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Balers Useful Info

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Tricks and Tips I've picked up during my journey on Project 1999

Disclaimer: This is not a guide, this is Baler's personal page for what I deem Useful Info.


Mage Chain Summoning

Obtain this item Torch of Alna by completeing this quest Torch Of Alna Quest.
Obtain the highest level fire pet spell you can for your level. (Fire Pet List)
Make the following macro hotkey:

  1. /pause 1, /pet back
  2. /pet follow


  1. Summon your fire pet and make sure it damage shields it self before you begin combat.
  2. Attack monster with fire pet.
  3. When your fire pet begins to get towards low life ~35% or less (you judge what low life is!) Begin summoning a new fire pet and Target the monster you're fighting.
  4. Just before you finish summoning your new fire pet. Click Go Away on your current pet. Then click attack for your new fire pet.
  5. Once the new fire pet has agro, tap the macro hotkey until your fire pet thinks it is idle and damage shields it self.
  6. If the monster still has plenty of life go back to step 3. Otherwise continue to step 7.
  7. Does the monster you're fighting flee at low life?
    1. If Yes the monster is fleeing, Use the torch clickie to Relcaim some mana. Or command your pet to Go Away and Then finish the monster a Direct Damage spell.
    2. If No, Begin casting your Direct Damage spell when you know it will kill the monster. Just before you finish casting command your pet to Go Away.
  8. repeat

Never use a direct damage spell other than a finisher or emergency nuke spam.
Never use magician pet healing spells. The mana efficiency is terrible.
Remember to carry multiple stacks of malachite.
Ask an Enchanter for Clarity.

Enchanter Tips

Keep a stun loaded.
Use pet guard to position your pet away from you while you're not engaged in combat. That way if it breaks it wont already be in your face punching you to pieces.

200 CHA + 59+ shaman = 255 cha
205 CHA + self buff = 255 cha
>255 CHA buffed is your goal!<

Make sure the mob is tashed and preferably malo'd. Give it -magic resist items.
The lower your charmed pet's magic resist is the better, generally.

Charm the lowest level creature that is capable of doing what you want to do with it.

Shm Canni Tips

Basic stand, canni & sit macro:

  1. /pause 1, /stand
  2. /pause 14, /cast 1
  3. /sit

I recommend using /pause 1, /stand to avoid latency issues.
You can adjust the /pause 14 length +/- 1 or 2 based on your latency.

(Meditate server ticks(6s) + Canni)
Watch your current mana #, when you see it go up click the hotkey for that macro. Repeat until you're good on mana.
I find this very effective if you're not in the heat of the moment and want to catch up on mana quickly.

spam canni:
You will need a clickie such as Spyglass, Kromzek Surveyor Scope or Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring Just to name a few.
Put your clickie on a Hotkey and make sure you are standing.

  1. Cast canni
  2. Press the Hotkey
  3. Wait 1-2 seconds
  4. Repeat

Clickie Tip

Have a clickie that can be used from any slot but don't want to waste a bag slot?

  1. Open inventory and bag containing Clickie.
  2. Left click Clickie
  3. Left click Bag
  4. Target (enemy/self/etc)
  5. Right click Clickie
  6. Left click Clickie
  7. Left click back in the bag where the Clickie started.

Shm Solo&Duo Cliff Golem

--Duo Shm+Monk The Safe Strat-- Find a level 60 monk to duo with, preferably with a fungi.

Pre-combat setup: Yours + monks buffs. (haste/regen right before combat) Your pet up meditate until you're full mana.

Combat: monk pulls via FD to avoid guard agro.(There is a couple tricks to this for soloing. Mostly just pay attention to the time of day. Where guards path and where indiviual mobs stand.)

DO NOT DAMAGE IT yet, It summons.

Your goal is to finish your malosini cast at max range on the cliff golem. It may take you several trys. Run it all around in big loops trying to avoid any potential adds. If you do get an add your dog should get it's agro and the monk can go pound on it while you're trying to land malosini.

Once you land malosini continue running big loops and start spamming your slow on it. You want to be again at max range when you're casting slow. That way the golem never gets to you to hit you.

Your goal during this whole loop running routine is to not get hit. SoW up, strafe run, jump what ever it takes. stay away from the cliff golem if it's not slowed.

One of two things can happen at or before this point.

  1. you run out of mana or get below a comfortable amount of mana to continue and finish the battle. If this happens you want to zone, WW is your honorable place to zone. If you want to be a douche zone into sky fire.
  2. you've landed the malosini and slow leaving you with enough mana to toss the occasional heal on the monk and re-land another slow if need be.

Cliff golem enrages at 9% health (i think it's 9%). so if a player or pet is attacking them from the front while it's enraged they will melt themselves.

When it enrages what you want to do as a shaman in a duo+ is stand near the slowed cliff golem so it turns around to attack you. That way the pet + other player(s) can continue hitting it.

Solo you want to position your dog behind the cliff golem.

Once you get torp it's a pretty similar setup just no monk. I presume you have your epic.

The East golem with the dragoon that makes it darn near impossible to solo pull without FD. However it paths away at 7pm in game time. (sharing my secrets)

The south golem (the popular one) is best pulled at it's spawn point.

Lazy players will frequently run directly out of the outpost who have bad rep with the outpost. Pulling guards, the golem and or other mobs to some zone line. So make sure you're aware of your surroundings. Nothing worse than bumping into an OT death squad.


Druid Leveling Tip

Druid Charm Spells
At level 24 you can learn Charm Animals which can charm up to a level 33 animal.
At level 34 you can learn Beguile Animals which can charm up to a level 43 animal.
At level 44 you can learn Allure of the Wild which can charm up to a level 49 animal.
Druid Pet only Buff Spells
At level 19 you can learn Feral Spirit which buffs your pet with up to 20% haste, 20 str and 14 AC.
At level 44 you can learn Savage Spirit which buffs your pet with up to 70% haste, 45 str and 16 AC.

Open with a snare on your pet, Snare the mob you're fighting with your pet. Haste pet,. Meditate,. if breaks,. refresh snare as needed and recharm. Break charm before kill,. kill both for exp.
Loio -> OT -> EW

Do this till 46 then buy a lumi staff and start quading.

GCD Resetters

Global Cooldown Resetters. Indoors & Outdoors with no major side effects.
Listed in obtainability easy to hard.
Kromzek Surveyor Scope
Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring
Star of Eyes
Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring
Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
Reaper's Ring


North Freeport Guards
Buy Cloth Shirt & hand them into Altunic Jartin. (Loric Weaver in EC sells them for about 5g each. Turn in 1 at a time.

You gain experience!!

North Freeport Banker+
Buy Brandy & hand them into Captain Rohand for the quest Rohand's Brandy. (840 turn ins took me from KoS to Kindly with the NFP banker) Turn in 1 at a time.

You gain experience!!

Claws of Veeshan(CoV)
In Eastern Wastes at #2 on the map there is a broken building with 3 An ogre mercenary standing inside it.
They have a high chance of dropping Mercenary Assignments which can be turn into Sentry Kcor in skyshrine at the Wakening Lands entrance.

  • Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.
  • Your faction standing with Yelinak got better.
  • Your faction standing with Kromzek got worse.

Works with dubious faction.

Kromzek, Kromrif & King Tormax (giants)
In Great Divide you can find A coldain wolfmaster, A Coldain miner & A velium miner. They all have an okay drop chance for Coldain Head.
Turn those heads into Captain Bvellos in Kael Drakkel for the quest Bvellos' Bounty.

You gain experience!!

Rogue leveling classic era

Fine Steel Rapier 5/23

Dragoon Dirk 6/23

Bladed Thulian Claws 5/19

Serrated Bone Dirk 8/27

Gloomwater Harpoon 9/31

Dirty Shm PLing

Make some Damage Shield potions.

Go to an appropriate level zone for the person you want to power level.

Bring them in as deep as you can handle mobs from zone in.

Shrink yourself and face a wall directly.

Summon a dog pet, it will appear at zone in and spam /pet back until it gets to you or dies.

Torpor yourself and drink some DS potion.

Have the person you're PLing hit each mob 1 time.

torpor, DS pot and sit if needed until all the mobs are dead.

Making Platinum

Work in Progress Section

  • Time vs Value

It's important to remember that time it self has value. You get a job in real life that pays you money because your time is valuable.

The same applies to video games especially mmorpgs. If you put in a lot of time/work and only get a little reward then you're not maximizing the value of your time.

No matter what you decide to do always make the most of your time as it's a limited commodity.

  • Guards

some town guards can be killed for their primary/secondary drops.

  • Kaladim - 200-400p per hour, the guards drop an axe, shield and sometimes fine steel also. You can sell at the druid ring in BB
  • Raw Plat

Some mobs drop raw platinum coins.

  • Hill Giants - in Rathe Mountians a staple of classic raw platinum farming.
  • Vendor Trash

Some mobs drops 'vendor trash' such as gems that can be sold to vendors for plat.

  • Seafuries - in OOT while their droprate is lower it's still possible to achieve 300-400 plat per hour from these
  • Item Camps

Equipment is very valuable in norrath players will pay big bucks for this stuff.

  • Powerleveling

Many classes can actually powerlevel other players efficiently.

Druid, Bard, Shaman, Necro, Shadowknight, Monk, Enchanter can all do this.

Players will pay a good amount per level or per hour of their time.

  • Druids - They can efficiently PL people from 1-30 with ease. Whether it's buffing the player or agroing mobs and Damage shielding themselves.
  • Bards - similar to druids yet can PL up to 60 with a twist ...get it song twist... They agro a bunch of mobs and Damage shield themselves. Past 35 or so they do normal AE kills that they'd get xp for and PL someone afk.
  • Shaman - Buffs machine and OP slows. Best suited for melee/hybrid PLing. They buff up the person be PL'd and slow agro mobs for the person to kill.
  • Necro - Feign dead is broken. Root, Dot, person gets 1 hit on mob, feign dead before the mob dies. Person being PL'd gets xp,faction hit.
  • SK - Similar to the necro but more melee oriented. They beat on the mob till it's near death and either dot and Feign dead or feign dead and let the player kill the mob.
  • Monk - closer to SK, beat up the mob and feign when it's at 0-1% life. PL'ee kills the mob
  • Enchanter - Charm and break then memblur. pl'ee kills the two mobs.
  • EC Tunnel

Establish how much platinum you want to set aside to plat with on the market.

  • Buy low, sell high. Evaluate what's worth buying and flipping based on the amount of plat you have to work with.
  • Predict the market. Take advantage of future patches to invest properly for larger platinum or asset gains.
  • Fast sales vs slow sales. Some items sell faster but net a smaller profit while others may not sell for months but net a larger profit.

Quest Leveling

This will try to ride a fine line of 1 platinum coin or less per 1% exp rewarded via quests. Can only be done by good/neutral races.

  • Levels 1-10

Bone Chips (Kaladim)

Buying stacks of Bone Chips for 5p each

  • Levels 10-14

Research Aid

Buy Greater Lightstones for 15p each, then selling the Concordance of Research for about 9p, making each GLS cost about 6p each.

Solo Troll Warrior

lvl 1

innothule swamp

Everything white con

lvl 2

feer east

Everything Blue con

Get a Scythe from someone at spectres. It will carry you if you have nothing else.

level 4 or 5

feer west

look out for yellow or red lizard men they'll kill you.

kill everything blue con

try to sell scythes and do banking for players to make plat

I saved up enough plat selling scythe for people, taking 20-25% of the plat each run.. To buy Topknot Headband & Silvery Two Handed Axe

lvl 9 to 10

south ro snakes

easy level with the smaller snakes that still con blue, don't do the bigger blue con snakes.

lvl 10 to 12

scarabs in rathe

Egypt rotation

the ankh ones

lvl 12 to 14

Grizzly Bears and Lizard Men at giant skeletons in rathe

beware the cyclopes, giant skeletons, and kodiak

Alternatively you can continue to grind the scarabs to 14.

14 to 16

North Ro Scarabs

16 to 19

North Ro Orc Dervish just south on the EC tunnel

19 to 22

South Ro Orc Warrior directly east of 4. Ruined Temple & just south of 5. Dervish Camp

Turn in those Deathfist Slashed Belts for the quest More Help for Innoruuk

22 to 23

Saved up enough plat to buy Charred Guardian Breastplate / Bloodstained Mantle / Bone Armplates & Giant Snakespine Belt

South Karana north west corner by west wall two elephants around 1309, 2842

Beware the aviaks they're threatening to rallos troll warrior. And will attack you.

23 to 26

South Karana south east of the spire at around -4121, -123 Aviak Darter

It paths south east then back to it's spawn.

There is another aviak darter over the hill south east.

26 to 27

Scythe beetle in North Karana around 306, 2949

Erudite Mage

Starting Stats

5 str 20 sta 5 agi


Strafe Running is faster

Watch out for Poacher Topi, Poacher Shelli, Poacher Hill & Poacher Willa, some jerk lvl 4 rogue npc who is KoS.

Don't AFK at the vendor hut west of erudin entrance

Beware Kobolds early on, they

Don't waste coin on armor/weapons early on.

lvl 1 Fish in river (854, -1050) next to necro hut, 9% exp per kill, Easiest xp at level 1 in the game!

If your health gets low just swim onto shore, the fish shouldn't get to you.

Early swimming gains, when you run along the shore, be half in the water.

Try to use piercing to do most of the damage.

Burst of Flame to pull and finish fleeing fish.

Keep Minor Shielding up at all times.

Loot the Fresh Fish & Fish Scales to sell for food/water/spells.

There are 11 static fish with 6 min respawn that I'm aware of between 600, 100 & 900, -1100

Fish are not social and con indifferent.

Beware, a Piranha lvl 2 KOS have a Rare chance to spawn in place of a fish. Dangerous Mob!

lvl 2 You can try and fight skunks, beetles, rats, skeletons ...!However!...

Just keep killing fish till you get your offense, piercing & defense get up higher.

Pull with Burst of Flame, keep Minor Shielding Up.

Stab those a fish! Nuke em with Burt of Flame when they flee

Fish should give about 1.33% exp per kill

More Swimming Gains, will pay off forever.

Keep stacking up those Fresh Fish & Fish Scales for $$$ Food/water/spells

You'll get more exp per hour, coin per hour and skill per hour doing fish at level 2.

As your skill gets higher you should be able to do all 11

11 times 1.33 = 14.63% exp, that's pretty fat at level 2 if you ask me.

When your skills are ready to pay the bills slowly explore the forest just out front erudin.

Trust me don't start trying even con mobs with 1 defense. Yer gunna have a bad time.

skills are the name of the game during early levels

I stuck with fish and here is what I ended up with at level 3 (2 hours /played)

  • Fresh Fish 49
  • Fish Scales 23
  • Channling 15
  • Evocation 15
  • Swimming 15
  • Defense 10
  • Piercing 9
  • Offense 8
  • Abjuartion 1

Food & Water

When your finally out of the starting food

Buy 40 water flasks & 40 muffins. Get a small bag if you dont have one.

lvl 3

Now that your skills are not total trash. Start the killing spree in the northern forest.

This level is slow but the holy grail of level 4 !Pet! is on the other side of it.

Let's face it, you're in a cloth robe. You'll take some damage, so I hope you got your skills up earlier.

There will be some sitting downtime for health/mana.

Melee is still your bread and butter. Save mana for pulling, emergency nuking and fleeing.

keep minor shielding up at all times

fire beetle are great - Don't Flee - Get A FIREBEETLE EYE, it's better than candle!

an infected rat are okay - They Flee

a widow hatchling are okay - They Flee - Rare chance to proc feeble poison

a kobold scout are okay - They Flee, can hit hard. They drop some coin, chance for

Skunks are meh - Proc some long lasting disease dot skunkspray

a spiderling meh - indifferent They Flee its social, assists widow hatchlings. annoying

kobold runts are level 1 but they drop a tiny bit of coin/items.

Watch for skeletons with staff weapon. Cracked Staff is $$$ early on

I hit level 4 solo with 3h 32m /played

lvl 4

Earth Pet, Earth Pet & Earth Pet.

You'll be using Earth pets till level 16. Don't waste coin on any other pet.

Earth pet is just the mana efficient, due to it's health, at these lower levels.


Reclaim Energy - Erudin Palace - Killi Frillep

Summon Drink - Erudin Palace - Killi Frillep

Summon Food - Erudin Palace - Killi Frillep

Burn - Erudin Palace - Killi Frillep

Elementalkin: Earth - Erudin Palace - Killi Frillep

Gate - Erudin Palace - Telor Beteria - Magician Guild (Outside)


Meditate - remember to click the spellbook meditate button until you're level 35


Malachite - buy as much as you can.

Large Lantern - You'll want this unless you hate yourself. Best 2g you'll ever spend this early.



/pet health

/pet kill

/pet follow

/pet back

/pet guard

/pet taunt

/pet get lost

/pet target

/pet attack

EXP & 51% damage

Group with a low level player to remove the pet exp stealing.

Continue killing spree in northern forest area with that lowbie group member.

lvl 5


summon dagger - Important if you (your pet) can only hit a mob with magic weapons.

Elementaling: Earth - Erudin Palace - Onyssa Vroce

Invisiblity - Erudin Palace - Telor Beteria - Magician Guild (Outside)

Lesser Shielding - Erudin Palace - Telor Beteria - Magician Guild (Outside)

Shield of Fire - Erudin Palace - Onyssa Vroce

more malacite

Summon food / water for conujuration gains. Trust me you want these gains.

meditate for meditation gains too! Skills are super important early on

Before you leave erudin for qeynos hills I recommend 2 stacks of summoned food/water

And two stacks of muffins / water.

Get on the boat and go to Qeynos Hills

Find a lowbie, group. use pet to kill everything blue con

easy level

lvl 6 - 7 Group with someone 2-4 levels lower than you. Don't group with hybrids, their xp penalty will fuck your exp over.

Use pet to kill anything that cons blue. bats, gnolls, wolves, snakes, bears, etc. if it's blue. kill it.

Find rusty 2h weapons to give to your pet. It will make your pet a beast like 9dmg 2h axe or 2h sword on a level 6 pet can let it hit for 18-19 damage. That's a lot at level 6.

7 is more of a slog than 6. but if you group with a level 3 player. it won't be awful.

Just continue the murder spree of blue cons, avoiding kos, or rangers who love animals.

I hit level 8 in 9 hours /played time. That includes a couple bathroom breaks, a pizza break and another short break.

lvl 8

Now that you're level 8 memorize the level 8 spells you got before leaving erudin.

find a level 4-6 player, non hybrid and proceed into west karana.

Same as before, anything that's blue. Kill it.

Beware KoS mobs in WK.

I continued grouping with players who were barely able to get exp and I progressed 20+ doing this


I think commanding your pet to sit will help it regen health and mana faster.

EXP rewarded has diminishing returns with a 'cap' of 12%. So if you are level 10 and kill a level 30 mob you'll get about 11-12% exp, but if you're level 10 and kill a level 20 mob you'll get 5-8%. It doesn't scale nicely which leads me to believe EXP rewarded as diminishing returns when it's above a certain amount.

Other Useful Pages

Just other pages on the P99 wiki that I find useful. I don't take credit for these.
Runspeed Comparison
Meviin's Macros: Purple Links When Pulling
Mobs By Level

More to come...

I plan to add more as I think of it.