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Skin Like Rock

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Spellicon K.png

Hardens the skin of your target, increasing their hit points and armor class for 27.0 mins.



1 : Increase AC by 6 (L14) to 7 (L18)
2 : Increase Max Hitpoints by 54 (L14) to 105 (L65)
3 : Increase HP when cast by 54 (L14) to 105 (L65)
Mana 60 Skill Abjuration
Casting Time 5.00 Recast Time 8.00
Fizzle Time 2.50 Resist Unresistable
Range 100 Target Type Single
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 27 minutes
Cast on You Your skin turns hard as stone.
Cast on Other Someone 's skin turns hard as stone.
Wears Off Your skin returns to normal.

Items with Spell Effect

  • Holy Partisan of Underfoot
    Holy Partisan of Underfoot
    Item 736.png

    Slot: PRIMARY
    Skill: 2H Slashing Atk Delay: 46
    DMG: 14
    HP: +25 SV MAGIC: +5
    WT: 12.0 Size: GIANT
    Class: PAL
    Race: HUM HIE DWF

  • Mountain Death Belt
    Mountain Death Belt
    Item 564.png

    Slot: WAIST
    Charges: 5
    AC: 8
    HP: +25
    Effect: Skin like Rock (Must Equip, Casting Time: 6.0)
    WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: WAR CLR PAL ROG
    Race: DWF HFL GNM

  • Shard of Golem Stone
    Shard of Golem Stone
    Item 695.png

    EXPENDABLE Charges: 1
    Effect: Skin like Rock (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant) as Level 50
    WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

Where to Obtain

Zone Merchant Name Area Location
Greater Faydark Zelli Starsfire Kelethin Druid Guild (-622,243)
Greater Faydark Verth Mistwielder Kelethin Ranger Guild (-414,494)
Rivervale Staria Longhair Druid Guild (-62,-403)
Surefall Glade Durvinna Barkkis Ranger Guild (104,-111)
Surefall Glade Sallah Druid Guild (-153,-286)