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Race: Pegasus
Class: Warrior
Level: 30
Zone: Southern Karana
Location: Wanders
AC: 235
HP: 1200 (1)
Damage per hit: 12 - 60 (Stuns)
Attacks per round: 2 (93%)
Special: None


The beautiful white wonder of the Karanas. This magnificent creature is a source of mystery and intrigue for the many who have heard the tales. Still, like all stories that have been woven around fantastic beasts these also have been found wanting; shrouded in mistruths and lies, exaggerations and empty boasts that inform very little if at all.

But now, through the efforts of the most dedicated hunters and explorers the actual knowledge has been extracted, reviewed, tested and agreed upon. The mystery remains, but the curtain has parted and the door has opened. Step through and read The Tale of the Pegasus.

Known Loot

  • Feathered Leggings
    Feathered Leggings
    Item 635.png

    Slot: LEGS
    AC: 4
    STA: +7
    WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (Very Likely; about 88%)
  • Pegasus Feather Cloak
    Pegasus Feather Cloak
    Item 659.png

    AC: 6
    DEX: +7
    Effect: Levitate (Any Slot, Casting Time: 6.0)
    WT: 5.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (Good luck! about 12%)


  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

The Tale of the Pegasus

Quillmane Pathing

Totally Made-Up Lore:

Quillmane is thought to be a physical manifestation of the Spirit of the Karanas. Many have noticed the sudden appearance of the mystical beast when those who toil and slaughter the local game do so with excessive zeal. It is perhaps that lions and elephants are necessary for balance and harmony among the Karanas. It is known to most that all animals under the stars have their place in the lands and that proper numbers must be maintained for the environs to prosper. When the fertile lionesses and the young calves are killed, concerned forces seem to take an interest. The Pegasus comes without life, an undead and indifferent being and merely a vessel to be commanded, to be sent among the lands to observe and find those who disturb the balance. What response the Spirits of the Karanas have in store is shrouded in mystery for the White Winged Horse merely looks on, for now.

There are those who claim to hunt the Pegasus itself; that ripping the wings off the beast and affixing them to their own shoulders will give them the power of flight. One can frequently see these mad and tortured souls jumping off the battlements to their doom while clad in strange feathered pants, so what value are the ravings of the insane? Perhaps madness is the reward the Spirit of the Karanas visit upon those haughty enough to believe they can seize powers that can only be granted by the gods themselves.

Spawn Functionality:

There are two placeholders; a lioness and an elephant calf. They roam from just north of the "Hill Gnoll" camp near Paw to just south of the main KFC structure. The placeholders generally travel in a north-south direction.

The placeholder lioness and elephant calf have a 2:00 respawn timer and will generally spawn in the KFC area. Very rarely do they spawn north of the hill, but they will travel there so that area has to be checked.

Quillmane will spawn nearly instantly after his placeholder is killed.

One way to determine if a lioness is a placeholder is that the PH will have exactly 94HP. There is no known difference in the calves.

There are many other lionesses and elephant calves in that area as well - they are not placeholders and they are on the regular 6:40 zone timer. It is generally recommended to kill every lioness and calf in the area, especially any such that are moving directly toward Paw or KFC. It is safe to ignore any stationary mobs and any that move east-west.

The chance of Quillmane appearing upon a placeholder kill is extremely small. A larger group that can dedicate more than one player to clearing the placeholders will greatly increase the spawn rate since while most of the placeholders spawn in and around the KFC area, time is wasted by the lone player who needs to travel to Paw to check on any that appear near there.

Spawn Points:

  • HERMIT (south of Hermit house) (-6076, -2761)
  • WALL (zone wall directly west of KFC) (-6810, 3210)
  • CENTAURS (the plateau north of Centaur tents) (1296, -2333)

When Quillmane spawns he will almost immediately start to move along his route.

Pathing Map Note:

The map to the right shows the three paths that Quillmane usually takes when he roams. When he reaches the end of his route, he will turn around and come back. The pathing shown on the map does not show all the possible routes. For example, sometimes after spawning at Centaurs, Quillmane heads directly southwest instead of north and then west as shown on the map. Also Quillmane will sometimes zig-zag between the Centaur tents and the undead pyramid. If you hunt Quillmane enough you will find him in other places. Still, the map covers the main paths.

Similarly, the 'stars' and the vertical lines showing placeholder paths are not exact but give a good approximation of where to hunt.


Solo: Bind at CENTAURS spawn point. Clear PHs until Quillmane spawns. Run to WALL spawn. If Quillmane not at WALL then gate to CENTAURS. While scanning in all directions run northwest for 10 seconds, then turn south and keep the Bard camp on your left as you head south to the top of the hill just beyond. If you don't pick up Quillmane that means he spawned at HERMIT and is heading north. Go east, keep the undead camp on your right and pass it, then turn south toward HERMIT. Keep heading south in a broad zig-zag pattern looking for a flash of white among the trees. Calculate how far Quillmane can travel north from HERMIT while you're looking for him at WALL and CENTAURS and don't go further south than that. The "meeting" should take place closer to the undead ruins then the Hermit house. If you see the Hermit house and still haven't found Quillmane then you missed him. Go back north and make sure he's not bouncing around the undead ruins and Centaur tents, then swing around to the west and south and head down behind Paw back to the WALL spawn.


Duo: First player binds at WALL. Second player binds at CENTAURS and sits at the HERMIT spawn. When Quillmane pops, one player gates to WALL, and the second gates to CENTAURS if Quillmane did not spawn at HERMIT.

Three or more: Same technique - any empty spawn is gated to by one of the players. With four players no gating is involved obviously - three players just sit around on the spawns and complain that the player doing all the work is not spawning it fast enough for them.

Pet Use:

If you are a pet class, you need to ask your pet to "/pet attack quillmane" right after you kill the PH. If pet responds "attacking Quillmane" then you know you have spawned him. It's a good idea to spam that button while the PH is going down so you can learn which ones pop your Pegasus.

A good pet macro would be:

  • /pet back off
  • /pet attack
  • /pet attack quillmane

If you have a PH targeted it will attack that PH and if you don't have a target it will bring the pet back to you all the while checking if Quillmane is up.

Because the lionesess aggro on sitting players, it's possible they are being killed by other players inadvertently. For example, one such path terminates near where players who camp the Hill Gnoll usually sit. This is why it's important to keep checking the /pet attack quillmane button at all times.

If you select the mighty Bull Elephant as your charmed pet choice, try to grab one from the northern parts of the zone so as not to take away one of the few from the leveling players down south.

Camp Rules and Etiquette:

The Quillmane camp can be contentious and has been specifically referenced in staff postings regarding camp rules as on the page linked above.

If Quillmane is found roaming the zone, he is treated under FTE rules regardless if someone is actively clearing the placeholders. A player can claim a single Quillmane spawn point by sitting on it, so the only way you can lock the camp is to have four players; one on each spawn point and one clearing the placeholders. A player camping the spawn point has a reasonable time to engage Quillmane; it is not FTE if it spawns while a player is camping that location unless they let it wander away.

While nothing in the rules prevents a player from camping a spawn point in the hope that another unrelated player will spawn Quillmane for them, this kind of behavior might be considered bad form and might lead to conflict and a reputational impact. Players are strongly encouraged to see if anyone is actively clearing Quillmane placeholders first and engage them in a dialogue. Two players cooperating can nearly guarantee FTE using the duo technique described above.


Groi Gutblade spawns in the general area where the Quillmane placeholders roam. His placeholder is a lion on a 1 minute timer. By clearing non-static lions while also clearing lionesses and elephant calves you are certain to pick up many Lionhide Backpacks and Ring of Shadows. At night Werewolves will frequently path through the area as well, providing a steady supply of Werewolf Pelts for the Werewolf Skin Cloak Quest.