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Template:Magician Recipe

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Template for showing a Magician Research recipe. It is meant to be used before two or more Template:Recipe Component templates.



{{Magician Recipe| Item Name | Trivial}} *Recipe Components*

If no trivial is provided it will default to "?".


Example #1 (With Recipe Components)

{{Magician Recipe| Lesser Summoning: Water |41}}

{{Recipe Component| Words of Dominion | 504}}

{{Recipe Component| Minor Summoning: Water | 554| Bought/Researched}}

{{Recipe Component| Ice of Velious | 972}}

Item 504.png 1 x Words of Dominion - Dropped
Item 554.png 1 x Minor Summoning: Water ]] Bought/Researched
Item 972.png 1 x Ice of Velious - Dropped

Example #1 (Without Recipe Components)

{{Magician Recipe| Lesser Summoning: Water |41}}

Example #2 (Named Parameters)

{{Magician Recipe

| name = Lesser Summoning: Water

| trivial = 41


Example #3: Fake Spell With Unknown/Unspecified Trivial

{{Recipe Component| Fake Spell]] | }}