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Tassel's Tavern

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Tassel's Tavern, North Freeport
Tassel's Tavern

Tassel's Tavern is located in North Freeport, situated in the north-west corner of the bank square. It features a second floor balcony and plenty of seating, making it a perfect venue for live music. There's a Brew Barrel for enthusiasts of homebrew, and showcases a rich arrangement of décor making it one of the fanciest taverns of the city.

City: North Freeport
NPCs: Gern Tassel, Shania Tassel, Judicla Riverfield, Onytir Seavin, Dunore Moorwing
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale


A local Rogue by the name of Dunore Moorwing frequents this bar. Unlike most others in North Freeport, this man lives by the faction of the corrupt Freeport Militia. He will attack all who oppose him. While it is true he is just barely level 10, beware if you came into the city through the sewers.

Poker Painting

Upon opening the front door you immediately notice the painting hanging on the stone. Of all the Poker Paintings in Norrath, this one is probably the most obvious. You can clearly see the cards and chips on the green poker table. The characters also appear surprisingly humanoid, considering the fact that they are actually tassels of yarn.

Tassel's Tavern Poker Painting