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Poison Storm

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Creates a rain of poison, causing three waves of 60 damage to everything in a small radius around your target.



1 : Decrease Hitpoints by 60
Mana 125 Skill Evocation
Casting Time 3.50 Recast Time 12.00
Fizzle Time 2.50 Resist Poison (0)
Range 150 Target Type Targeted AE
Spell Type Detrimental Duration Instant
Cast on You Your skin blisters as poison rains down on you.
Cast on Other Someone 's skin blisters.
Wears Off

Items with Spell Effect

  • None

Where to Obtain

Zone Merchant Name Area Location
East Cabilis Grazik Plaguebringer Temple of Terror (East Tower - Basement) (1126,-263)
East Cabilis Vessel Kirtokk Temple of Terror (First Floor) (1039,-213)
Everfrost Peaks Starn Bearjumper Ruined Temple (2870,-36)
Innothule Swamp Stragak Northern Hand (1170,539)