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Wizard Questions 101

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First let me say this is not a compilation of my own creation. Although I did help with some of the contributions to the original post, 90% of the information found here was provided by other notable members of Graffe's Wizard Community from 1999-2003. I did however edit this post to make it as current as possible, also making certain changes in regards to P99 versus Live, as well as updating and adding links to other guides and resources per P99 standards.

This guide is Classic thru Luclin. I realize Luclin will not be a part of this server - however I've found it to be invaluable and as such have tried to pick thru the Luclin information as best as I can. This guide was written during the Luclin era, so most of the information provided will hold true for Kunark/Velious. I have tried to remove as much of the *Luclin* information as possible, however if I missed something - please feel free to post the error so I can edit the original post. So without further ado.. (from Acillatem, ref)



Q: Why post this FAQ?

A: Having haunted the 'Graffe's Wizard Compilation' as well as the Project 1999 Server boards for quite some time now, I've begun to spot a pattern in questions being asked. I thought I'd take some time to distill some of the information I've gathered both in game and here so that others might benefit and put something back into the wizard community.

Q: Who has contributed to the knowledge in this FAQ?

A: Special mention goes to everyone who posts an answer to a question however inane, both on the 'Graffe's Wizard Compilation' forums and here on P99. Be sure to check out the main page for Graffe's HERE

I'd also like to make special mention to Graffe M'yrddin, Armok Komra & Twiddle O'Toole.

Direct Contributors: Kwinic Yoegh'ilrymmin, Smartypus McGnome, Milaru, Zerub, Celebairn, Xekl Xephyre, Etnu Phryesoul, Sinari Dax, Shenlung Tianzhu, Endurance, Aktar Mythmaker, Acillatem Zoso, Fastasia Windwalker, Merloc Kole, Faiar Incinerata, Bodan, Twiceborn Fraethir, Moozoo, Aridian, Minka Zaubermaus, Sinnjatorix Soulburner, Milena, Telegareth Stormburn, Psiberian, Mukaka Nudderbolts, Nicolbolas, Zego Mandelbrot, Moozoo, Mgellan.

Q: Who the hell are you?

A: Just another level 50 wizard in a decent guild here on Project 1999. I make no grand claims about my abilities although I certainly feel I am competent and have a reasonably broad grasp of game mechanics. I started playing Everquest a couple of months before Kunark, and I sported a decently horrific /played time, all under the single class of Wizard and no other. (cuz they're the bestest!).

Mana & Mana Regen

Q: Explain mana regeneration.

A: The Everquest servers 'tick' every 6 seconds. On this tick, the server will check if you are sitting or standing. If sitting you will regain an amount of mana corresponding to your meditate skill (or 2 per tick if lower than level 35), whilst if standing you will regain one mana a tick. It is irrelevant whether or not you are sitting or standing in between the ticks, it only looks at the exact instance in time when the tick goes off.

Q: What spells help my mana regen, and by how much?

A: The following list illustrates the benefit of each spell. Spells that are in seperate groups stack, although bard stacking is more complex (if someone provides an explanation I'll add it in). Note that these spells add the same mana regen irrespective of whether you are standing, sitting or meditating.

Group 1 - Enchanter

Group 2 - Enchanter

Group 3 - Druid

Group 4 - Wizard

  • Manaskin ......................... +1 per tick (WIZ L52)
  • Barrier of Force ................. +3 per tick (WIZ epic right-click effect)
Group 5
  • Lesser Familiar .................. +1 per tick (WIZ L49)
  • Familiar ......................... +2 per tick (WIZ L54)
  • Greater Familiar ................. +4 per tick (WIZ L60)

Bard Songs

Bard Injectors (Stack with everything, including themselves)

  • Cassindra's Chant of Clarity ..... +2 per tick (L20)
  • Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity .... +5..7 per tick (L32..4

The level 30 bard song 'amplify' can increase the mana regen on injectors, as does wielding their epic.

Bard Standard Mana Regen (Do not stack)

  • Cantata of Soothing .............. +5 per tick (L34)
  • Cantata of Replenishment ......... +12..13 per tick (L55..60)
  • Chorus of Replenishment .......... +12..13 per tick (L60 AoE)

Instantaneous Spells

Item Procs

  • Modulation (Modulating Rod) ...... +150 for 225 hp (MAG L44 summon, costs 200)
  • Mystical Transvergence (Modrod 2). +220 for 300 hp (MAG L56 summon, costs 400, 3 charges)
  • Mana Conversion (Mana Robe) ...... +20 for 60 hp
  • Mana Convert (Manastone) .......... +20 for 60 hp

(Thanks to Twiddle O'Toole for these numbers, thanks to Celebairn for digging up bard info)


Q: What is the formula to calculate my mana regen from meditation?

A: At level 60 it has been calculated to add 18 mana/ tick (skill 252). When medding this would give a total of 20 as standing mana regen is 1 per tick, sitting mana regen is 2 per tick.

Q: How do I calculate the size of my mana pool at level x?

A: ?


Q: Where can I get 'Porlos' Fury' (Dragon's Bane)?

A: Quest walkthrough can be found ?

Q: Where can I get 'Hsagra's Wrath' (Giant's Bane)?

A: Quest walkthrough can be found ?

Q: What Dragons can I hit with Dragon's Bane?

A: Warders in Sleepers Tomb, Yelinak, ToV dragons with Lord or Lady in their name. No Kunark Dragons. (Minka Zaubermaus)

Q: What Giants can I hit with Giant's Bane?

A: King Tormax, Derakor the Vindicator, Velketor, Narandi. (Minka Zaubermaus)

Q: Do I need be in melee-range for banes?

A: No. Line of Sight is all you need. (Minka Zaubermaus)

Q: Is the aggro generated by banes the same as for other direct damage spells?

A: No, it is lower than expected considering the damage. *NB* Giant's have very strange aggro so be careful baning them - they don't like it.

Q: Where can I get 'Concussion' (Brainbite)?

A: Quest walkthrough can be found at Brain Bite (Good) based out of Firiona Vie, or Brain Bite (Evil) based out of the Overthere.

Q: What does 'Concussion' do?

A: It removes 400 points of 'aggro' towards you from the monster's hate list.

Q: How do spell resists work?

A: Depending on a monsters resistance to a given 'element', it will have an ability to resist either partially or fully your spells based on their element. The resist levels appear to be quantized such that partial resists always fall as a percentage of maximum damage in the following range {1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%}. {1%, 5%, 10%} are much more rare, although the distribution has not been formally analyzed. (Thanks to Armok Komra for analysis)

Q: Whats the deal with rain spells?

A: When used judiciously, rain spells can improve ones damage to mana expended efficiency. The downside is that the rains have a higher chance to be resisted than normal direct damage spell, and since they are area of effect (AoE (*)) you may hit monsters that have been mesmerised and wake them up. On the plus side, you can cast these and then cast other spells whilst the rains are still descending.

Discussing whether rains are any good, is generally as productive as arguing religions. For what its worth, when I parsed my usage of them, I found that the added resists and extra time I had to spend moving around to ensure that I wasn't going to hit mesmermised monsters (which could have been spend medding) negated any benefit from these spells. They can help you kill steal more effectively however!

(*) Which is a misgnomer (**), they should be Area of Affect. The 'effect' is the dmg done, the 'affect' is the act of inflicting that damage

(**) 'Misgnomer' - noun, derived from research showing that everything ill in the world, can be directly traced to the intervention of gnomes.

Q: What are 'Lures'?

A: Spells with attrocious ratios, that whilst less likely to be resisted are seldom used these days as Verant wisely lowered magical resistances across the board. Mages seem to really want them.

Q: Some 'uber mobs' seem to resist all my spells although they shouldn't according to my friend, what gives?

A: You may well need to be standing in melee range. Verant added this to stop casters exploiting pathing to nuke monsters from outside of their melee range whilst the monster was unable to retaliate.

Q: Any other nasty tricks they put in to stop monsters being cast at without being able to damage the player?

A: Yeah, monsters can summon you too! Level 51 and above monsters pre-Luclin can summon you if you are at the top of the hate list and outside melee range, although only if the monster has had several hundered hp of damage inflicted on it.

Q: Could they have been smarter about the above two hacks?

A: What like make the monster realise it can't hurt you and run away, or perhaps nuke you back or even pull out a bow? Nah never!

Q: What is Specialization

A: This is an interesting one. Its an example of Verant's description having little resemblance to reality. They claim that you have a percentage chance when you cast for this skill to kick in and save you some of the mana cost. The chance is meant to be governed by your skill in specialization for that given discipline of specialization.

Q: What are the 'Specialization' skill caps?

A: One discipline may be up to skill level 200 dependent on your level, whilst the rest are capped at 50.

Q: So what really happens with 'Specialization'?

A: You save a percentage of the spell cost on every cast, the amount contingent upon your specialization skill in that discipline.

Q: How do you know? Thats not what I heard!

A: Because someone used a packet sniffer to check it out (See ShowEQ).

Q: How much do I save per cast with a 'Specialization' at 200?

A: 10%.

Q: And at 50?

A: 2.5%. (Can you see a pattern? )

Q: What should a wizard choose as his primary specialization?

A: Evocation of course!

Q: How do I set my primary specialization?

A: You must have at least a point in every specialization discipline. Then once one goes over 50, it becomes your primary, so be careful that you don't accidentally train the wrong one as your primary.

Q: I trained the wrong one as my primary - help!

A: There is a quest in the Temple of Solusek Ro to reset all specializations to zero. Talk to Ostorm and he will offer to change your specialization if you give him a ruby and 50 gp. (I am told you can do this without the 50 gp). This resets all of your specializations back to 49. Make sure the one that hits 50 next is the one you really want.

Q: Should I use the upgrades to Root?

A: A hot topic! Generally no, unless you need the longer potential hold time. However when you finally get 'Fetter' you may as well use it since it has a slightly faster cast and longer hold time. Some people with 'Fetter' still swear by 'Root' as they think they are more likely to channel with the lower level spell. Whilst I don't know if that a certainty, I would add that 'Fetter' still takes less time to cast...

Q: What's the deal with Bind Sight spells?

A: They let you look through another entities eyes. Originally, you could use this to travel remotely through a dungeon by traveling from monster to monster. Unfortunately, in what was otherwise a positive change for caster spells, this got nerfed so that in the majority of zones you can't cast it on entities you don't have a line of sight too. No longer can you explore North Temple of Veeshan through the eyes of the dragons. Tis a shame.

A Familiar Tale

Q: What are familiar's? A: Buffs which have an attached graphic that makes annoying flapping noises and gets in the way of targeting. Its also suspectable to AoEs and direct attack by players. It is non-aggro to npcs but again, AoE's will kill it.

Q: What are the benefits of having a familiar up? A: As follows :

Minor Familiar (L29) :

Lesser Familiar (L49) : - +1 mana a tick.

Familiar (L54) : - +2 mana a tick.

Greater Familiar (L60) : - +25 all resists. - Decrease fizzle level by 8. - +4 mana a tick. - See invis. - +150 mana.

Q: What are the negative aspects of having a familiar up? A: As follows: - If he dies to an enemy, you lose mana scaled to the familiars level. If you don't have enough mana to cover this debt, he takes hp instead although never enough to kill you (but hey being at 1hp is as good as dead mostly). - He can get in the way of targeting mobs. - He makes an annoying noise.

Q: I'm sick of having my familiar flap around in my face. How can I make it go away? A: '/pet get lost' (Zego Mandelbrot)

Lies, Damned Lies & Stats

Q: What does each statistic do?

A: Straight from Verant, many moons ago :

  • DEX: how quickly you learn weapon skills; how often weapon will proc; how quickly you learn rogue skills; how hard you hit with bows (per Abashi, dex also increases the chance of critical hits).
  • STR: determines how much you can carry; influences maximum and average damage; influences how quickly you learn many offensive skills.
  • STA: affects how many hit points you have, how long you can hold your breath.
  • INT: directly affects how quickly you can learn most skills; affects the amount of mana for bards and all mages, as well as shadow knights.
  • WIS: affects the amount of mana the priest classes have, also rangers/paladins; also affects how quickly you can learn many skills if your wisdom is higher than INT.
  • CHA: affects amount you will be paid for goods by NPC merchants, and how much they will pay you; affects the saving throw on certain bard and enchanter spells (charms in particular).
  • AGI: affects how quickly you can learn some defensive skills, how difficult it is to hit you as well as how much damage you take when you are hit.

(Lifted from Milena's warrior FAQ, but pretty sure she lifted it straight from the Verant statement on the matter).

Monster Hate and You!

Q: How does aggro (aggresion) work?

A: All monsters have a hate list, where they record any action you perform on them that they dislike, such as harming them, healing someone they already hate & etc. The person with the most aggro will be at the 'top of the hatelist' and will be attacked by the monster.

Q: Are there any exceptions to this?

A: Yes. There is something known as 'undead' or 'proximity' aggro. This is where a monster will go after the nearest person to them who is on the hate list irrespective of specific aggro. Most undead have this type of aggro. NOTE: When you (or Verant) root a monster, irrespective of its hate type, it will switch to this form of aggro. You can use this to your advantage by keeping sufficiently far away and positioning melees between you and your target. If you do that, it facilitates harder nuking standard aggro permits.

Q: How much aggro does casting a spell add?

A: This isn't thoroughly known as all the calculations are stored on the server. However deduction suggests the following. When you cast a standard direct damage spell (with no stun component) the amount of aggro it causes corresponds directly to the number of hp that spell could remove from the monster if it were completely unresisted. So if you cast a spell that can potentially do 300 damage to a monster, you gain 300 points of hate. Spells with additional components such as stuns add more hate than their raw damage would suggest, and debuffs etc. all appear to have hard coded values. It works similarly for melees hitting monsters although its not clearly known exactly how much aggro is generated for misses or hits. This is why you can't nuke a monster at the start of a fight and not end up topping the hate list. It is widely assumed that dual wielding creates more aggro than using a 2 handed weapon, whilst this was certainly the case, when Verant patched two handed damage they also addressed this, so the divide is certainly less pronounced than it was.

Q: What is a rampage list?

A: Certain 'uber mobs' have rampage lists where a set number of people near the top of the hate list are all hit when the monster 'Rampages'. A rampage being a special attack where the monster hits multiple players all at once. Rampage has a huge range, so don't be surprised if the monster melees you half way across a zone if you've qualified yourself a place on the list.

There is debate as to whether the list is simply the top few on the hate list, or whether its maintained seperately. Frankly, I don't know!

Q: How do I lower my aggro?

A: Hate decays over time. As far as I can discern, every server tick a certain amount of hate is removed from each persons aggro counter on a monsters hate list. This is why when trying to kill steal on a multigroup raid, it is far more effective to nuke hard at the end, than consistently throughout the encounter.

In addition, wizards may cast 'Concussion' & 'Ancient: Concussion' to remove 400 and 600 points of aggro respectively.

Q: Any other factors that affect how much aggro I draw?

A: Yep :

  • There is thought to be a range component in monster aggro too. So the further away you can stand when nuking the better.
  • Sitting down also adds to your aggro on the monsters hate list. Watch out meditating in fights!
  • Your level relative to the monsters affects your aggro radius - the distance you need to be to the monster for it to attack you. A level 60 can pass fairly close to a level 45 monster and it won't react. A level 40 will probably be attacked at 4 times the distance with the same monster.
  • Casting your epic (but this is mentioned in the epic section).

Q: What is kill stealing?

A: When you ensure that your group recieves the experience from killing a monster, normally in a multigroup raid type situation.

General Tactics

Q: Ooops, I just got to the top of the hate list and the monster is beating me up. Do I run in a circle screaming?

A: No. Stand still, try and cast concussion if you have the spell and let the tanks try to peel the monster off you. Running around means they can't hit the monster reliably so in all likelihood has a higher probability in killing you. Whilst running is a mistake, backing up from the mob slowly is a good idea - as mentioned a portion of hate is proximity based so backing up may allow the melees to peel you more easily.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the above?

A: Sometimes. In an outdoor zone, if you are able to run faster than the monster, it may be worth outrunning it and 'kiting' it around until the group is able to deal with it. Generally one adopts a holding pattern near the group, always maintaing enough distance to stay out of the monsters melee range.

Q: How do I get across Siren's Grotto?

A: Well if you are cool, you can run it. If however you are a lazy ner'do well, you can cast 'Abscond' or 'Evacuate' at the zone in and end up close to the 'Western Wastes' zone out. (Kwinic Yoegh'ilrymmin)

Q: Arghhhh, I've got this nasty DOT on me and I'm about to die. I can't cure it, HELP!

A: You may have noticed, that if you zone with very low hit points, you tend to appear on the other side stripped off buffs and with a fixed number of hit points. Apparently, it occurs when you zone with less hit points than you have +hit point items and was a work around they inserted to fix a bug. This can be used to your advantage, but I'll leave it for you to infer the rest...

Fighting 'Uber Mobs'

Q: I've never killed one before, give me the basics.

A: Well most big battles are made or broken entirely on the monsters positioning. How does this affect you? Well it means that you need to control your aggro, because you moving the mob over to you could cause the whole raid to wipe out. Monsters can only summon every 10 or so seconds, so its actually not that hard to ruin the positioning.

Q: What else?

A: Most 'ubers' cast AoE spells, so you need to know ahead of the battle what resist you need to have in order to protect yourself. Use that knowledge to gird yourself in appropriate equipment to protect yourself. As a guide, getting your resist over 200 including buffs is normally sufficient in most fights.

Q: I have my resists over 200 and I still die more than Kenny McCormack?

A: Level plays a hugely significant part in your ability to resists spells. Level up and all will be well. Also some AoEs aren't resistable.

Q: Whats this hiding thing?

A: A lot of AoEs depend on you being in the monsters line of sight to be able to hit you. If you know he casts every 45 seconds, you can dance in and out based on that time period, hiding behind a nice wall each time he casts. For some long interval between AoE mobs I will actually use a stop watch to time this, for others its a case of getting one spell off and hiding.

Q: How do I know when the mob has cast its AoE?

A: There are several tricks to this, firstly have a melee standing in the AoE shout each time it goes off. The effectiveness of this is moderated by lag. Also, use your ears and eyes as there are other clues - you may have to turn particle effects on however.

Q: My group never gets a cleric on raids?

A: You probably don't need one if you have your epic and decent resists. Recasting 'Barrier of Force' is equivalent to an 796hp heal and can keep you alive in all but the most difficult of encounters.


Q: What is root/nuking?

A: Well you root a mob, stand far enough back so that it can't hit you and then nuke it. Ideally stand as far back as possible as root nearly always breaks when you nuke the mob so you will have to recast and back up again. Its a terribly inefficient way to level, and best practiced near a zone line if your luck is anything like mine.

Q: What is kiting?

A: Killing a monster, by constantly outrunning its melee range and nuking whilst you are sufficiently ahead to not be hit. Generally its easier if you can snare (a druid term, our spell is called 'Bonds of Force' and is level 29) the monster which slows its movement rate, and SoW (increase run-speed) yourself.

Q: What is quad kiting?

A: Using our pillar line of spells to kill 4 monsters at a time, which has a positive impact on our mana efficiency, and thus our xp gaining efficiency.

Q: How do I do this?

Q: Where do I do this?

A: Depends entirely on level, at some levels its nearly impossible due to lack of either hunting spots or adequate spells. HERE is a link to Graffe's Library - towards the bottom is about 20 Quad kiting guides based on level and location. If you can't find the info you need there, reroll as a MAG..

Area of Effect (AoE) Grouping

Q: So what is AoE grouping, I keep hearing other classes using it as justification for wizards being less than desireable for groups?

A: Its a way in which several groupless wizards and some buddies can make decent xp in a very limited number of zones. It involves killing 20+ monsters at a time, and then medding up in between, so whilst the xp does sound wonderful and sometimes is, its not quite as wonderful as some might think. Its great for making others jealous though!

Q: Give me some practical examples of how to AoE group.

A: Well there are several ways to build the group, depending on the zone you are in and how you want to play it. First important thing is that you need to be a highish level wizard to do this effectively as the 'Jyll's' line of spells is fairly essential.

Forming the group, you need several wizards or a mage at a pinch. You also need an enchanter or two to chain stun the monsters with their AoE stun spells. Two enchanters adds safety if the mobs are dangerous and likely to do nasty things like stun or hit a lot, but it isn't necessary in most zones. A cleric can be handy too for keeping folks alive, and then lastly you can get youself a puller. The wizards can actually do the pulling, but it depends on how brave they are. Personally my favourite puller is a Paladin as he has good AC, and can cast DA which saves him at times. So what does that leave you with, well here is a typical AoE group:

  • 2 Wizards
  • 1 Wizard/Mage
  • 1 Enchanter
  • 1 Cleric
  • 1 Puller

Q: So whats the tactic?

A: Well the puller runs off and grabs a huge train of mobs for the group. They can do this by actually directly aggroing the mobs but better is to leave a pet at the bottom of the dungeon and let it die while the puller runs or gets COTH'd to the group. Once the pet dies the mobs will come after the puller, bringing every mob in their path as well. When the mobs are in range, the cleric heals the puller so the mobs just don't kill him and then the party. The cleric then DA/DB's to avoid dying. Once the mobs have all come in and are trying to kill the cleric, the chanter(s) can chain stun them, and once all the mobs have run up and are stunned, the wizards chain cast point blank AoE spells such as Jyll's. Its important to get the mobs tightly grouped so that you can hit them all with your AoE. Spells that have push (most wizard magic based pbAOE spells, use elemental spells instead) are sometimes a problem where they push mobs out of the range of the chanter stuns.

Q: Any other tips?

A: Yeah. When casting, one component of it failing due to interuption is based on whether or not you moved during the invocation. This means that when monsters knock you back, you can fail the casting by default. To get around this, jam your arse in the corner so that you can't be knocked back. Its most important your chanters do this, although mostly they don't listen when you impart this advice!

Q: What else?

A: Keep the enchanter alive at all costs, hes your lifeline.

Q: Any other information on this?!?!

A: ?

Patch Paranoia

Q: Have they nerfed jboots, they seem way slower?!!?!111!!!1!!11

A: Probably not, have you checked you have run turned on? This is a recurring question every patch, verify before crying wolf please.

Q: All my spells seem to fizzle or be resisted - have those b*****ds nerfed us?

A: Probably not, people ask this every patch too. The random number generator in EQ appears to be *very* streaky. As such you are liable to get chains of failure on things, which when combined with the usual patch paranoia can suggest new patterns that really aren't there.

The Staff of the Four (ie WIZ Epic)

Q: What does it do?

A: What does it do?! This is the quintissential piece of wizard gear. Probably the most important item you will ever own and one of the few epics that hasn't been surpassed by MUD inflation as yet. It has decent stats (although we got shafted on the resists) and allows you to right click cast the spell 'Barrier of Force' upon yourself.

Q: What does 'Barrier of Force' do?

A: 796 hit point dmg shield, and +3 mana a tick regen. It takes 15 seconds to cast.

Q: Where can I get it?

A: Well its a quest you see... Wizard Epic Quest.

Q: I seem to get aggro when I cast my epic, what's going on?

A: Well, mysteriously one day, the epic rune became a huge aoe taunt. Be careful in zones where people tend to train groups of mobs back to the raid (i.e. 'Grieg's End' is awful - frankly I recommend being invis there until you get to the raid mob!). I suspect that it was given aggro corresponding to a heal of 796hp and whilst heals had their aggro toned down, I don't believe runes did. This is pure guesswork, but I wouldn't be surprised if the epic generates 796 points of aggro, which is quite a lot. Hatebringer, a very effective taunt weapon and a very high end item has a proc that does 700 points of aggro, if this puts it in perspective. Anyway, try to re-skin away from mobs unless they are already pretty aggro on someone else.

Issues of Equipment

Q: Whats a
Item 507.png

Effect: Mana Convert (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL


A: An item that when activated, converts 60 of your hit points to 20 mana. It no longer drops in game and indeed this was done so long ago many servers don't have any. It is also instant cast and can only be used in old world zones, excluding the planes.

Q: Why did they nerf the manastone?

A: It was hugely unbalancing, especially in the hands of clerics who could convert all their hit points to mana and then complete heal themselves.

Q: What use is it then?

A: Well wizards probably gain the most out of these for general usage these days. After soloing some monsters, we tend to gate to an old world zone, Manastone ourselves up to full mana and then go back to killing.

Q: Who else uses them?

A: Mostly healing classes that are power leveling up characters in the old world.

Q: Whats a Manarobe?

A: The replacement to the Manastone, but they added a cast time.

Q: So a Manarobe is good then?

A: Not really, the cast time is sufficient that you need to concentrate and click the damned thing constantly to see any benefit. Even then the benefit is marginal.

Q: What right click mana free nuke items are their available for us?

A: Not many, and most at level 50+ ! Here, in order of desireability :

  • Solist's Icy Wand ...................... 38 dmg, 5 sec cast.
  • Velious Quest Robe ..................... 360 dmg, 28 sec cast.
  • Vermillion Orb of Torrefaction ......... 250 dmg, 10 sec cast.
  • Vermillion Robe of Torrefaction ........ 625 dmg, 15 sec cast.
  • Solist's Robe of Invocation ............ 784 dmg, 14 sec cast. (Renamed 'Robe of Invocation')

Q: What is a 'SotF'?

A: One of two things, often dependent upon the level of the person using the term. For those of lower level, its a
Staff of Temperate Flux
Staff of Temperate Flux
Item 601.png

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 30
DMG: 6
Effect: Lower Element (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 20
WT: 4.0 Size: LARGE
Class: WIZ

- a quest reward from the Temple of Solusek Ro for a fairly handy item. Those of higher level, are often referring to the
Staff of the Four
Staff of the Four
Item 2870.png

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 30
DMG: 20
STR: +10 DEX: +5 STA: +10 INT: +25 MANA: +100
Effect: Barrier of Force (Must Equip, Casting Time: 15.0) at Level 50
WT: 4.0 Size: MEDIUM
Class: WIZ

, which is the formal name of our epic weapon.

Q: Whats the 'Staff of Temperate Flux' used for?

A: Pulling. Its instant click, so you can use it to remotely pull mobs with minimum effort, time and risk - you don't even have to be facing the monster although you do need line of sight. Oh, it also has a minor debuff to a mobs fire and cold resists. And I mean minor. Lots of wizzies love this a lot. And I mean a lot.

Q: What else is the 'Staff of Temperate Flux' good for?

A: Taunting, checking to see if other classes debuffs are on yet, determining max range, refreshing spell icons, getting a rough feel for a target's MR, and others (junk debuff). (Thanks to Mukaka Nudderbolts)

Q: Where can I find info on the 'Staff of Temperate Flux' quest?

A: Staff of Temperate Flux Quest

Ports and Translocates

Q: Which Translocates require portal fragments?

A: West Commons, North Ro, Great Divide, Cobalt Scar, Cazic Thule, Nektulos, Wakening Lands, and Iceclad Ocean.

Q: Where can I buy portal fragments?

A: In the Temple of Solusek Ro from a short chap named Terblyn Zelbus located in the back of the Temple on the right hand side on a balcony.

Q: Where does abscond/evacuate take me in zone x?

A: THIS PAGE (?) lists all the Abscond Locations for all zones. (Thanks to Zerub for compiling the most recent locations. Hopefully they will be integrated onto Graffe's at some point.)

Q: Can u prt me to WC 4 free to s3ll all my phat lewt plz thnx?

A: No.

Q: Might I purchase a Translocate to West Commons, I'll pay you 50 platinum for your time?

A: Possibly.

Are you Experienced?

Q: What dictates how much experience I get from a given monster?

A: Two things, the monsters level, and the zone it is in.

Q: So all monsters of the same level give the same base experience, even dragons?

A: Yes & Yes.

Q: So how does the zone affect this?

A: Zones have a multiplier known as the ZEM (Zone Experience Multiplier) that is multiplied with the monsters base xp to yield the final reward amount. Some lesser used or more dangers zones have higher ZEMs.

Q: So potentially I can make faster xp there?

A: Yep, but they have higher ZEMs normally because they are a pain in the arse or hard to get to.

Q: Can you list the ZEMs?

A: These are not publicly available for p1999.

Q: I hear groups get an xp bonus for each extra person?

A: Yes. Its as follows:

  • 2 person group - 2% total bonus.
  • 3 person group - 6% total bonus.
  • 4 person group - 10% total bonus.
  • 5 person group - 14% total bonus.
  • 6 person group - 20% total bonus.

Q: So its a good idea to have a full group?

A: Generally no, its best to have the minimum number of people in your group possible to hold the camp as the group xp bonus is fairly pitiful. If you want a game that puts its money where its mouth is in encouraging grouping, go play Anarchy Online. A full group there gets a 200% bonus which is great motivation to fill up a group. Verant take note please.

Q: How is xp split between people of varying levels in the same group?

A: This is dredged from my memory so I'll make my disclaimers now. As far as I can recall, xp is split between group members proportionately based upon the amount of xp they needed to attain their current level. Thus two people of the same level who are grouped will gain equal xp. You'd need to know the xp/level formulas to work out other more complex permutations. Also remember that there are exceptions and caps involved that stop low level people grouping with high levels, high levels from farming green mobs, and low levels getting insane xp from killing reds.

Q: How much xp do I get from killing 'light blue' mobs?

A: The ShowEq users who have investigated claim there are two levels of light blue. The higher light blues yield 50%xp, whilst the lower ones only 25%. This makes light blue killing a fairly unattractive prospect in my mind.

Q: What are hell levels

A: Indication that whoever worked out the xp curves hadn't got much further than adding up grocery bills in their mathematical education. They wanted xp to increase more steaply every so often, so they just put in a big multiplier at certain levels (described below) to up the requirement. Rather than cleverly spreading the pain across a level range such as 35-40, they decided to put the whole burden in at 35 etc.

Q: When are these hell levels?

A: Levels {30, 35, 40, 45, 51, 54, 59} (All post 50 levels are harder, but hell really relates to levels where the xp modifier steps up).

Q: Will they ever fix this oversight?

A: Most likely not, as it would have the effect of leveling people who were a long way into a hell level and this is either thought damaging, or they think it would probably break everything. I submit that its a combination of both factors.

Q:What are the exact xp modifiers that cause these hell levels - I like details!

A: As Follows: (I have my doubts about these numbers for p1999)

  • 01-29 modifier ... 1.0
  • 30-34 modifier ... 1.1
  • 35-39 modifier ... 1.2
  • 40-44 modifier ... 1.3
  • 45-50 modifier ... 1.4
  • 51 modifier ...... 1.6
  • 52 modifier ...... 1.7
  • 53 modifier ...... 1.8
  • 54 modifier ...... 2.0
  • 55 modifier ...... 2.1
  • 56 modifier ..... 2.2
  • 57 modifier ...... 2.3
  • 58 modifier ...... 2.9
  • 59 modifier ...... 3.1
  • 60 modifier ...... 3.2

(Thanks to Etnu Phryesoul)

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Q: Why do people go on about Shock of Lightning in PvP?

A: Because its a low level spell (so easy to channel, low mana & fast cast) and can sometimes interrupt casting. It can also be chain cast. Not the best of tactics - but it can be a lifesaver.

Q: How much damage do my spells do in pvp?

A: 2/3'rds as much as against an npc. (/sigh)

Q: What are pumice stones?

A: The original and no longer sold by vendor version is an instant click debuff spell that. This was judged unfair, so they replaced them with 'Crystalised Pumice' on the vendors, which has a cast time of 5 seconds.

Q: How come people still seem to have the old instant cast variety around?

A: Because you can use vendors to recharge them if you have a fully charged one in addition to your empty one. To do this, find an unused vendor with some empty slots (you can tell because when you sell them an item, they will display it). Sell them the empty pumice first, then sell them the charged one. Buy both back. You now have two charged pumice stones. This works on other items too, but practicality is dictated by the buy back price. VI will probably get around to nerfing this at some point, but its been around for nearly 3 years at the time of writing.

Class Balance

Q: How much damage do wizards do?

A: A contentious issue indeed! Sadly less than most of us feel is equitable. Although wizards are not very good at sustained damage output, our specialty lies in our ability to burst DPS any other class out there.

Q: Why do we do less than other classes?

A: Well, we are still predominantly using the spells that the game was released with, or evolutions based on the ratios of damage to mana originally formulated. Melee equipment has continued to increase in power by leaps and bounds each expansion, somewhat exclipsing our abilities. Condsider, when the game came out, one of the best weapons was a 'Short Sword of Ykesha' which had a ratio of 8/24 and a 70dmg proc. Current warrior weapons have ratios in the order of 12/20 and procs of several hundred points damage.

Q: Are wizards alone in this?

A: No, most casters have issues, although our predicament is somewhat unique since we don't have pets to inflict mana efficient damage for us. Of course, with pathing as it is and pet control so finicky, there are times when pets are no good either.

Utilizing The Internet

Q: Where can I get good wizard and caster information on the internet?

A: See the Wizard page as well as the usual archived sources.

Q: I keep getting lost, where are some good maps?

A: How about Zones

The No Other Obvious Place to Put it Section

Q: What is spdat parsing?

A: A cunning rogue known as Vaslin wrote a program to parse and display the client side spell database, otherwise known as 'spdat.eff'. You can get this program from:

It lets you see lots of interesting details on spells and I recommend you have a poke around if you aren't a 'take it on faith' kind of person.

Q: Do EQEmu people mind you poking around inside the file?

A: No.

Q: Whats 'ShowEq'?

A: A packet sniffer that shows you lots of information about mob location in your current zone etc. It is completely unfair and ruins the game so if you use it die plz thnx.

Q: Can they catch me using ShowEQ?

A: Sometimes. I'd tell you more, but I want you to get caught.

Q: Where can I get 'phat lewt'?

A: Ask 'Prince Thirneg' in the 'Plane of Growth', he'll be happy to oblige.