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I made a page where I shared some tricks and tips
You can check it out here:Balers Useful Info

I keep forgetting the name of this page so I'm leaving this here


  • 60 Troll Shaman
  • 60 Barb Shaman
  • 60 Erudite Mage
  • 60 Barb Rogue
  • 60 Troll SK
  • 60 Wood Druid
  • 60 Erudite Ench
  • 52 Iksar SK
  • 52 Dorf Cleric


  • 50 Erudite Necro
  • 50 Barb Rogue
  • 60 Hughman Cleric
  • 60 Iksar Necro
  • 56 Halfling Druid
  • 50 Troll Warrior
  • 60 Iksar Monk
  • 20 Erudite Mage


  • 18 Barb Rogue
  • 16 Iksar SK
  • 8 Darkelf SK

I'm so confused about these enhanced graphic projects

Funny images from Rants & Flames stories.
Statue of Baler.png
Image by d3r14k [1]
Image by Rygar [2]

Ignore this: these are here because I forget the 'code' to add them

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