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Oggok is simple from the outside, and if you were to fly over the cove you would only see a few small huts and one large building jutting from the face of the side of it. However, most of the city lies underground, as the ogres have carved out a place to live despite their limited space. Most of the area is very confusing to individuals who have never been there before, which I would think had been intended if it were not for the general stupidity of ogres. Jubjub might say that a troll had designed the place...

Oggok map.jpg
City Races: Ogre
Guilds: Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel, Loom
Related Quests: Crude Stein Quest, Exotic Drinks, Greenblood Shadowknight Tunic, Pickled Frogloks, Preserved Meat Delivery, Rallos Zek Symbol Quests, The Emissary, Lizard Meat No 2, Lizard Dolls
Adjacent Zones: Feerrott
Name in /who: oggok
Zone Spawn Timer: 24:00
Succor/Evacuate: -345, -99 (Zone line to Feerrott)
ZEM Value: 75 100 (133%)




  1. Shaman Guild, Merchant selling Spell Components and Various Weapons
  2. Ambassador K`Ryn
  3. Merchant who sells Blunt Weapons, Ore, and Large Chainmail Patterns, Oggok Forge
  4. Merchant selling Food and other Goods, Pottery Wheel and Kiln
  5. Merchant selling Large Boots and Sewing Patterns, Loom
  6. Merchant selling Large Shields
  7. Merchant selling Various Weapons
  8. Merchant who sells Boxes
  9. Priest of Discord
  10. Merchant selling Arrows and Fletching Supplies
  11. Merchant who sells Food and other Goods
  12. Merchants selling Food, Oven
  13. Shadow Knight Guild, Merchant selling Various Weapons
  14. Merchants selling Large Leather and Cloth Armor, Merchant outside selling Various Weapons
  15. Merchants selling Large Chain and Plate Armor, Merchant outside sells Large Plate and Shield Molds, and Smithy Hammers, Forge Inside
  16. Merchants selling Alchemy Items and Blunt Weapons
  17. Merchants selling Food and Alcohol and Brewing Supplies, Brew Barrel
  18. Warrior Guild, Merchant selling Various Weapons
  19. Bank

Surrounding Areas

The Feerrott is a land that the ogres call home. Many of them live within a short distance from their town, and live in relative safety through their strength. Also, the creatures that inhabit the Feerrott are generally weaker than in the neighboring Innothule Swamp, or at least are organized enough to keep to themselves. Unlike the frogloks, the lizard men of the Feerrott exist only in small camps, and could easily be decimated by an organized group of ogres if they made too much of a nuisance of themselves.

The nearby Rathe Mountains are a dangerous place, inhabited by the ghosts of ancient towns that lay destroyed throughout it. Hill giants make their homes in its peaks near Lake Rathe, and lizard men have also ventured into them, as well as other, stranger creatures which I saw at a distance but choose not to comment on in case I am incorrect. The Innothule Swamp is also nearby and is the home of the trolls. Many ogres travel there to smash frogloks to obtain their cloth-like skins for armor, since there are not any bears nearby for tailors to practice their trade.

For a guide to early hunting see the Oggok Starting Guide.

Travelling To and From Oggok

Oggok opens into the Feerrott in an area that looks like a small ogre town, with several small clusters of huts and shops. Many of the towns artisans live outside of its walls within range of the guards for the town, although they rarely need to call on them for aid. Travelling to the northwest through the Rathe Mountains eventually leads to the Plains of Karana and lands beyond. Travelling east through Innothule Swamp eventually leads to the Desert of Ro and Freeport and the lands to the east.


The history of Oggok is poorly kept. What is known is largely unimportant and hardly illuminating. This was the last city to be built before Murdunk fell, and is now the last Ogre city standing.

At first, the city's inhabitants were untouched by the curse. They tried to keep things as best as they could. However, each generation grew worse until the Ogres were much as we find them today. In the time since they reached this nadir of intelligence, the city had fallen to pieces. The once proud structures, decorated with tribal carvings and depictions of heroic conquest, have fallen. The structures that have taken their place pale in comparison.

The Ogres have stagnated, little changes, little happens. Their minds are so limited and broken they barely notice.

Newbie Quests

First of all, Oggok's Craknek warriors and Greenblood shadowknights, the two major guilds, are fighting amongst each other. Doing quests for the warrior guild gives negative faction with the shadowknight guild. Doing quests for the shadowknight guild doesn't hurt your faction with the warrior guild, though, so you can fix it as long as you won't go KOS. Doing quests for Chef Dooga or Clurg gives faction ups with both of them, and some quest with the Oggok Bouncers or Clurg himself. Shaman guild of Oggok is aligned with the Greenblood shadow knights (their faction is called Shamen of War but technically both the shamans and shadowknights are known as Greenbloods), but doing their quests does affect neither the shadowknight or warrior factions. Just keep in mind that certain quests, such as noble crests, can get you KOS with the shadowknights awfully fast. None of the quests in Oggok increase faction with Oggok merchants, so dark elves and trolls, don't bother. Clurg and Dooga are on faction Clurg which can be improved by doing their quests, so you can possibly use them as vendors in the city after some effort, although some dark elves (probably based on deity or lack thereof) can use the city's merchants with only the base faction. (This section here temporarily)

Lizard Meat

Kogna in the warriors guild wants 4 pieces of
Lizard Meat
Lizard Meat
Item 817.png

WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

from the lizard men in the Feerrott. Note that doing this quest gives negative faction with the Oggok shadowknight guild.

Reward: rusty 2h axe, xp

Soonog in the shadowknight guild also wants 4 pieces of meat from the lizard men in the Feerrott. Note that doing this quest gives negative faction with the Grobb shadowknight guild.

Reward: rusty 2h sword, xp

Of the two, Soonog gives more XP. ~2% at level 3.

Froglok Tadpole Flesh

Zulort in the shaman guild wants 4 froglok tadpole flesh.

Reward: burst of flame spell, xp

Lizard Tails

Horgus in the warriors guild wants 4 lizard tails from the lizard men in the Feerrott. (note these don't stack!). Doing this quest, once again, gives negative faction with the Oggok shadowknight guild.

Reward: raw-hide armor, xp

Grevak in the shadowknight guild wants 4 lizard tails from the lizard men in the Feerrott. (note these don't stack!). Doing this quest, once again, gives negative faction with the Grobb shadowknight guild.

Reward: spells, xp

Lizard Dolls

Grevak in the shadowknight guild wants 2 lizard mystic dolls from the lizard man mystics in the Feerrott. (Note these don't stack!). Doing this quest, once again, gives negative faction with the Grobb shadowknight guild.

Reward: spells, backpack, xp

Greenblood Shadowknight Tunic

Bonlarg in the shadowknight guild wants 3 Scout Fifes from Lizardman scouts and the newbie tunic you got from turning in your scroll. Doing this quest, once again, gives negative faction with the Grobb shadowknight guild.

Reward: Black Shadow Tunic, xp

Rallos Initiate

Zulort in the shaman guild wants 3 mystic dolls from the lizard man mystics and an allize volew medicine bag from the mystics.

Reward: Initiate Symbol of Rallos Zek (ogr/shm only)

The Emissary

Marda in the shaman guild will spawn Emissary Glib (up in the bouncer keep near the Feerrott entrance) when told a proper phrase (she claims you need to rise a few ranks, but asking about secret mission will start the quest). Glib wants a froglok eye necklace from troll slayer/slayer captain in Innothule Swamp. They give negative faction with Grobb guards. The quest goes on further from this, but isn't really worth the effort since the final reward is just a lvl5 shaman spell.

Reward: Various minor weapons or rarely the Hopper Spear or the Forager Bag, xp

Marda's Secret Mission

Continuing from the Emissary quest, go on to see a froglok prisoner in Grobb (found past the bank and shaman guild area). Tell him the phrase told by Glib, and he will tell you that he does not trust you, and wants you to bring him an Intestine Necklace... Which drops from troll guards, the Bashers. Which are some lvl30-ish at least. OK. Once you give him a necklace, he gives you back a vial and wants you to go get a medicine from Forager whatsitsname at Innothule Swamp (a froglok in chain tunic), near guk entrance. He's on froglok faction and most likely KOS, but being green he won't attack, and will take the vial and give you back the medicine the prisoner wanted. He gives you a note which tells of a troll called Zimbittle training lizardmen magic. You might as well kill Zimbittle now that you're running past him (he gives no faction hits, not sure if Bashers assist him, but he roams far from them so it shouldn't be hard to catch him alone and kill him). He drops Zimbittle's Pouch, a container. Take the note given by the prisoner to Marda, and he tells you to kill Zimbittle and bring proof of the deed. Give her the Pouch you get from Zimbittle's corpse. Considering you have to kill a lvl30ish guard and a lvl12-ish troll slayer and the 10ish Zimbittle for the quest, getting several faction hits against trolls as you do, the reward for this quest is hardly worth it. You get a lvl5 spell, which seems to be Spirit Pouch. You can purchase it from the vendor next to Marda for about 5gp.

Reward: Spirit Pouch spell, xp

Feeding Dooga

Chef Dooga (near Clurg) will take any single human/high elf/erudite flesh (dropped mostly by the hunters roaming guk entrance at Innothule Swamp; or the solo spawn of same hunters at the inn in rathe mountains).

Reward: money, xp

Pickled Frogloks

Give Chef Dooga 3 pickled frogloks (baked from froglok meat + vinegar + jug of sauce) and 10gp.

Reward: Ogre Butcher Apron, xp, faction

Preserved Meat Delivery

Chef Dooga wants you to deliver preserved legs to the Gobbler found in Neriak Foreiqn Quarter.

Reward: money, xp, Star Rose Quartz (common), Ogre Meat Cleaver (rare) and Ogre Butcher Gloves (very rare)

Noble Hunters

The human/elf/erudite hunters found roaming in Innothule Swamp near guk drop A Noble's Crest occasionally. Take these to Guntrik in Oggok warrior guild. Note that doing this quest SEVERELY hurts your Ogre shadowknight guild faction. Guntrik also mentions a map from the dwarf (he spawns rarely at the swamps, but more often at the inn in Rathe mountains), but have never seen the dwarf drop the map. The quest must've not worked on live, either.

Reward: bronze 2handed axe, xp

Clurg's Revenge

Clurg has heard of an imposter selling a drink which carries the same name and recipe as his famed Flaming Clurg. He wants you to run to Neriak foreiqn quarter, and find an ogre lady called Pungla near the Pvp arena there. Kill her and take her head to Clurg. Beware, killing Pungla gives a faction hit against the Neriak vendors and guards.

Reward: coin, faction, xp

Crude Stein Quest

Speak to Lork in the warrior guild, he wants you to kill a fat alligator found in Innothule Swamp (think he's stationary at the northeast parts of the zone), and loot an Ogre Arm. Giving Lork the arm gives you a Cracked Stein. Take this stein to Neriak, to Uglan in Neriak Foreiqn Quarter (near pvp arena). He tells you to kill an orc runner (found in Butcherblock Mountains, although noted him a few times in Nektulos) and bring Lork the sealed letter the runner drops. Lork gives you a Crude Stein as reward at this point, and sends you to the Gatorsmash Maul quest. (NOTE: Crude Stein is best found on vendors at Oggok or looted off the Bouncers as some rubbish-inferior-races are there killing them all the time.) This quest also gives a negative faction hit with the Oggok shadowknight guild.

Reward: Crude Stein, xp

Gatorsmash Maul

Lork sends you off to kill the two ambassadors of Neriak and bring him their hearts. One of them is found in Oggok behind the shaman caves, there's a lonesome bouncer standing in one of the caves there. At certain hours (somewhere in 7AM or such) he despawns and Ambassador K'Ryn spawns on his place. Kill him and loot his heart (he also drops a Dragoon Dirk very often, which is a nice bonus). The second ambassador is found in Crushbone, Ambassador D'Vinn. He spawns up in the tower of the castle next to Emperor Crush, with an orc pawn as his place-holder. Loot his heart also, and take both to Lork. Your reward is the Gatorsmash Maul and once again a negative faction hit for the Oggok shadowknight guild. Killing the ambassadors gives negative faction for much of Neriak, and you'll find yourself probably annihilating much of Crushbone in the process, which reduces your faction with the Neriak warrior guild, the Indigo Brotherhood.

Reward: Gatorsmash Maul, xp

Local Color


The town is very complex, with a simple above-ground part and the more complex, twisted underground component. The main warrior guild is not a place to hang out if you're not an ogre, though, because they tend to hate anyone but themselves. Unlike Grobb, which has no place to perform any skills, Oggok has all the tools one might need for performing trade skills.


The ogres of Oggok are the brute force of the forces of evil. They are not mentally complex enough to plan or coordinate much of what goes on like the dark elves, and don't have the sinister appeal that trolls do, but they are very effective at what they like to do best...smash.

What's in this zone?

Quests - Found 17 quests that start in Oggok:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
Clurg's Revenge  ?
Crude Stein Quest  ?
Exotic Drinks  ?
Feeding Dooga  ?
Froglock Tadpole Fleshies  ?
Greenblood Shadowknight Tunic  ?
Lizard Dolls  ?
Lizard Meat No 2  ?
Lizard Meat Quest  ?
Lizard Tails  ?
Lizard Tails No 2  ?
Marda's Secret Mission  ?
Noble Hunters  ?
Pickled Frogloks  ?
Preserved Meat Delivery  ?
Rallos Zek Symbol Quests  ?
The Emissary  ?

NPCs - Found 72 NPCs that spawn in Oggok:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
Ambassador K`Ryn
An Armadillo
Barsk - Ogre
Bouncer Bak
Bouncer Druk
Bouncer Gronk
Bouncer Haraan
Bouncer Krik
Bouncer Mrang
Bouncer Praag
Bouncer Raan
Bouncer Scaar
Bouncer Skon
Bouncer Skuk
Bouncer Tazak
Bouncer Thrang
Bouncer Wrok
Bouncer Xak
Bozlum Blossom
Brokk Boxtripper
Chef Dooga
Clurg (NPC)
Cralk - Ogre
Crilt - Ogre
Duuga Tearstopper
Emissary Glib
Exterminator Glurg
Helgara Dirtcarver
Hoart - Ogre
Iksob Darkchaser
Juk Hidebeater
Kerplooe Dirtcarver
Korff - Ogre
Korgarg Swillchugger
Kramf - Ogre
Priest of Discord
Rora Dirtstamp
Snarg Bonesmacker
Tokun - Ogre
Trusk - Ogre
Ungral Silverstomp
Varrok Neckchopper
Zarg Knightbane

Items - Found 5 items that drop in Oggok:

Item NameDrops FromSlotStats
Armadillo Meat
Armadillo Meat
Item 817.png

This is a meal!
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

None? (None)
Green Stained Skin Tunic*
Green Stained Skin Tunic*
Item 713.png

Slot: Chest
AC: 3 WT: 1.4 Size: MEDIUM
Class: SHD
Race: OGR

None? (None)
Large Muddy Sandals
Large Muddy Sandals
Item 666.png

Slot: FEET
AC: 1
WT: 0.6 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL

None? (None)
Mud Stained Skin Tunic*
Mud Stained Skin Tunic*
Item 713.png

Slot: Chest
AC: 4 WT: 1.6 Size: MEDIUM
Class: WAR
Race: OGR

None? (None)
Short Bow
Short Bow
Item 597.png

Skill: Archery Atk Delay: 40
DMG: 6
WT: 3.5 Range: 50 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL

None? (None)