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Slan ODonner's

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Slan ODonner's, East Freeport

Nestled tightly between Trader's Holiday and Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods there's a nondescript building accessible through a nondescript alleyway. Inside is a one-roomed tavern with multiple tables with chairs, a large service bar, storage rates, and quite high ceilings. The bartender here goes by the name Slan ODonner. It's interesting that the rest of the "O'Donner" family are who operates Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods just next door (Monita O`Donner, Myrissa O`Donner, Ston O`Donner). This raises many questions. Why is Slan over here in this empty unlabeled building? Why is his surname missing the apostrophe? Why is his name so similar to Ston? Why are there frequently at least two guards idling outside of his bar's entrance-way?

There are few answers to those questions for now, since none of the O'Donner family are involved in any quests or known lore. What is known though is that Slan sells the exact same assortment of drinks that the other three O'Donners do: Dwarven Ale, Elven Wine, Gnomish Spirits, Ogre Swill, and White Wine.

City: East Freeport
NPCs: Slan ODonner
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: --
Slan ODonner's, idling guards out front
Slan ODonner's, bar
Slan ODonner's, seating