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Necromancer Spells (Cabilis)

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Were you looking for Necromancer Words - X`Ta Timpi?
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Izarod Fristan
Start Zone: West Cabilis
Quest Giver: Izarod Fristan
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: Necromancer
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Various



He wants any of the following spell scrolls:


Izarod Fristan may be found on the upper level of the necromancer guild tower, at +325, +790, +45.

You say, 'Hail, Izarod Fristan'

Izarod Fristan says 'Hail there, ______. So you are ready to learn more about our ways? Do you wish to try and expand your knowledge of your arcane arts? Then venture far from here to the darkest depths of our once great empire and seek the minions that inhabit the ruins. The arcane powers will come in the form of [scrolls].'

You say, 'What scrolls?'

Izarad Fristan says 'Besides all the ones you will find, there are some that are only in my possession. To show that you have been successful on your journey, return one of Splurt, Defoliation, Convergence, or Thrall of Bones. You then will be rewarded with one of my scrolls.'

Turn in one of the requested scrolls.

Izarod Fristan says 'Here is the scroll that I promised. We have both gained much today. I hope to do business with you again soon. Farewell.

You receive one of four different scrolls: Sacrifice, Scent of Terris, Minion of Shadows, or Shadowbond.