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Crow’s Pub & Casino

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Crow’s Pub & Casino
Crow’s Pub & Casino, bar area
Crow’s Pub & Casino, upper seating

On the outside, Crow’s Tavern looks like a decent enough place. Even the bar room has a very large, clean, socialable ambiance to it. The upper deck has plenty of seating, and it seems to be in a great part of town. Run by a man named Crow, the specialty at Crow’s Tavern is of course Crow's Special Brew. It’s a highly desirable drink, requested by many across the land. There are two version's of this drink, both of which are quite interesting. Crows Special Brew is stocked for sale by Crow him self, however he only has a limited supply and does run out (re-stocked through his death and re-birth). The second version, Crow's Special Brew, is only acquired by completing The Tattered Pouch quest by helping out a homeless drunkard.

City: Qeynos
NPCs: Segran Rajhar, Nerissa Clothspinner, Crow, Sabnie Blagard, Moodoro Finharn, Flynn Merrington, Ania Klephia, Renux Herkanor, Hanns Krieghor, Knargon Lanenda, Pelshia Thuxpire, Nax Ghruna
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: Rogue Errands, Erud's Tonic Quest, Package from Lomarc, The Clothspinner Sisters (evil), The Clothspinner Sisters (good), Gindlin's Poison, Plaguebringer Proof, The Tattered Pouch,
Notable Drinks: Crow's Special Brew, Crows Special Brew

It's all fun and games when the brews are flowing up at the bar, however this tavern holds a secret in its basement. Behind a closet door and through a secret passage (concealed by the Crow’s Poker Painting), there is a dark tunnel into the lower catacombs. A curious explorer will quickly find themselves tumbling down a trap door into a dungeon cell. While the cell gate is not locked, it can be quite startling for the unsuspecting.

In this dungeon you'll find Hanns Krieghor and many members of the rogue guild. These are rogues of Kane Bayle and the Circle of Unseen Hands. They have a direct link to the Corrupt Guards of Qeynos and also a heavy influence in the ruling of Highkeep by hand of Carson McCabe.

Granted you are not mortal enemy of the Rogues, you are free to walk out of the dungeon and return to the bar. A pair by the name of Flynn Merrington and Moodoro Finharn sit at a table discussing business. Moodoro was exiled from Erudin for smuggling Erud's Tonic out of the city, and Flynn is also a smuggler of Vasty Waters from the sacred sea. Moodor’s sister blames Flynn for Moodoro’s exile and is reportedly out to poison him.

Poker Painting

Fitting the shady tone of the bar, the Poker Painting here is of three black crows with glowing yellow eyes. Interestingly, this is one of the only bars to have duplicate copies of it's poker painting. One is seen at the front entrance, and a second is on a second story interior wall.

Crow’s Pub & Casino, poker painting
Crow’s Pub & Casino, catacombs