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Cleric Supplies

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Beek Guinders
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Beek Guinders
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: Kithicor Forest or Misty Thicket
Related NPCs: a black wolf



Beek Guinders is located at -216, -380 in Rivervale.

You say, 'Hail, Beek Guinders'

Beek Guinders waves enthusiastically and says, 'Hay, ho, there, young ______! I'd love to yak it up with you but I'm a bit busy at the moment, trying to find some [help].'

You say, 'What help?'

Beek Guinders says 'Well, we're experimenting with some tanning methods but we're running low on supplies. We need to find someone to go out and [gather some things]. Seems no one wants to do an honest day's work any more. I'd do it myself but, errrr, my, uhhh, foot hair has been hurting lately... yes, that's it.'

You say, 'I will gather some things.'

Beek Guinders cheers and says, 'Ahhh, excellent! Okay, first, we'll need a couple of wolf pelts. They don't have to be perfect, completely ruined would work just fine, hehe. I'll also need a black wolf skin and a handful of berries. The berries you should be able to find out in the Thicket. I hear they grow in a small canyon near the lone tower. Hurry, hurry!
Checkbox.png Obtain 2 Ruined Wolf Pelts,
Checkbox.png 1 Black Wolf Skin,
Checkbox.png and 1 Berries

Turn in the items to Beek...

Beek Guinders says 'Hey, great! You found the materials! We'll get to work right away. If you find any more, please come by again. Here's a little something for your troubles, friend.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 13 Silver, 23 Copper from Beek Guinders.

You receive a random low-level cleric spell.