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Zone Connection World

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EverQuest Project 1999 Specific Zone Maps

Version 2

Project 1999 Unofficial Zone Connection Map (originally created by Yurz Truly of Project 1999 server and later expanded by Matthew Gordon Roulston a.k.a Within Amnesia)

Zone Connection Map Sivax Within Amnesia EverQuest Project 1999.png

Version 1

Project 1999 Unofficial Zone Connection Map (by Yurz Truly of Project 1999 server)

Map sivax Project1999Map.jpg

Iksar Version

Project 1999 Unoffical Zone Connection Map with Iksar Traveling Guide: banking and vendoring zones(by Yurz Truly and edited by Toolshed of Project 1999 server)

Map sivax Project1999Map IksarGuideV1.jpeg

EverQuest Project 1999 Green/Teal Server Map

P99 Green Map v1.png

Project 1999 Green/Teal Server Zone Connection Map

Antonica Clickable Zone Map

Official Maps

EQ1 WorldMap 0001.jpg

Everquest Worldmap


Original Everquest Print Map (by Rick Schmit)

Player Created Maps

Map antonica zone connection.jpg

Antonica Zone Connection Map

Norrath Mapmaster255.jpg

Norrath Zone Connection Map (by Mapmaster255)

Map kunark all

Kunark Zone Connection Map (by Gesler of Outriders of Norrath, circa 2000)

A much larger version can be found from the Links page under Kunark Mapping Project.

Velious Mapmaster255.jpg

Velious Zone Connection Map (by Mapmaster 255 - awesome!!!, I tried to find classic/kunark maps up to this standard but I don't think they were ever made)

Map travelers norrath.jpg

Size proportional map of Odus / Antonica / Faydwer by Arcke

All Project 1999 wiki zone pages in 1 map (created by sosoFortress) soso1MAP download link (Please note, the map size is 82.2MB and takes some time to load when opening in Windows viewer. Please be patient and zoom until text loads and is readable)

Soso1MAP thumb.jpg

Lune's Continent Maps

Map Lune Antonica.jpg

Map Lune Faydwer.jpg

Map Lune Odus.jpg

Map Lune Kunark.jpg

Velious Connections

Velious Connection Map.gif