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Race: Pegasus
Class: Warrior
Level: 30
Zone: Southern Karana
Location: Wanders

AC: 235
HP: 1200 (1)
Damage per hit: 12 - 60 (Stuns)
Attacks per round: 2 (93%)
Special: None


The beautiful white wonder of the Karanas. This magnificent creature is a source of mystery and intrigue for the many who have heard the tales. Still, like all stories that have been woven around fantastic beasts these also have been found wanting; shrouded in mistruths and lies, exaggerations and empty boasts that inform very little if at all.

But now, through the efforts of the most dedicated hunters and explorers the actual knowledge has been extracted, reviewed, tested and agreed upon. The mystery remains, but the curtain has parted and the door has opened. Step through and read The Tale of the Pegasus.

Known Loot

  • Feathered Leggings
    Feathered Leggings
    Item 635.png

    Slot: LEGS
    AC: 4
    STA: +7
    WT: 2.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (Very Likely; about 88%)
  • Pegasus Feather Cloak
    Pegasus Feather Cloak
    Item 659.png

    AC: 6
    DEX: +7
    Effect: Levitate (Any Slot, Casting Time: 6.0)
    WT: 5.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (Good luck! about 12%)


  • None

Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

The Tale of the Pegasus

Totally Made-Up Lore:

Quillmane is thought to be a physical manifestation of the Spirit of the Karanas. Many have noticed the sudden appearance of the mystical beast when those who toil and slaughter the local game do so with excessive zeal. It is perhaps that lions and elephants are necessary for balance and harmony among the Karanas. It is known to most that all animals under the stars have their place in the lands and that proper numbers must be maintained for the environs to prosper. When the fertile lionesses and the young calves are killed, concerned forces seem to take an interest. The Pegasus comes without life, an undead and indifferent being and merely a vessel to be commanded, to be sent among the lands to observe and find those who disturb the balance. What response the Spirits of the Karanas have in store is shrouded in mystery for the White Winged Horse merely looks on, for now.

There are those who claim to hunt the Pegasus itself; that ripping the wings off the beast and affixing them to their own shoulders will give them the power of flight. One can frequently see these mad and tortured souls jumping off the battlements to their doom while clad in strange feathered pants, so what value are the ravings of the insane? Perhaps madness is the reward the Spirit of the Karanas visit upon those haughty enough to believe they can seize powers that can only be granted by the gods themselves.

Quillmane Ranger Guide QM ranger guide

Spawn Functionality: --- Alas, gone are the days of elephant calfs and lionesses that needed killing... refer to forum posts to know the mechanics now (edit 01/19/2022) [1]

Quillmane has it's own spawn cycle of 78 seconds, and was one of the few cycles in the zone to run on that specific timer. (another being the crack tusk cycle). All other mobs use either a 38 second or the longer zone timer.

Quillmanes cycle placeholders had what seemed like (approx) 20+ random spawn locations only in the southern half of the zone. After the Placeholder (or quillmane) spawned, it could roam to the northern area of the zone most memorably taking a northern path through split paw.

Cycle Spawn %

  • an elephant - 9
  • a lion - 16
  • a lioness - 12
  • a mist wolf - 3
  • a shadow wolf - 6
  • centaur archer - 2
  • centaur courser - 1
  • centaur charger - 1
  • centaur sheltie - 3
  • aviak avocet - 2
  • aviak darter - 1
  • Aviak egret - 1
  • a Treant - 1
  • aviak harrier - 1
  • aviak rook - 1
  • an escaped Splitpaw gnoll - 12
  • a cyclops - 1
  • Quillmane - 7

As you can see, I only got the one kind of elephant. While that isn't PROOF that the other kinds of elephant aren't on his spawn cycle, I don't believe that they are. Regular cyclops ARE a ph. Treants ARE a ph. Unconfirmed if Rooks are a PH on p99. No bull elephants. No elephants calfs. No splitpaw gnolls.

And I 100% GUARANTEE YOU that Quillmane and his placeholders can spawn at more than 30+ locations. The most EXTREME spawns I found were: as far west as: (3224, -4450) as far east as: (-2554, -3780) as far south as: (1865, -6417) as far north as: (2779, -3575)

Another player here to add that the above information was correct in my experiences camping Quillmane for roughly 3 hours, during which time I spawned Quillmane 7 times. Treants are indeed placeholders, though rare. I also never saw any elephants other than "an elephant" so it's safe to say calves and bulls are not placeholders. I did not see any placeholders not listed above. Also worth noting I never had Quillmane spawn instantly upon killing of his placeholder. Every time it was 78 seconds after killing his placeholder, and then another placeholder would spawn 78 seconds after killing Quillmane.

I did this as a level 35 ranger, so max track is not required, but certainly helps, as there were several times that I had to travel to find the placeholder after my timer expired. The area described above with grid coordinates lines up with what I found as well, basically Quillmane or placeholder can spawn in the entire southern half of the zone but then wander outside of that area.

(Old map was removed as it was for the old Quillmane spawn locations and pathing, which are no longer accurate)

Pet Use:

If you are a pet class, you need to ask your pet to "/pet attack quillmane" right after you kill the PH. If pet responds "attacking Quillmane" then you know you have spawned him. It's a good idea to spam that button while the PH is going down so you can learn which ones pop your Pegasus.

A good pet macro would be:

  • /pet back off
  • /pet attack
  • /pet attack quillmane

If you have a PH targeted it will attack that PH and if you don't have a target it will bring the pet back to you all the while checking if Quillmane is up.

Because the lionesess aggro on sitting players, it's possible they are being killed by other players inadvertently. For example, one such path terminates near where players who camp the Hill Gnoll usually sit. This is why it's important to keep checking the /pet attack quillmane button at all times.

If you select the mighty Bull Elephant as your charmed pet choice, try to grab one from the northern parts of the zone so as not to take away one of the few from the leveling players down south.

Quillmane guide for non-ranger trackers

Shared by Frysk on 31 October 2022 (link)

Given the new (more classic) mechanics for Quillmane, I was keen to explore the possibilities and discover a new way to lock him down. Fortunately, there are enough tools at any tracker's disposal to guarantee that you never lose the PlaceHolder (PH) and eventually don your cloak. In about 3-4 hours of trying (and making multiple mistakes), I spawned Quill three times. The first, he dropped legs. The second, someone else sniped him (sad face). The third, cloak landed for my necro.

In terms of speed and efficiency, there is no substitute for a ranger with max tracking. But even a ranger will lose the PH eventually. This guide is for those classes who can't hear a mouse fart on the other side of the zone.

To provide a TLDR: spawn each PH inside a narrow window between two known and static mobs, and then travel the zone with those mobs.


  • 1 - Track (any level)
  • 2 - Timers (multiple)
  • 3 - No one else in the zone can be killing PHs or trying to spawn Quillmane
  • 4 - Either AOE or the identified Placeholder

Nice to have:

  • SoW or faster movement
  • Charm (to identify as soon as Quill is up)

Here we go. I will not mention faster tactics that a ranger might employ. I will also assume you are acting alone (I used my 55 bard). There are clear ways to enhance this method with a partner - particularly a tracker, or someone who can cast SoW on charmed mobs.

FIRST STEP - claim the camp

This will not work if anyone else is killing these mobs indiscriminately, or trying to spawn Quill. So check camps, and then announce your intentions. If you have competition, come back another day.

SECOND STEP - find the PH

My method was to spend up to ten minutes trawling the zone for all of the mobs that might be the PH. From other threads and my brief experience, I believe they include:

  • an escaped splitpaw gnoll
  • a treant
  • a mist wolf
  • a shadow wolf
  • a lion
  • a lioness
  • an elephant
  • an aviak egret
  • an aviak avocet
  • a centaur sheltie
  • a centaur charger
  • a cyclops
  • an aviak harrier

Gather them in your wake, like a toddler's ride-on-train, until you have a good 15-20 mobs. I actually ignored treants in my first big pull, hoping to avoid faction hits.

THIRD STEP - choose and kill your static spawn timer mobs

Pick any location with static mobs, and choose two. Note that for the rest of your hunt, you will effectively have these two chasing you around the zone. The only requirement is that you MUST be able to get back to their spawn point and pick them up before anyone else does, every ten minutes or so. For this reason, the gnolls are no good (too popular). I used the two aviaks in the first hut up the ramp. I also used two of the undead at their pyramid.

Once you've picked them, and with the train of mobs still chasing you, pull the two static mobs and kill one. The moment it dies, start a 6-minute timer. (That's the standard zone respawn time.)

Now, you need to know how long it will take you to burn down your train of mobs. If you are just a lone 55 bard, and you have a couple of cyclopses and avocets in your train, then three AOE dots will take at least a good minute - maybe a little more.Let's assume it will take you 1 minute to kill the train.

Kill the second static mob 1 minute after the first static mob. As it dies, start your second 6-minute timer.

FOURTH STEP - wait for the window, then nuke your train

You now have two timers - one at 6 minutes, the other at about 5 minutes. This is going to create a 1 minute window for the PH.

When the first timer has 78 seconds (1m 18s) remaining, nuke your train as fast as possible. You need every mob dead before the second timer has only 78 seconds remaining.

FIFTH STEP - pick up your static timer mobs, and start the search

You now have two timers - one at about 15 seconds remaining, and the other at about 78 seconds. All of the mobs you just killed will respawn in six minutes ... except for the PH (or Quillmane) who will respawn in 78 seconds.

Head back to your static spawn point, and pick up the two mobs as they respawn. They are now your travelling companions, and you must protect them until you find the PH.

If you have any form of charm, charm something and use "/pet attack Quillmane" to identify if Quillmane has spawned.

Now start running around the zone, dragging your timing window mobs with you. Tracking for bards and druids will always show mobs in spawn order - with the most recent spawn at the top. Hit track constantly until you find the ONLY mob in the zone that spawned between your two timer mobs.

I can tell you, after running around for five minutes and wondering why you didn't main a ranger, it is quite a thrill to see a lioness pop up in your track window, neatly wedged between Aviak Rook 1 and Aviak Rook 2. Huzzah, you have your PH.

In the event that you do not find the PH, all is not lost (unless someone else is killing these kinds of mobs). There will be one or two (or more) mobs that you missed in your initial sweep of the zone. These mobs will be lower in your track window than your two static spawns. I recommend keeping an eye out for any of the listed mob types that spawned before your static mobs, and drag them around with you while you search for the PH. If you decide that the PH was not in the first train, then repeat with your new, smaller train. You could even designate two NEW static timers, and travel around with both sets of static timers, searching for the PH within either window.

SIXTH STEP - repeat with a narrower window

Now that you have the PH, you can narrow your timer window to ten seconds. Simply repeat the process with a narrower window - making sure to kill the PH within it.

And that's it. Eventually Quillmane will spawn, and you will probably do what I did the first time - freak out, sprint across the zone, kill him in glorious bloodlust, see your new pair of pants, and realise you've just lost the PH and have to start again. /sit /camp.

Or possibly you'll do what I did the next night - and try to avoid a faction hit on a treant PH by letting it kill itself on a cyclops, but just missing your window by a couple of seconds. Argh.

More likely, during your interminable wandering limited to the pace of two angry mobs, you'll see that someone else has silently joined the hunt. The true enemy for all Quillmane hunters is other Quillmane hunters who don't check the camp. Every mob these silent assassins kill while you are plodding around with your measly bard tracking is another chance that you will never find that wolf hiding between Rook 1 and Rook 2 in your track window.

But sooner or later you will be alone in the zone, or alone with the camp, and Quillmane's feathered cloak will be yours.

Thank you Nilbog for scripting Quillmane's new mechanics, and Daldaen and Haynar for informing the coding - it felt like discovering an old friend from live. Thanks also to Robot and Greenspectre for the discoveries they shared. It's all in this thread:

Good luck! I hope this method helps a few others, as so many have helped me during my travels.

Camp Rules and Etiquette:

[Fri Sep 22 13:51:06 2023] Kroshk tells you, 'Greetings, Guide Kroshk here, Quillmane is FTE/Competitive'

Based on this statement, there are no rules when it comes to the Quillmane camp. First to aggro Quillmane has rights to the kill. Generally speaking it is better to coordinate with other Quillmane hunters rather than compete with them, to increase the chance of keeping the placeholder known, but understand if you choose to camp Quillmane that it's perfectly legal for somebody to snipe him if he pops and they beat you to it. Good luck!