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The Four Idols

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Guardian of Takish
Start Zone: Plane of Growth
Quest Giver: Guardian of Takish
Minimum Level: 46
Classes: Cleric
Related Zones: Kael Drakkel
Related NPCs: Gkrean Prophet of Tallon, Semkak Prophet of Vallon, a cleric of Vallon Zek, a priest of Tallon Zek


  • Symbol of Tunarian Worship
    Symbol of Tunarian Worship
    Item 671.png

    Slot: WRIST
    AC: 15
    STR: +5 WIS: +10 MANA: +50
    SV DISEASE: +10 SV MAGIC: +10 SV POISON: +10
    WT: 3.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: CLR
    Race: HIE
    Deity: Tunare


You say, 'Hail Guardian of Takish'

Guardian of Takish says 'Well met. It is indeed a wondrous day to be serving the lady Tunare. If you know of any templars or knights send them to me.

You say, 'I am a templar'

Guardian of Takish says 'I require your aid. It seems the agents of corruption have supplied the followers of the warbringer with four idols that will help defoliate the Wakening Lands. Will you aid me noble Templar?

You say, 'I will aid you'

Guardian of Takish says 'Excellent gather the four idols that are held in Kael and return them to me. I will then properly dispose of these foul creations.

You will need:

They drop off the following giants in the Kael Arena: Gkrean Prophet of Tallon, Cleric of Vallon Zek, Semkak Prophet of Vallon and Priest of Tallon Zek.