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The Ancient Tomes

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a gleaming sphere of light
Start Zone: Plane of Growth
Quest Giver: a gleaming sphere of light
Minimum Level: 50
Classes: Enchanter
Related Zones: Western Wastes
Related NPCs: Draazak, Esorpa of the Ring, Harla Dar, Rak Sapara


  • Wreath of Nature
    Wreath of Nature
    Item 1072.png

    Slot: HEAD
    AC: 5
    CHA: +7 INT: +10 MANA: +40
    SV MAGIC: +20
    WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
    Class: ENC
    Race: HIE
    Deity: Tunare


You say, 'hail a gleaming sphere of light'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'I greet thee Phazrael you will have to pardon my demeanour I am afraid that I am not in the best of spirits. Recently yet another brother was taken from us from an evil unknown through the dark art of mind rending.

You say, 'what evil'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'Somewhere there exists a group of outcast phantasmists that use their powers to only harvest true evil. These masters of the mind are of origin that we are yet to uncover for they only exist in ones thoughts. Slowly turning one insane from the horrors that pound through their mind.

You say, 'what outcast phantasmists'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'These outcasts were once believe to be part of our circle before turning to the way of evil and using the mindbending abilities that they possess to take over those who knowledge would benefit them most.

You say, 'what mindbending abilities'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'What these beguilers are capable of is unknown, but what we do know is that as each day passes we are all at risk from an attack that could very well end us. But there is a chance that if we could find the ancient tomes of their weaknesses, this evil could be stopped.

You say, 'what ancient tomes'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'Legend exists that there are two lost tomes that cover the darker sides of Mind control. These tomes were last believed to be possessed by mortals much like yourself that stumbled upon them not knowing what they possessed because they could not understand the unknown code the books are scribed in.

You say, 'what code'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'To prevent those that could not control the powerful abilities that these tomes described how to perform. These tomes were scribed of ancient language that not many could decifer. In search of someone that could assist them these heros fell in the city of giants.

You say, 'What ancient language?'

a gleaming sphere of light says 'As I told you before these books are distinctly coded to only be understood by those that have the abilities to perform and contain these magics. If these tomes were recovered it is very possible that I could decode them and develop an immunity to the mind altering attacks that I feel are upon us.

The tomes are found in the Western Wastes,

Hand in all four tomes.

a gleaming sphere of light says 'In my hands I hold the teachings of those who gave their lives to produce a defense against the evils of mind control. For what you have done for me I cannot thank you enough; please accept this magical item as a reminder of my gratitude.

You receive the Wreath of Nature.