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Kazen Fecae

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Kazen Fecae
Kazen Fecae
Race: Human
Class: Necromancer
Level: 59
Zone: Lake Rathetear
Location: 100% @ (342, -1589)
Respawn Time: 2 hours
AC: 402
HP: ~26000 (7)
Damage per hit: 62 - 1400
Attacks per round: 2 (100%)
Special: Summons. Highly resistant to spells


Hits for 1400 max (confirmed 3/13/18). Kazen has a permanent and lull bypassing one-way aggro link with Emkel Kabae, a nearby piddly hitting but ice comet casting level 55 wizard . You can't kill Kazen without Emkel aggroing but you can, however, kill Emkel Kabae without aggroing Kazen. He might aggro if you train Emkel right on top of him, but they're far enough away that you'd really have to try to mess it up.

Spawns a bone golem nearby upon death.

[8/11/2020] Tanked Kazen on Warrior with about 1100 AC buffed - Kazen Max Hit w/o Defensive: 1328, Kazen Max Hit w/ Defensive: 725


We killed him today with what was honestly extreme overkill. 60 warrior tank (backup tank unneeded), two clerics, druid, a few necros, and a lot of dps; about 16 people total? Kazen spent quite a bit of the fight casting spells and, with defensive disc and prompt but not frantic heals, our tank was never in danger and didn't drop below 60% health. Kazen's average hit was 300-400. Don't underestimate that max hit, but don't be scared by it.

Mob slowed by 60 shaman with malo, tash stick, and occlusion.

The alternative is the Royal Herbalist in Chardok, and good luck 1) finding it up or camping its two hour respawn and 2) getting the herb to actually drop.

Known Loot


  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

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