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Brazier of Elemental Summoning

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2022-08-13 Traderdunk 500 2022-08-13 Klaivee 500
2022-08-13 Kevost 500 2022-08-12 Traderdunk 500
2022-08-12 Klaivee 500 2022-08-11 Dalinkwent 400
2022-08-11 Klaivee 500 2022-08-10 Kogi 500
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2022-07-13 Klaivee 500 2022-07-10 Klaivee 500
2022-07-10 Kyuu 500 2022-07-08 Klaivee 500
2022-07-08 Kyuu 500 2022-07-08 Traderdunk 500
2022-07-07 Klaivee 500 2022-07-06 Klaivee 500

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Brazier of Elemental Summoning
Item 600.png

Effect: Elemental: Fire (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 1
WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

A fun powerleveling tool up to level 18 or so since the right-click can be activated by a level one character. Gave it a Gatorsmash Maul (30/70) and nothing else. It hit for 14 damage max. I can't speak for all weapons but it doesn't work with the maul for sure on Green. He then got mobbed and died after three kills to add insult to injury. -Green and Red usage - 25mdg+ weapons allow pet to hit for 40's tested on both green and red multiple times.

Not all weapons are useable by pets due to pets ignoring weapon delay. Certain high damage weps would be too powerful. Decent options for pet weps are Firerune Brand for a pet that hits in 40's, or an easier to acquire Bone Bladed Claymore for a pet that hits in the 30's. A pet set of Banded Armor and a pair of Platinum Fire Wedding Ring can get you some more mileage out of the pet. The junk armor from Droga is also useful for its AC and +HP. Pick up a Muzzle of Mardu from a 56+ mage.

To be tested Blade of Xalgoz, Gigantic Zweihander

Iceflame slaps for 71

Polished Obsidian Great Axe gets the pet crackin' for 67

Sarnak Battlehammer hits for 61

Throneblade of the Ykesha hits for 61

Arbitor's Combine Greatsword hits for 61

Earthen Blade hits for 53

Can confirm that Blade of Xalgoz works with this - Earthen Blade will make pet hit in the 40's even at level 1. Suggest using a 20 - 25 dmg weapon to maximize pet's lethality. Great for use in Blackburrow, Steamfont (mino camp) or places you don't have to worry about trains - Daenyvar Na'Shezbaernon.

Drops From

Upper Guk

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