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A work in progress list. Can strikethrough things as they get done. Feel free to add any suggested additions / changes.


New Feature Ideas

Along the lines of the AuctionTracker, ClassSlotEquip, DynamicZoneList, and Magelo custom functionality, any interesting ideas that could be worked on.

  • Mob Spawn Location Map: Render a map of the zone (mapfiend style, use HTML5 Canvas) and overlay spawn locs / habitat information. Add dynamically to each mob page. Locs could be scraped from Magelo (pretty good), EQEmu (pretty bad), and/or allow users to add/remove spawn points by clicking on the map.
  • Server Population and Class Statistics / Player Tracker: Solicit "/who all" log uploads and generate statistics about the server population with time, based on class, race, guild, level, etc. Also can track individual players based on when they appear on /who, charting their level versus time, for instance.
  • Mob Loot Table Statistics: Either create a "Magelo Sync" like program (would have to look at packets, not memory) to record each time a corpse was looted, the items on that corpse, and amount of coin. Or, solicit log uploads from players under very controlled circumstances where the drops can be linked to the right mobs (e.g. [1]).
  • Show Current Player Location on Map: Use same map renderer as above. Use HTML5 File API and let user select an EQ log file, then watch it for "/loc" messages and display an overlay of the current player position on the zone map. (BETA)

General Todo List

  • NPC (Named Mob) Pages
  • Add Tradeskill related items and link to tradeskill pages:
    • Alchemy Baking Blacksmithing Brewing Fletching Jewelcrafting Poisonmaking Pottery SpellResearch Tailoring Tinkering
  • Missing Quests
  • Requested extensions: DynamicPageList, ParserFunctions, SectionTransclusions (thanks Rumzuck)
  • User Interface Updates/Customization (work in progress, thanks Savok)
  • Players:Technical / Troubleshooting
  • Item Import Script (scrapes lucy/alla data)
    • Fix player crafted item info
    • First Big Item Import (will fill in all Special:WantedPages that are items)
  • Skill_Research: add info to spells that are Research only, and also tag/have a clear list of the components for those spells
  • Spells:
    • Individual Spell Pages
    • Fix all data involving L65 to L60 (list here). Correct data is on lucy for L65 changes ~sep 2002.
    • Clean up spell descriptions (any numbers in the description are wrong, should be replaced with numbers from the parsed data below, e.g. durations, damages)
    • Spells with damage (DD, AoE's): add damage per mana, damage per second, etc. stats
    • Spell lines (for exemple: Color Flux > Color Shift > Color Skew)
  • Named Mob Import Script / bestiary
  • Dynamic sortable equipment listing by class/race combination
  • Skills cleanup and navigation box
  • Tradeskills cleanup and standarization
  • Javascript Item Hover box (used non-Ajax on Magelo, decided not to implement Ajax throughout wiki)
  • Factions
  • Merchant template, vendor sold items scraper and template, tradeskill item recipes scraper and template
  • Update the map section of each zone page to new format (example: Old Sebilis, see User:Zomunk for code)
    • Antonica
    • Faydwer
    • Odus
    • Kunark
    • Velious
    • Planes

Velious Todo List

  • Add new Disciplines to class pages
  • Clear out VeliousGray tags on launch
  • Velious Clickies
  • Velious Armor Sets
  • Velious Zones
  • Velious Item Import
  • Velious Raid Encounters
  • Velious Factions
  • some sort of Velious (level 60/final best in slot?) gear reference
  • Velious tradeskill additions: mainly Baking, Smithing, Tailoring

Post-Velious Todo List

  • 3 months after Velious spell changes [2]
  • Chardok revamp (late in Velious), make sure earlier info is right with pre-revamp
  • Warrens
  • Stonebrunt
  • Fear and Hate 2.0 revamps

Kunark Todo List

  • Melee Disciplines (Main Page link under Skills)
  • clear out remaining KunarkGray tags
  • make sure we're consistent with Kunark spells changes here
  • Kunark Gear Reference (raiding/51+? and move lower level items into the pre-planar/low lvl classic lists?)
  • Kunark Raid Encounters and NPCs in General
  • Kunark Armor Sets
  • Kunark Zones
  • Kunark Item Import
  • Kunark Clickies
  • Cultural Tradeskills
    • Barbarian • Dark Elf • Dwarf • Erudite • Gnome • Half Elf • Halfling • High Elf • Human • Iksar • Ogre • Troll • Wood Elf

Classic Todo List

  • Remaining Character Races (info/pics are from the Prima Kunark Manual)
  • Remaining classes in Players:Planar Gear (need help from lvl 50 players)
  • Remaining Tradeskills (some could use some polish / recipe listings)
  • link individual armor pieces inside Category: Armor Sets
  • Standardize Class Pages
    • finish revamped Spell Lists (thanks Nysus, all done)
    • finish revamped Skill Lists (thanks Nysus)
    • finish Creation Guides
    • crossreference Class Specific Quests and Gear Reference sections from their respective pages to keep them up to date/consistent
  • ZEM List / Zones By Level List (don't have accurate p1999 info from devs)