot works is that there are a number of tables associated with a mob, some of which may have more than 1 roll. For each table, there are items which have a percent chance to be the drop. The chances don't have to sum to 100%, so a roll on a loot table might not drop anything.

For example, Harla Dar's Talisman and the First Half of Al`Tarlkal's Tome are both definitely on their own tables, with a 100% chance each to drop as the only item, with Harla set to roll once on each of those tables. The question is how Harla's Spell drops are structured.

Based on the number and type of spells dropped, we can try to guess what the table looks like and how many rolls she gets on it. There are 33 different spells in the first 21 kills, with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6. Thus, she is rolling at least 6 times on a table with spells. Inspection of the drops recorded below shows that the spells are likely separated into a Kunark spell table and a Velious spell table, with 3 rolls on each. The drops were recorded in the order they appeared in on the corpse; note that the Kunark spells are always first after the Talisman and Tome, followed by the Greater Dragon head/Meat/Belt, followed by the Velious Spells. This should be because the corpse is being populated in items by first rolling on the tables for the Talisman, Tome, Kunark Spells, Head/Meat/Belt, Velious Spells in that order.

Current hypothesis is that all of the 58+ Velious spells are on the Velious spell table with a 4% chance each, and all the 59+ Kunark spells with either a 1% or 2% chance on each roll. If correct, that would give Harla a Torpor EV of either 0.03 Torpors/kill or 0.06 Torpors/kill depending. It may be possible to further refine this as additional data is gathered.

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