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Words of Darkness Quest

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Start Zone: Temple of Solusek Ro
Quest Giver: Vurgo
Minimum Level: 35 (Solo)
Classes: Necromancer
Related Zones: Lake Rathetear, Permafrost
Related NPCs: a shadowed man, Cyanelle, an icy goblin


  • Words of Darkness
    Words of Darkness
    Item 789.png

    MANA: +45
    Effect: Allure of Death (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 20
    WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
    Class: NEC


(I was able to turn this in as an Iksar with the starting faction to Temple of Sol Ro.)

You say, 'Hail, Vurgo'

Welcome! I am Vurgo, follower of Solusek Ro and holder of the [harvester] and the [Words of Darkness].'

You say, 'What Words of Darkness?

Vurgo says, 'I can scribe for you the Words of Darkness, but you will need to bring me the correct [word components].'

You say, 'What word components?'

Vurgo says, 'The first thing that I need is a shadowed book from our mortal enemies, the shadowed men.'

Hand Vurgo the Shadowed Book.

Vurgo says, 'A shadowed book! Well done! The more banished shadowed men the better. As the items of the shadowed men tend to disappear, I have given you a note to remind me that you have indeed supplied me with a book. Give me the note with the following items, and I will scribe for you Words of Darkness: a book of darkness from the Erudites in the tower by Lake Rathe, a book of frost from the icy goblin in Permafrost Keep and 300 golden coins. Bring me these items, and I will scribe for you the Words of Darkness.'

Vurgo gives you a Note.

You gain experience!!

Hand Vurgo the following items:

Vurgo says, 'All of the necessary components for me to scribe the Words of Darkness! Very good, adventurer. Take your tome, you have earned it.'

You gain experience!!

Drop Rate Notes

  • Shadowed Book is a very rare drop off of any of the shadowed men in any zone. It can take a couple of hours to farm this piece.
  • Book of Frost (drops off of An icy goblin in Permafrost); the center mob in the room, PHs are as other mobs in the jail. It is at least an uncommon drop off an uncommon spawn so proceed to live your life in 22 minute increments because hooray EverCamp.
  • it's a rare drop for sure, if not worst. 17,5% can be confirmed. I killed it 10 time in 7 hour, nothing at all...
  • May 2020 drop rate data point: We camped the room for 22 spawn cycles. Of the 22, 15 were placeholder and 7 were the 'an Icy Goblin'. 2 books dropped, first on 17th cycle / 4th Icy, second on 22nd cycle / 7th Icy.
  • Jan 2021: Camped for 57 spawn cycles. 43 were placeholder, 14 were named. Dropped book once.
  • Nov 2021: 23 spawn cycles, 16 placeholders, 7 named, 1 book.
  • Jan 2022: 15 spawn cycles, 12 placeholders, 3 named, 1 book.
  • Book of Darkness (drops off of Cyanelle in Lake Rathe); she is in the building on the top right island in the lake and the drop rate is common, but not always. Eldreth stands next to her and will assist.

Note: Quest confirmed MQ'able: January 21 2022 at 5:11pm GMT

  • Necro: Handed in Shadowed Book to get 'a note'
  • MQ'er: Handed in Book of Frost and Book of Darkness
  • Necro: Handed in 'a note' and 300gp.

Confirmed MQ again on 16 October 2022, with confirmation that the gold can be handed in last and without other items.

  • MQ'er: Handed in "a note", Book of Frost and Book of Darkness (all No Drop, including the note)
  • Necro: Handed in 300gp