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Sornita Eltern

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Sornita Eltern

Sornita Eltern
Race: Erudite
Class: Shopkeeper
Level: 35
Zone: Erudin
Location: (-1109, -230)

AC: 246
HP: 1575 (8)
Damage per hit: 14 - 70
Attacks per round: 2 (92%)
Special: Immune to Flee


On the third floor of the Erudin library. The only known source of Cloudy Stone of Veeshan, she sells this regeant to Plane of Sky for around 260 platinum.

Items Sold


Opposing Factions

  • None

Related Quests

You say, "Hail, Sornita Eltern'

Sornita Eltern says, 'Greetings. _____! Please be do not speak too loudly while inside the library. If you need anything special. feel free to ask me. I am a member of the Crimson Hands and my specialty is divination. In my research I have stumbled across many [rare tomes].'

You say, 'What rare tomes?'

Sornita Eltern says, 'Why. just yesterday I stumbled upon an excerpt I believe to be from Miragul's own treatises on the origin of the creatures known as scarecrows. Such a work is heresy and would be destroyed if the High Council knew of its existence so I have been tight-lipped about my discovery. If you would like to see it. I will show it to you. for a nominal donation of 20 gold pieces.

Upon handing in 20 gold pieces, nothing happens. Handing in 2 platinum, nothing happens. This is likely due to being an Out-of-Era quest for the Rogue Epic 1.5, but might have existed in our timeline as flavor text. The text, especially the periods as commas, are in game exactly as represented here.