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Bind Locations

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Classes without the spell Bind Affinity must rely on classes with the spell to be able to change their character's respawn location upon death. Send a tell to a level 12 caster. You have to talk to them. You meet them. Then group with them. Then he or she has to target you. Then he or she casts a spell on you that makes you bound to the area. Classic locations that allowed players without the spell to be bound can be found in the table below, which is based on this forum thread: [1]

Continent Zone Limited Area
Antonica Arena
Antonica Freeport
Antonica Grobb
Antonica Halas
Antonica High Keep
Antonica Highpass Hold
Antonica Neriak
Antonica Northern Plains of Karana Gypsy Camp (#6) (Not until March 2001 patch)
Antonica Oggok
Antonica Qeynos
Antonica Rivervale
Antonica Surefall Glade
Faydwer Ak'Anon
Faydwer Felwithe
Faydwer Greater Faydark Entire zone bindable including Kelethin
Faydwer Kaladim
Odus Erudin
Odus Paineel
Kunark Cabilis
Kunark City of Mist
Kunark Field of Bone Ruins outside of Kaesora (#6) (Not until March 2001 patch)
Kunark Firiona Vie Anywhere inside the Elven outpost and docks (#11)
Kunark Frontier Mountains Empty Ruins (#6) (Not until March 2001 patch)
Kunark Overthere Evil Outpost (#1-4)
Velious Kael Drakkal Only restricted areas near the zone entrances are bindable for anyone. [2]
Velious Skyshrine
Velious Thurgadin Icewell is no longer bindable.
Velious Iceclad Ocean The Docks @ Approx +5000, 0

Non-Classic Bind Points

Per [3], indoor dungeons on Velious should not be bind points.