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Provides your target with a sense of courage, increasing their hit points and armor class for 27.0 mins.



1 : Increase AC by 3 (L1) to 4 (L10)
2 : Increase Max Hitpoints by 11 (L1) to 20 (L10)
3 : Increase HP when cast by 11 (L1) to 20 (L10)
Mana 12 Skill Abjuration
Casting Time 2.00 Recast Time 3.00
Fizzle Time 2.50 Resist Unresistable
Range 100 Target Type Single
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 27 minutes
Cast on You You feel a rush of courage.
Cast on Other Someone looks courageous.
Wears Off You feel less courageous.

Items with Spell Effect

Where to Obtain

Zone Merchant Name Area Location
Ak'Anon Clockwork Merchant (NG-8) Necromancer Guild (2150,-357)
Ak'Anon Clockwork Merchant (CG-1) Cleric Guild (1238,-548)
Erudin Syra Printell Cleric Guild - Quellious (Outside) (-735,-47)
Erudin Kathar Varselli Cleric Guild - Prexus (F1) (-1067,-417)
Felwithe Wellin Brookleap Cleric Guild (24,-456)
Felwithe Seleni Treekeeper Paladin Guild (-5,-256)
North Freeport Direlee Furme Cleric Guild (F1) (103,388)
North Freeport Orex Nolus Paladin Guild (F1) (218,-119)
North Kaladim Gralpa Axeheft Cleric Guild (765,119)
Neriak - 3rd Gate Trik N'Tan Cleric Guild (413,-762)
Paineel Zarnlel Apridor Cleric Guild (1125,440)
Qeynos Catacombs Likka Sowtsui Cleric Guild (371,-417)
North Qeynos Kragie Rolana Paladin Guild (-141,-125)
South Qeynos Bogen Chazel Cleric Guild (-260,-516)
South Qeynos Lisdon Trekka Cleric Guild (-236,-480)
South Qeynos Fesse Bontex Cleric Guild (-257,-510)
Rivervale Gilth Harvester Cleric Guild (-210,-351)
Thurgadin Lorekeeper Derrin Cleric Guild (-205,773)
Thurgadin Keegan Paladin Guild (-210,543)