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Guardians of the Vale

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The Guardians serve as the Warrior guild and primary guard faction in Rivervale and Misty Thicket. They are commanded by Sheriff Roglio, who works closely with Mayor Gubbin to protect the Vale from Clan Runnyeye and the Pickclaw Goblins. They are allied with other halflings, such as the Storm Reapers and the dwarven Storm Guard in this effort.

Simultaneously, the halflings also skirmish with dark elves in Nektulos Forest, and are recognized as a threat by the Dreadguard Outer faction of dark elf guards. Most other dark elves seem unconcerned.

Guards in the Vale are known as deputies, and can be identified by their Zorro-esque masks and puffy shirts. Although this may lead to a misconception that halflings are protected by Rogue-class guards, they are in fact Warriors.

Zones in which you can raise the faction Zones in which you can lower the faction
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