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30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen
 ? ± ?  ? ± ? 113 ± 144 25 / 400 5

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Date Seller Price Date Seller Price
2019-05-09 Parisa 25 2013-11-20 Chadii 400
2012-06-17 Anichek 50 2012-06-17 Anichek 40
2012-05-30 Anichek 50

ADMIN (Last 20 Recorded Auctions)

Spellicon K.png

Covers you in a magical skin that absorbs some damage before dissipating. This spell also increases your mana regeneration rate (1 extra mana point per tick). Consumes one* peridot when cast. (*currently consuming 2 peridots on Green server)



1 : Increase Absorb Damage by 521 (L52) to 600 (L60)
2 : Stacking: Block new spell if slot 5 is effect 'Mana' and < 20
6 : Increase Current Mana by 1 per tick
Mana 330 Skill Abjuration
Casting Time 5.00 Recast Time 2.25
Fizzle Time 2.25 Resist Unresistable
Range Target Type Self
Spell Type Beneficial Duration 2 hours 0 minutes
Cast on You Your skin gleams with an incandescent glow.
Cast on Other Someone 's skin gleams with an incandescent glow.
Wears Off Your skin returns to normal.

Items with Spell Effect

  • None

Where to Obtain

Zone Merchant Name Area Location
Firiona Vie Selien Nartoise Outpost (-3980,2626)
The Overthere Finlay Kitoran Outpost (2770,2367)
The Overthere Tyrin F'Linz Outpost (2812,2405)
West Cabilis Lithrise Frizen Building SE of Necromancer Guild (170,660)