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Template for creating a "loc link". Note that such links can actually contain locs (plural), if desired.

When clicked, these links display a map of the linked zone, along with a red "X" at the linked location . These links only work with zones that have been Loc-Mapped.


{{loc|*zoneName*|*loc ("y, x")*|(Optional) text}}


Simple Example

For instance you could use:

{{loc|Firiona Vie|-3648, 2043}}

to generate: "-3648, 2043 Map Icon.png".

Alternate Text Example

Alternatively you could use:

{{loc|Firiona Vie|-3648, 2043|Loom}}

to generate: "Loom Map Icon.png".

Multiple Locs Example

{{Loc|Western Karana|-2306,-5770 / -2306,-4223 / -3280, -5470 / -3855,-4223 / -3855,-5770}}

to generate: "-2306,-5770 / -2306,-4223 / -3280, -5470 / -3855,-4223 / -3855,-5770 Map Icon.png".

NOTE: You do not have to use "/" to separate the locs. You can use parentheses, semi-colons, ... anything EXCEPT commas and the "|" character (because it's part of the wiki template syntax).