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Hero Bracers Quest

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Start Zone: South Qeynos
Quest Giver: Grahan Rothkar
Minimum Level: 30+
Faction Needed: Apprehensive
Classes: Warrior, Rogue, Monk, Paladin, Shadow Knight, Cleric, Ranger, Bard
Related Zones: Steamfont Mountains, North Qeynos
Related NPCs: Minotaur Hero, Grahan Rothkar


  • Hero Bracers
    Hero Bracers
    Item 516.png

    Slot: WRIST
    AC: 9
    STR: +10
    WT: 4.0 Size: SMALL


The short version:

Spellicon D.png MISSING INFO! Please expand the content.

The long version:

This is the quest for the Hero Bracers. You do not have to do the first part. You may need a high faction with the steel warriors to complete the quest. (p99: Confirmed to work with apprehensive faction.)(p99: confirmed to work with dubious faction 10/11/2020, completed turn in as an agnostic dark elf) (p99: it may work with apprehensive faction but he would not talk to me with neutral faction skipping to second part. As I'm a bard I sang charisma song and became amiable, then he would talk to me. Didn't want to risk him chomping my turn-in.) Here are the details:

[1] Go to the basement of the arena in South Qeynos and talk to Grahan Rothkar. He will ask you if ' have a report of the [escaped catman].' Ask him What escaped catman. He will give you the story and ask if you want to '...[retrieve key seven].' You can continue the quest anyway, but you will get nothing for it; no faction, no xp, no item, no nothing.

[2] Grahan will tell you to go to Wisp Isle (in Erud's Crossing) and kill the catman named Nomala. Yes, there is a catman named 'Monola' but that is the wrong catman. The correct catman is named 'Nomala'. He is not as high level as any of the other cats but tends to gather a mob. Best strategy to kill him is in Step 3.

[3] Go to Wisp Isle (the only one in Erud's Crossing). Nomala will spawn by the fire. Once killed, he will not spawn again for another hour or two, so figure on taking a while to do this. Be warned that you lose faction with Prexuz for killing these catmen. Anyway, he will stand there for a bit, then walk off toward the shore down by the dock. Milla is standing around close by, but if you wait about one minute, she will walk off and leave Nomala all alone. Kill him - but don't let him run, kill him quick. Best bet is to hit him once then run a few feet down shore away from their village. He does not always have the Pen Key.

[4] Return the Key to Grahan and you get xp, faction, an item (along the lines of a bronze short sword), and a second quest.

  • +Steel Warriors
  • +Guards of Qeynos
  • -Corrupt Qeynos Guards
  • -Freeport Militia
  • +Knights of Truth

[5] The 2nd Quest: He wants you to go hunt down '...a [second escaped gladiator]' Fine, sounds easy... nope. He wants you to return the shackles of the Minotaur Hero of the Steamfont Mountains. You do not need to do the 1st quest to complete this step.

Grahan Rothkar judges you amiably -- what would you like your tombstone to say? You say, 'what second escaped gladiator?' Grahan Rothkar sat, 'it appears our prize gladiator has escaped. He is a minotaur hero!! Trained by our best. He took down five of our greatest warriors during his escape. Rumor has it he fled to his homeland in the Steamfont Mountains. They say he is an outcast and does not live with his people. He appears during times of great need to champion the minotaurs. Return his shackles to me and glory is yours!!'

[6] Go get em and bring em back. The hero's placeholder is any minotaur slaver in the minotaur cave. When they die, there is a chance that the Minotaur Hero will spawn on the other side of the valley.

Grahan Rothkar says, 'You are a true Steel Warrior!! Now you shall wear my hero bracers. I designed them for my greatest gladiators and you have shown yourself mighty enough to wear them.'

You gain experience!! Approximately 2% for a level 38 druid. Not too shabby.

You receive 2 platinum pieces.

This can be done if you are dubious. Just give item from Minotaur Hero and you will receive the Hero Bracers in return.

Lore Item Note

Because the Hero Bracers are lore, if you hand in the Minotaur Hero Shackles while in possession of Hero Bracers, you will lose the shackles and not receive additional Hero Bracers.