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Seafarer's Roost

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Seafarer's Roost, East Freeport

There's no doubt the docks of East Freeport are a valuable asset to the region's economy and of course a crucial stepping stone for anybody crossing the Ocean of Tears. Cashing in on this Antonica cornerstone is the equally valuable Seafarer's Roost. Before even stepping off the boat, travelers will be able to spot the large "Tavern" sign which is accented with the depiction of a key, reminding you of the wisdom and courage you're about to unlock within. The anchor depicted on the main signage is also a sign of yet to come, for you'll surely be anchored to your bar stool for quite some time thanks to the generous number of beers served on tap here.

All of that is true, anyway, so long as you don't mind mingling with some seedy characters. More on that later, but first: the brews. Owned by the Nasin family, Seafarer's Roost has a more diverse selection of imports than anyone else in eastern Antonica. Beverages from all corners of Norrath are sold here including Dwarven Ale from the lovely bearded folk of Kaladim, Elven Wine from the mead and wine connoisseurs on Faydwer, and Gnomish Spirits from the subterranean tinkering union. There's also Ogre Swill from the race whose belly gut knows no bounds, and the legendary Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale for those with a little captain in them. It doesn't stop there, as two exclusively distilled champagnes are sold here: Drom's Champagne and Ernele's Champagne. In addition to all of that there's also a generous selection of classics including Fish Wine, Red Wine, White Wine, Ale, Brandy, Mead, and Short Beer! There's still more though, with this being the only location outside of Erudin to offer Innoruuk's Kiss of Death.

Seafarer's Roost is quite roomy, with plenty of room on the main level to sit, order drinks, and even dance. There's a bard providing dance tunes and a waitress named Henna Treghost to take your orders without even having to go to the bar. A brew barrel is located near bar to appease your home-brewing desires, but you will have to supply your own ingredients. Upstairs there's an additional service bar as well as several private rooms for rent. You can also find the youngest Nasin here, Lyda Nasin, who may just have a dark future ahead of her.

Speaking of darkness, the basement of the bar serves as the secret entrance to the underground Freeport passageways. The Rogues guild is nearest to the entrance, whose Grandmaster Elisi Nasin is an owner of Seafarer's Roost! These rogues are relatively tame to the casual visitor, but venture further into the tunnels and you'll quickly run into Shadow Knights, Necromancers, and even an unruly clan of Clerics who follow Dismal Rage and Opal Dark Briar.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Gregor Nasin, Lunce Nasin, Palana Willin, Henna Treghost, Groflah Steadirt, Lenka Stoutheart, Tlin Bowfright, an ogre
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: Lenka's Pouch
Notable Drinks: Drom's Champagne, Ernele's Champagne, Innoruuk's Kiss of Death
Seafarer's Roost, bar
Seafarer's Roost, brew barrel
Seafarer's Roost, dance floor
Seafarer's Roost, upstairs