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Majik Power

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Start Zone: Grobb
Quest Giver: Kaglari
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All (Shaman)
Related Zones: Innothule Swamp
Related NPCs: a decaying skeleton, a snake



You say, 'Hail Kaglari'

Kaglari says 'SNORT! HHUUUUCCCSSH.. Peh! You speak at Kaglari, High Priestess of Dark Ones. Children of Hate. Spawn of Innoruuk. Archaleon, speak or be gone! You [wish majik power]?'

You say, 'I wish majik power.'

Kaglari says 'GOOD! Innoruuk needs more childrens. You show majik skill or I give you to Innoruuk. You bring two snake scales and two bone chips .... from old bones. I teach you majik. GO! .'

Give Kaglari two Snake Scales and two Bone Chips.

Kaglari says ' Good. Innoruuk get special gift. Not you, dis time. Here. Learning majik wid dis. You more want help Innoruuk?'

You gain experience!!