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Magician Epic Quest

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Bigbrained Foreheadius the Elementalist <Safe Space> shows the Orb of Mastery in action on Project1999 Green
P1999 Green Server First Orb of Mastery - Giblit

Start Zone: Lake Rathetear
Quest Giver: Rykas
Recommended Level: 46+
Classes: Magician
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Various


  • Orb of Mastery
    Orb of Mastery
    Item 2868.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Charges: 1
    Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 30
    DMG: 20
    STR: +15 DEX: +5 STA: +10 INT: +20 MANA: +100
    SV FIRE: +20 SV COLD: +20 SV MAGIC: +10
    Effect: Manifest Elements (Must Equip, Casting Time: 20.0) at Level 50
    WT: 1.0 Size: TINY
    Class: MAG


The Beginning

Words of Magi'Kot

Power of the Elements

Words of Mastery

Power of the Orb

Element of Fire

Element of Earth

Element of Water

Element of Wind

Spell Summon Orb

(If Master of Elements isn't spawned, Hail Kihun Solstin and say "I want to see the master.")

Short Walkthrough

The Beginning

The quest starts out in Lake Rathetear. Go to Rykas (+967.70, -665.27) Map Icon.png.

Say, 'I wish to learn of the tale of Magi'kot'

Rykas says, 'If you seek to learn the tale of Trilith Magi'kot, your journey shall begin in the Commonlands. Search for Jahsohn Ak'sot and give him this token. He will share some of the knowledge I have bestowed upon him, and point you further down your path to Mastery. Bring me the Words of Mastery, Power of the Elements, and the Words of Magi'kot....Then you shall learn more about the power of the orb.'

You will then receive a Token of Mastery from Rykas. Take the Token to Jahsohn Aksot in West Commonlands. His location is (+62.78, +3639.68) He will wander a little so just get close to this and then use the sense summoned spell to be directed to his pet. When you cast it make sure you don't have a pet though or else you will be directed at your own pet.

Give the Token of Mastery to Jahsohn.

Say, 'I have come for the words of Magi'kot.'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'The Words of Magi'kot can only be shared with those elementalists whose minds are of balance. The Words were separated into three pieces by a high council of Magi who feared that the story would bring an end to elementalists throughout Norrath. If you feel you wish to read from the sacred Power of the Orb then an elementalist of such power should easily accomplish this task.

Ask, 'What task.'

Jahsohn Aksot says 'Bring me the torn pages of Magi'kot. The first section can be found in the depths of a tainted forest, warded by an angry lupine. It is also rumored that one section is found in the haunted estate of a murderer, on a many armed creature. The last may be found in the belly of an amphibian who thirsts for blood.
  • The first page is dropped off of an enraged dread wolf within Kithicor Woods. He is a common spawn (look near Rivervale) and only appears during night.
  • The second page is dropped off of Tentacle Terrors in The Estate of Unrest (Level 17-33). They only drop from the ones in Unrest, not off of the ones in Najena.
  • The third page is dropped off of a Bloodthirsty Ghoul within Lower Guk. They are level 38-42 and spawn in the same room as the frenzies do. Once you have the three items, go back to Jahsohn Aksot and give them to him.

He will say: 'Rykas may have been right about you. Now, go find Walnan. Walnan was apprenticed to a very powerful Mage. After her apprenticeship was complete, she wished to begin teaching other beings of Norrath. Even those who knew nothing of the art! I do not believe she was successful, though. Seek her out to further your tale. Good luck in your journeys!'

He will then give you the Words of Magi'Kot.

After killing the gnome mage at the docks in Butcherblock (+1848, +624), you can use the spell Sense Summoned to lead you to Walnan's pet. Walnan is a rare spawn so be patient if she isn't around at the time. The gnome mage does not have to be killed to get Walnan to spawn. Walnan also doesn't always have a pet, so the most reliable way is to get a tracker. She typically roams just outside of Kaladim.

Hail Walnan.

Walnan says 'Hello! I am Walnan, elementalist, summoner, wanderer, and sometimes teacher. Might you be a elementalist in search of the truth?

Say, 'I am in search of the truth'

Walnan says 'The truth is something not all people can handle or understand. If the truth of the elements is what you seek then the Power of the Elements shall reveal all. Have you come to learn of Magi'kot?

Say, 'I have come to learn of Magi'Kot

Walnan says 'Magi'kot was the most powerful elementalist of his age. He may have been the most powerful mortal mage of all time, such was his mastery. He wished to obtain infinite knowledge and wisdom in order to further expand the arcane art of Summoning. Do you know what became of Magi'kot?

You say, 'No'

Walnan says 'Only a few elementalists and followers outside our circle know what truly happened to Magi'kot. Even now, many are fearful to speak of his name. If you truly wish to continue, here is what you must do. Gather the Power of the Earth, warded by a fae creature. Then seek the Power of Fire, held by an elemental. Next you will need the Power of Wind, held by a twirling and prancing wanderer who has been corrupted. Finally, the Power of Water, held by a ravenous beast who is the minion of a fallen Sarnak. Bring them all to me, and I shall give you the Power of the Elements.
  • The Power of Wind

- dropped by Gypsy Dancers in Mistmoore. They are level 25 and spawn inside the castle close to the piano. Be careful when fighting them because they can backstab up to 150 damage.

  • The Power of Fire

- dropped by Blazing Elementals inside Solusek's Eye (Sol A). They are only level 25 but do have an annoying damage shield which can be dispelled. They spawn near the Reckless Efreeti.

- also drops from Lava Elementals in Sol A, more commonly than the Blazing Elementals. They are deeper inside the dungeon and are around level 35.

  • The Power of Water

- dropped by the Famished Ravener within Kaesora. He is level 35 warrior. This guy spawns in place of the strathbone healer before the drop off to the bottom floor occasionally. Very annoying as all the mobs in the frenzy room will run straight for that drop off when they are about to die. He also spawns reliably in the hut in the cave by the library where he is the common spawn. (Edit june 2022) dropped off a Gorged Ravener in the hut by #6 on the Kaesora map on Blue1999

- also drops from Hungered ravener in Kaesora in the hut in the cave by the library.

  • The Power of Earth

- dropped by A Fairy Guard or a faerie guard in Lesser Faydark. They spawn in the northwest corner of the zone in the Faerie Village. A Fairy Guard is the placeholder for the princess, and spawns every 15 minutes. The faerie versions are common spawns throughout the camp. Once you have obtained all four Powers, return to Walnan and give them to her:

Walnan says 'The arcane art of Summoning is derived from the power of the elements which surround us. Continue your journey across the Ocean of Tears. In a dark fortress, you should find Akksstaf lurking about. Be wary, but tell him that you seek Magi'kot. Hurry now, you do not wish to miss the ship!

Walnan will give you Power of the Elements.

Head to Najena and find Akksstaff. If he is not there you might have to wait a long time because his spawn time is rumored to be 4-5 days long.

Hail Akkstaff. Akksstaff says 'What do you want?! I am in no mood to treat with beggars. I have half a mind to turn Jobober here loose on you! Well, don't keep me waiting, state your business or be off with you!

You say, 'Tell me about Magi'kot.' If that doesn't work then say: 'Tell me about Magi'

Akksstaff says 'Ah, that I can help you with. Magi'kot was a powerful elementalist, able to control the power of the elements which surrounded him. He was not able to fully master the elements when I was learning from him, but soon after my departure I heard rumors that he was going after the Orb of Mastery. At the time, I did not feel he was ready to harness all the elements, but Magi'kot listened to no one. He was in search of power beyond any held by a mortal. Do you wish to hear more?

Say, 'I wish to hear more'.

Akksstaff says 'Then bring me the torn pages of Mastery, there are four pages that can be found upon the women In this keep, though have a care, Najena's followers guard her treasures carefully, and delight in punishing trespassers.'

The four torn pages are all dropped off of Female Dark Elf Magicians and Goblin Magicians in Najena: a single "clearing" (of killing all the Magicians in Najena) will yield an average of one torn page ... but since you'll get duplicates, and since unlucky clears give no pages, you can expect to have to do 10+ clearings. Additionally the pages drop from alligators in Cazic Thule. Once you have all four pages:

Akksstaff says 'Very well. Take these words back to that shriveled old gnome, Rykas, if you wish to complete this quest. Now leave me, it sickens me to be this cordial for so long. And Jobober needs exercise. Go!'

He will give you Words of Mastery:

Now go back to Rykas in Lake Rathetear and give him the three items you received from the previous quests: the Words of Magi'kot, the Power of the Elements, and the Words of Mastery. He will then give you the Power of the Orb.

Rykas says 'I see that you have completed the quest I laid before you. That speaks well of your dedication, yet you do not realize your journey has just begun. Study this tome.
An Elementalist's power comes from the Orb of Mastery. The Elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water are contained within the Orb. The Master of Elements hold the Orb. He can be found in the Plane of Air.
No  mortal has been able to contain the true power of the Orb. Trilith Magi'kot presented himself to the Master of Elements and the Orb of Mastery. The power of elements brought agony to his mind and body.
Magi'kot was not of Balance. Fire burned his eyes unto blindness, Wind put his mind into a spin, Earth entered his body and aged him like the mountains, and finally, Water washed his memories of mortal life
away. Failing his test, the Orb exacted its terrible price, and now Magi'kot is part of the Orb. The bearer of this tome should seek out the Master of Fire and present it to him, for there is much left to be

Element of Fire

Now, go to Skyfire Mountains and find Jennus Lyklobar. This can be done by using the Sense Summoned spell.

You say, 'hail Jennus Lyklobar'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'Hello and well met! Humans like you don't often come here.. Do you come seeking what I possess? Fire, fire, fire and fire is mine! I surround myself with fire, I bathe in fire, I consume fire, I am the Master of Fire! Hahahaha, but I digress. Have you come for the element of Fire, seeking to fall to the same fate as Trilith Magi'kot?

You say, 'I wish to obtain the element of fire'

Jennus Lyklobar says 'The Element of Fire I can provide you, but you must prove you are able to contain its power. Bring me the Torch of the Elements now kept by a doomed lord of merchants, the burning embers from a notable member of wurmkind who can be found a short journey from here and a blazing wand, which you should be familiar with. And you must surrender the tome Rykas gave you. But I think you would be happier if you stayed with me and learned more of the beauty of the one true element, FIRE! FIRE! Hahahahahahah!
  • The Torch of Elements is dropped off of Neh'Ashiir within the City of Mist. He is a level 53 monster that is both a cleric and an enchanter, so be careful if you're killing him with less than a solid group. You also may want a rogue with 201+ Lockpicking to make getting to him a lot easier.
  • The Burning Embers come from Phurzikon, Nezekezena or Gylton in the Burning Woods. If you go to Phurzikon's spawn location (about -450, -2550 in Burning Woods) and kill everything in sight, eventually Phurzikon or his placeholders will start spawning with a cycle time of 90 seconds. The main placeholder for Phurz is Nezekezena. She is level 48-50. Be careful when killing her, because she can gate and summon. Phurzikon is much easier than Nez, so you don't have to worry about summoning. Gylton is the easiest of all, as both he and his placeholder Entalon are level 41 non-casters.
  • The Blazing Wand can be found off of Undertow in Kedge Keep. This level 49 seahorse looking wizard, can be found at the temple (+250, -250). He spawns every 8 hours or at least his placeholders do.

Take these three items and the Power of the Orb from Rykas, and give them to Jennus Lyklobar. He will give you the Element of Fire.

Element of Earth

Use the spell Sense Summoned to lead you to Tiblner Milnik's pet within Firiona Vie. He has been seen wandering the cliff. Look for a High Elf Male wearing a brown robe.

Tiblner Milnik says 'Huh? What? Oh, you speak so fast, it took me a moment. I have become used to the slow and stately conversation the Earth holds, where a thought can span aeons. I am the Master of Earth, you know. Though I'm usually too humble to say this, that makes me the most powerful mortal in Norrath, as everyone knows that Earth is the only REAL Element, all else must give way before its power. Water is absorbed by it, Air is ignored by it, and Fire is contained in it. But you know all these things, I am sure. Are you interested in obtaining the Element of Earth? I know Magi'kot was, but we know what happened to him, don't we?

You say, 'I am interested in obtaining the Element of earth'

Tiblner Milnik says 'Combining the following items can bring the Element of Earth together. Obtain the Staff of Elemental Mastery:Earth, held by the minions of the Prince of Hate, The Dirt of Underfoot found on Slix something or the other, and of course, I shall need the Broom of Trilon and the Shovel of Ponz. Bring all these things, and I shall show you what a true Master of Earth can do, and gift you with the Element of Earth.
  • Staff of Earth drops off Magi P`Tasa, one of the minibosses in Hate (formerly Innoruuk, pre-Velious). Post revamp, Magi P`Tasa also drops the staff. He is on a rare pop out of several (12) places, so there can be multiples of him up, although I have never seen more than 2. The drop rate is about 1 in 4. One uber group can do him, although you probably need an all out raid.
  • The Dirt of Underfoot is found on Slixin Klex. It is a common drop. He won't be very difficult finding for he spawns (-500, -1100) just north of the glowing meteor every 22 minutes. He is a level 50 warrior and has 11000 hitpoints.
  • Both the Shovel of Ponz and the Broom of Trilon are subquests. Both quests are given by Vira in the Temple of Solusek Ro. For the Shovel of Ponz you need a shovel dropped from level 25-32 alligators within Feerrott, the toes of a hill giant from a hill giant, a gargoyles eye from gargoyles in Ocean of Tear, and a ruby from gem selling vendors.
  • For the Broom of Trilon you need a broom from alligators in Feerrott, the toes of a cyclops, the feathers of a griffon, and a star ruby from gem selling vendors. For these quests you need to have good faction with the Temple of Solusek Ro which can be obtained by killing Shadow-Men. Note that the shovel and broom both also drop in Najena from the same mobs as the Magi'Kot.

Hand the four items in to Tiblner Milnik and you will be rewarded with the Element of Earth.

Element of Water

Go to Jinalis Andir in Dagnor's Cauldron (-447.00, -2044.00 Map Icon.png).

You say, 'Hail Jinalis Andir.'

Jinalis Andir says 'Let us dispense with pleasantries. I am Jinalis, as you know. I imagine you want to control the Elements. The Element of Water, which I possess, is the most powerful of the Elements. With it you can control the water which falls from the Air, erodes the Earth, and extinguishes Fire. It is a pity you do not focus on the Prime Element, but if you wish to follow that fool Magi'kot to your doom, I will not stop you. Bring me the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water held by the last of the Kedge, the Tears of Erolisi held by a dirty and rotten officer across the Blessed Deep, and finally, the Rain of Karana, found on a mighty Giant in, where else, the Karanas.
  • The Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water is dropped from Phinigel Autropos. The Phinigel Autropos is a very hard level 50 Wizard. He can be taken out by around 2-3 groups that work well together. He enjoys dispelling people (usually your enduring breath.) He is also very difficult to kill because he is guarded by 6 guardians which can be hard to kill as well.
  • The Tears of Erolisi are dropped from Captain Rottgrime. He is a level 55 warrior that spawns every 5 minutes at (+2471, +2138), near the outpost. He looks like an Iksar Skeleton. Killing the Captain isn't hard, you just need lots of tanks and clerics. Casters who have pets can help, but I don't think any other spells will be useful against him. Pulling him from the outpost in the Overthere is difficult; often a dragoon will be pulled along with him. He is usually standing near the southeast corner of the Outpost, along with six undead marines, who are level 50. You'll probably want a monk to feign pull the Captain, and it will be much easier to do at night when the dragoons are out on patrol (fewer things to aggro). You will take a Venril Sathir faction hit for killing Rottgrime; apparently it's a pretty sizable one, so be careful if you're used to being able to travel there
  • The Rain of Karana is found off of Trabul Earthstrider located in East Karana. He is a level 48 named hill giant that spawns very frequently on Crag Hill. You need one ranger and one druid for this. The rogue lion is on a respawn of 1-5 minutes. There is about an 80% chance on Trabul spawning.

Once you have the three items give them to Jinalis Andir and you will receive the Element of Water. This mob is on Erudite caster guild faction.

Important Note: Evil races/religions may be kill on sight to Jinalis. You can use share wolf form or other faction tricks to bring your faction up high enough to turn in.

Element of Wind

Go to Plane of Air and seek Kihun Solstin.

You say, 'hail Kihun Solstin'

Kihun Solstin says 'So, you have made it this far. I am Kihun Solstin, the Master of Wind. I control the unfettered Element like none other. As you should have learned, Air is the most potent of Elements. It fuels Fire, Water is comprised of it, and Earth cannot restrain it. Knowing this, do you seek the Element of Wind?

You say, 'I seek the element of wind'

Kihun Solstin says 'I will test you then. In this wondrous plane of Air, find the Crown of Elemental Mastery, and search the world below for an Elemental Binder, and a cloak fashioned from the feathers of a Pegasus. Return them to me and I shall give you the Element of Wind.
  • The Crown of Elemental Mastery is dropped from anything on the 7th Island in Plane of Air. Basically, clearing the island can result in anywhere from 0-3 crowns. The crowns are not no drop, so they can be bought, but for extremely high prices.
  • The Elemental Binder is loot from Elemental Warriors in The Hole which is connected to Paineel. They spawn near the entrance and are level 38-42. The Binder is a semi-common drop.
  • Finally, the Pegasus Feather Cloak is a very rare cloak from the Pegasus, Quillmane in South Karanas. Its too bad that once you get the cloak you almost immediately have to give it away because this cloak gives the effect of Levitation when worn. Very useful.

Quillmane is a rare spawn level 30 warrior, but he can spawn anywhere in the zone. Most commonly he is found in the interior of the zone, away from the zone walls, but he can be out there, too. He wanders almost constantly, and is killed almost instantly by any who see him (because the cloak you need for the quest is All/All and has unlimited charges of Levitate...).

This sucks, but it means it takes some real effort to get the cloak. Because Quillmane spawns randomly and wanders, the best way to get the cloak is to go to South Karanas with as many high level rangers and druids as you can gather. More than 5 would be overkill, since you want to be grouped with them all. Basically, what you should do is summon your pet of choice, get a SoW, and then run around the zone killing anything that wanders.

Static spawns like the Aviaks at their tower or the Tesch Mas Gnolls outside splitpaw, need not be killed (Quillmane doesn't spawn there, and there will always be people camping the Aviaks and Gnolls anyway). Anything else that wanders -- centaurs, wolves, lions, elephants, aviaks, gnolls, treants (although there is a faction issue there) -- is fair game. You want five trackers with you because they can always home in on a mob and kill it, and they can do this constantly -- the instant something shows up on tracking, they will go after it and kill it.

And the reason you want to be grouped is, if someone in your group does see Quillmane and kills him, then you will be able to get to the corpse and loot it before it opens up and some ninjalooter steals your cloak! Even one high-level tracker with you can make this an easy enough camp. (To put it another way, one tracker tracking and killing mobs, and Quillmane when he pops, is better than wandering about hoping to encounter Quillmane by yourself!) If you have even one or two ranger or druid friends who can help, then your life will become immeasurably easier. Nevertheless, even with your entire guild scouring the zone for Quillmane, expect to spend at least several hours on getting the cloak.

Give the three items to Kihun Solstin in the Plane of Sky.

Completing the Quest

Once you have given him the three items you will receive the Element of Wind. Also, the Master of Elements will spawn (Thought to spawn in the middle of the Quest Room in Plane of Sky but unsure). Give the four elements to the Master of Elements and he will in return, give you the scroll Summon Orb of Mastery. If you are just doing the Element of Wind first, then you can come back when you are ready to turn in all four elements and say to Kihun, "I want to see the master." Scribe this spell and then summon your epic weapon.

Congratulations on your 'Orb of Mastery'!

Long Walkthrough with Dialogue

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