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The Mighty Garou

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Balix Misteyes
Start Zone: Iceclad Ocean
Quest Giver: Balix Misteyes
Minimum Level: 35
Classes: Cleric, Shadowknight, Druid, Shaman
Related Zones: Iceclad Ocean
Related NPCs: Garou, Midnight


  • Garou Bone Club
    Garou Bone Club
    Item 737.png

    Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 25
    DMG: 5
    WIS: +7 INT: +7
    Effect: Curse of the Garou (Combat, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 32
    WT: 4.0 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: CLR SHD DRU SHM
    Race: ALL


Note: This can not be MultiQuested, if you turn in the items separately (even the same person one after the other) he will eat the quest items.

Balix Misteyes is at /loc 2917, 3218, 215.29.

You say, 'Hail, Balix Misteyes'

Balix Misteyes says 'Outlander, hail. Share the fire. I have little but if you are in need then take what I have. If you need nothing then take nothing. Balix my name is. Shaman to the tribe of Snowfangs.'

You say, 'What Shaman?'

Balix Misteyes says 'Yes. Shaman. I listen to the land to tell my tribe what the winds and waters will bring. Good or bad. Little good and much bad these days. That is why I sit here listening.'

You say, 'Listening to what?'

Balix Misteyes says 'I am on spirit quest. No food do I take. All day I listen only. I wait until the land tells me how to help my tribe. Maybe nothing will happen but I cannot fail to try. Hard is this. Many dangerous creatures are near but none come close so far.'

You say, 'What dangerous creatures?'

Balix Misteyes growls under his breath. 'Most dangerous is the Garou. Evil spirit of the land. It was made from long dead wolf spirits when the tower spread its dark magics through the islands. It preys on the Snowfang. We have tried to hunt it but always it is too strong.'

You say, 'I will hunt it for you.'

Balix Misteyes says 'If you want to try, you can hunt Garou. If you kill, spread its soul to the air for cleansing, then all is good. Its skin is powerful from the magics that made it. With a cougar's bone, fresh with the spirit of earth, I can make you powerful talisman in thanks for your service to Snowfangs.'

The cougar bone is called Bloody Cougar Bone and drops off a named cougar named Midnight. Midnight is black rather than the white of normal snow cougars and is a pretty common spawn around the Tower of Frozen Shadow.

Skin of the Garou can be found on a named spawn named Garou, who appears to be some sort of gnoll effected by lycanthropy.

After handing Balix Misteyes the Skin of the Garou and Bloody Cougar Bone:

Balix Misteyes pulls its lips back as it scratches and cuts the skin, working it around the bloody puma bone. 'Good for hitting or for talisman. Powerful thing to hold. All Snowfang thank you. Now, all of us are safer.'

You receive Garou Bone Club. There are no faction adjustments for turning in this quest.