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Honey Jum Quest

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Kizzie Mintopp
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Kizzie Mintopp
Minimum Level: 1 (Solo)
Classes: All
Related Zones: Misty Thicket
Related NPCs: a bixie, a bixie drone, a bixie queen


  • Honey Jum
    Honey Jum
    Item 688.png

    WT: 0.2 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

Honey Jum
Honey Jum
Item 688.png

WT: 0.2 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

is used in the quests Exotic Drinks and Cure for Lempeck Hargrin.


Gather 3 Honeycombs by looting bixies or finding them on merchants if other players have sold them.

Bixie spawn points Map Icon.png in Misty Thicket:

  • 600, -50 (on top of the north wall-tower)
  • 400, -1250 (next to the road)
  • -385, 675 (next to tree)
  • There are also at least 2 roaming bixies, one on either side of the wall.

Bixies are more readily found in Kithicor Forest, but make sure you are there during the day!

Give 3 honeycombs and 30 gold pieces to Kizzie Mintopp Location: (-229, -217 #11 on Map) to receive Honey Jum.


You say, 'Hail, Kizzie Mintopp'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'Enough talk there, chatterbox. You buy lots of herbs. I gotta make a living, not more friends.'

You say, 'I am from the Temple of Life'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'Oh, yes.. They always come for Kizzie's [honey jum]. They should have sent you next week. There is a [problem].'

You say, 'What honey jum?'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'It's a secret!! I get the honeycombs and combine them with the secret sauce and..presto.. honey jum!! It is used by only the wisest as a component. And you can only get it from Kizzie. It is also good on batwing crunchies. If you like.. Kizzie can [make honey jum] for you?'

You say, 'Make honey jum for me'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'No, no, no!! You will not get honey jum until you give Kizzie three honeycombs and thirty gold coins. Honey jum is valuable. Kizzie raised the fee!! That is how it works.'

You say, 'What problem?'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'You see.. Joogl Honeybugger is hurt. He usually collects the [Honeycombs]. Only he knows where to get them. I need the Honeycombs to make the Honey Jum. Go and speak with Joogl. He is at his burrow outside of Rivervale. He says he cannot work. Tell him you need the Honeycombs.'

Joogl Honeybugger is found in Misty Thicket...

You say, 'Hail, Joogl Honeybugger'

Joogl Honeybugger says 'Hello. I would shake your hand, but it would [hurt]. Ooooh! Owwy!'

You say, 'I need the honeycombs'

Joogl Honeybugger says 'If you're looking for the honeycombs, I don't have any right now. I have been unable to get any since I was attacked by the little [buggers]. I will tell you where to get some if you will only get me a bandage for my bites.'

You say, 'What buggers?'

Joogl Honeybugger says 'I was attacked by the bixies. They swarmed on me!! I think I got too near their queen. I need that honey to make a living! Get me a bandage and I will tell you where all their worker bees buzz around.'

Give him a bandage...

Joogl Honeybugger says 'Oh thank you, _____. If you are ever going to gather bixie honeycombs pray you do not run into the queen. The only way I know of collecting the honey is by intercepting the drones and taking the honeycombs they sometimes carry. Good luck !!'

Get 3 honeycombs, 30 gold and return to Kizzie for the turn in:

Kizzie Mintopp says 'You are one lucky bixie buster. I just made a batch of honey jum. Here. No waiting for you. One jar for your good work. Bye, now!'

You gain experience!!

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