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Trader's Holiday

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Trader's Holiday, East Freeport
Trader's Holiday, smith supply merchant

Trader's Holiday: the only place in Norrath where you can brew, bake, and blacksmith all at once. Located in East Freeport block of merchant buildings near the zoneline to West Freeport, this Alemaker family run business offers a unique combination of classic Antonica spirits and blacksmith supplies. Specifically, most of the smithing molds available here are for baking recipes and they've even thought to install an oven here.

Truthfully, you do have to go outside and around the corner to find the forge, but they fill a niche that Iktzhar does not. The specialty molds, yes, but more importantly: booze! While the menu here is basic, it's rare to see ALL the Antonica classics available in one clear and concise location. For those who enjoy a nice drink while doing some crafting, this is your place. There's also of course a brew barrel located inside for the brewmaster in training, but you'll have to source the ingredients elsewhere.

Upstairs is a wide open space mostly used for storage, but there are a few tables and chairs here. There are also a few cots, and Cloud Alemaker is standing by with another instance of their classic brew selection.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Tislan, River Alemaker, Sun Alemaker, Cloud Alemaker
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Oven
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Capt. Orlin's Spiced Ale
Trader's Holiday, bar
Trader's Holiday, brew barrel