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Faction Tricks

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Often times in EverQuest it is possible to lower your standing with a particular faction (or, in some cases, simply start with low enough standing) to the point where it's no longer possible to complete quests with that faction to improve your standing. For some factions this isn't a problem, as you can repeatedly kill a particular mob to earn back your standing with that faction.

If a particular faction can't be raised by killing a mob however, you may be at an impasse: you can't raise your faction standing because you can't complete quests, but you can't complete quests without greater faction. In these instances there are a few tricks you can employ to temporarily raise your faction standing long enough to complete quest turn-ins (and fix your faction standing permanently).

Class-Specific Fixes

  • Sneak: Successfully sneaking while not in line of sight of any mobs raises (or lowers) your standing with that mob to Indifferent, and since you can complete quest turn-ins while sneaking this can overcome many faction standing problems
  • Alliance: Enchanters have a spell they can cast which raises their standing with a particular mob.
  • Cinda's Charismatic Carillon: Bards have a song they can sing which raises their standing with a particular mob; wind instruments greatly improve the effect

Faction Fixes Anyone Can Benefit From

  • Wolf Form or Share Wolf Form: Druids can cast a spell which temporarily changes your race to wolf. This *might* improve your standing with some factions, although it may also lower it with some factions (eg. the Coldain).
  • Ball of Golem Clay: Changes your race to An Earth Elemental; as a race with neutral faction to almost anyone, this can overcome many racial faction standing problems
  • Illusionists Stone: Changes your race to a tree, which is an improvement compared to many other races. Roots you in place, so best used while invisible to avoid initial aggro. Not lore and rechargeable.
  • (Harmony or Lull) + (Camouflage or Invisibility): Similar to sneaking above, this trick works by having someone first Harmony the mob in question, making it possible for the player with low faction standing to get close without aggroing them. That player then starts the turn-in (which breaks Invisibility if they have it), but before completing it they have another player cast some form of Invisibility on them, making it so that the first player is invisible (and thus at an Indifferent faction standing) when the turn-in resolves.
    • Sneak and Snare Instead of Harmony: In places where Harmony can't be used (eg. in indoor zones) classes that can sneak can use corners to accomplish the same trick, with a friend's help. Have the person doing the turn-in wait out of sight around a corner. There friend should them bring the turn-in NPC to the corner, snare it, and zone out.
      The first person can now stay out of sight, but get close enough to open a trade window, cast Invisibility, and complete the trade. This was used with Captain Bvellos to turn in Coldain Head.
  • Ornate Velium Pendant: Non-Enchanter characters can get the benefits of Alliance by instead using this item to cast it
  • Amulet of Necropotence: Although difficult to obtain, this item will cast a skeleton illusion on its owner (like earth elementals skeletons have few faction modifiers). While the item is only wearable by casters, any class can right-click it from inventory.

Faction "Fixes" Which Only Work For Rewards (Not Increasing Faction)

  • Charm (either from players or Puppet Strings): While charming a mob does change its standing with you, it also negates any faction rewards from completing quests, negating any use of charm for fixing faction. Other rewards, such as experience, coin and items, are still received. This approach is often used for the Worker Sledgemallet.