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Paw of Opolla Quest

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Vin Moltor
Start Zone: Qeynos Aqueducts
Quest Giver: Vin Moltor
Minimum Level: Solo-29, Duo-24
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Shaman
Related Zones: Befallen, Upper Guk, Kerra Island
Related NPCs: Gynok Moltor, a fungus mutant, Melixis



  • Paw of Opolla
    Paw of Opolla
    Item 743.png

    AC: 9
    STA: +5 CHA: -5 WIS: +9 AGI: +9 MANA: +5
    SV DISEASE: -5
    WT: 0.2 Size: SMALL
    Class: CLR DRU SHM
    Race: ALL



Step 1: The Severed Paw (Qeynos Catacombs)

Before you start Step 1, make sure you have 1 empty space for a container.

Severed Paw

This Paw comes from Vin Moltor in Qeynos Catacombs. First of you need to decide if you are going to get it by killing him (25% drop rate), and potentially an hour or so camp before you get the paw. By killing him you also take hits in the following factions Antonius Bayle, Coalition of Tradefolk, Guards of Qeynos, Merchants of Qeynos. So if you have to kill him 4 times to get the Paw it may be too much of a faction hit for you.

Alternatively you can use Baking (or hire a baker) to produce a Rat Ear Pie (Trivial 142 Baking, but is so easy/cheap to make you should have no problems creating it at 135 baking). See the baking tradeskill if you would like to level your baking. 1-135 will take about an hour. So both strategies take about the same amount of time. But with the latter you get to also keep leveled baking. (You will need it one day for the amazing Shawl quest in Thurgadin).

No matter which path you decided to take, you need to spawn the bastard. So head down to Qeynos Catacombs through North Qeynos Fake wall, East of Qeynos Gate.


Once inside go straight ahead, until you hit a T intersection. Thats your camp. Kill everything that roams in the area (see picture) until Vin spawns(@735.8, -103.75) ~5 min respawn timer, just stand on the green spot on the floor and face West. He is level 24 and is NOT a rare spawn, it could take you anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to spawn him. (He could already be up.)


If he is up and you decided to go the Baking route, kill the rats until you get Giant Rat Ear, or 2x Rat Ears. Once you got the ears, head to South Qeynos and purchase 3x Bottle of Kalish (from McNeal Jocub @ -244, -261, 4, Inside Fish's Ale, back room). There is a bakery nearby the Fish's Ale. Create a pie there with the Rat Ear(s).

Two recipes yield the same item Uncooked Rat Ear Pie, does not matter which recipe you use (both trivial at 28):

  • Baking Spirits, Cup of Flour, Rat Ears(2)


  • Baking Spirits, Cup of Flour, Giant Rat Ear

Once you created the Uncooked Rat Ear Pie, simply put it in the oven by itself to get Rat Ear Pie (trivial 142). If you fail get more Rat Ears or Giant Rat Ear.

Once you have the pie, hand it in to Vin along with 3 (unstacked) bottles of Kalish. NOTE - You can not Hail him, and he moves around, so just give him items as you follow him. He will give you the Severed Paw.


If you chose to just kill him to receive the Paw, kill the roamers until he spawns and kill him. Most people it takes 4 or so kills to get the paw to drop, it does NOT drop every time.

Step 2: Gynok Moltor (Befallen)


Platinum Ring (Lore Version) - Drops from Gynok Moltor at the Entrance of Befallen. (loc -77, -44, +3)



The reason you want to get the Platinum ring first is because there is a chance you will get the Gold, Silver or Copper rings off of Gynok Moltor too (he has a chance to drop all 4 rings, but platinum is the most common drop).

Gynok is lvl 24-25. VERY rare spawn (his spawn rate appears to be about 0.5%-2% chance on a 16 minute timer). His PH can be a large skeleton, icebone skeleton, large rat, giant rat, putrid rat, or ghoul. The PH spawns in the center of the "two" exit hallways, next to a static bone on the floor and paths through the locked door down to lower levels of the dungeon and back. WARNING! It usually takes a lot of time to get him (10h+ of camping, and it is possible to take even as much as 30-40 hours). PH respawn timer is exactly 16 minutes.

No matter what the Ph for Gynok is, it will always say "-target- shouts, 'Grrrraaaaaaaaugggggh! You have disturbed my rest! Suffer as I have!'" when it spawns, and "-target- says, 'You have disturbed my sleep, you will never find the paw!'" when aggroed.

Step 3: The a Fungus Mutant (Upper Guk) (or High Priestess Mitty in Kerra Isle - see below)

Fungus Mutant Location

Then collect the following items (note: these are Lore rings, not the non-lore ones you get from random mobs or buy from vendors):

There is a chance you have gotten some or all of these while camping Gynok for the platinum ring.

  • Copper Ring (Lore Version) - Kill a Fungus Mutant in upper guk loot a Bracket Mildew and trade it to Melixis at Kerra Isle, she will give you the Copper ring.
  • Silver Ring (Lore Version) - Obtain from the bottom of the lake in Blackburrow. Enter Blackburrow run straight jump into the lake and swim to the ground (loc +37, -50, -225). Or turn in Faerix Spores that drop off Fungus Mutant to Melixis at Kerra Isle for Silver Ring.
  • Gold Ring (Lore Version) - Kill a Fungus Mutant in upper guk loot degenerated guk weed and trade it to Melixis at Kerra Island, she will give you the Gold ring. The weed is a rare drop it took me 8 kills to get it. At 16 minutes and 30 seconds between spawns thats about 2.5 hours. It could take a lot longer.

a Fungus Mutant is lvl 23-25 in upper guk, he is a druid. The camp is solo able for a lvl 31 Druid. He has no PH and spawns every 16 minutes and 30 seconds. You should be level 29+ to solo this. If you have never been to Upper Guk before, there is a good chance you will be non-KOS to the Frogloks, making travel much easier. Superior Camo will also allow you to travel within the dungeon. The Fungus mobs are on the same faction as the Frogloks. Killing the whole room did not lower my faction enough to make me KOS. It should be easy enough to separate the mobs one by one by root/rotting them one at a time (lvl 35).

I would argue mutant is pretty easily soloable for a druid at 29 and could probably be done lower although it would be much more difficult without Immolate and Combust. For easy splitting, start with the two wandering mobs. If you're patient you can easily single pull them when the pathing is right. I preferred to pull to the southeastern corner where the wall juts out - you can use this to your advantage by rooting the casting mobs on one side and blocking their casting by going to the opposite side. Once the two wandering mobs are gone, root the mutant and burn down the static spawn that's close to him, and as soon as the static spawn is dead re-root mutant as needed and camp out. Load back in the game and you have an easy peasy single pull on the mutant. Killing the mutant + static spawn at the same time is easy enough at 29 with barely any gear, but I preferred this method to break up the spawn timers. (There is an alternate method for a druid @ 29 to get mutant single - use the social aggro of a pathing mob to aggro the static spawn without aggroing mutant but this is less reliable imo) The only thing you have to watch for is the infrequent froglok that paths through the room.

[EDIT/Spoiler] Don't read if you want to figure out how to crack the room yourself.... Without needing to clear the room: Druid with Ensnaring Roots, CC, Immolate, Combust. Stand at LOC 546,145 facing West toward Mutant. Root, DOT x2, Combust until dead. As long as Root doesn't break, even the trackers don't agro. If Root does break it only pulls the static spawn just to the left (between camp and mutant) If everything goes sideways just gate. Should save on faction hits 09/20/23 [Green server]

Typical drop pattern (making Weed the rarest): Spores, Mildew, Mildew, Mildew, Spores, Mildew, Mildew, Weed.
So the drop rate appears to be as follows:

  • Mildew ~ 75%
  • Spores ~ 20%
  • Weed ~ 5%

Alternatively: High Priestess Mitty (as opposed to "Khonza Mitty of Kerra") is still in Kerra Isle on p99 and always drops either the copper or the gold ring (On Green Server, Prietess does not drop Gold Ring. Only Silver and copper ring). (Edit 12/05/16 Also dropped Silver Ring). Camping in the castle for a couple of hours should prove fruitful. She, or her priestess PH, is located at #2 on the Kerra Isle map. A 20ish priest class with a reasonable group will have no problems here.

Step 4: Melixis (Kerra Isle)

Melixis on Kerra Isla

Once you have Spores/Mildew/Weed (or Mildew/Weed if you grabbed silver ring from Blackburrow), head to Kerra Island via Toxxulia Forest (SW from Druid Rings, NW from Wizard Rings).

Once in Kerra Isle head to (loc +522, +170, +17) and hand in the Spores/Mildew/Weed one at a time in exchange for the rings.

Note: Even if you're scowling to Kerra Isle, there's a good chance Melixis will be indifferent to you.

Put the 4 rings into the Severed Paw and Combine. WARNING! If you already have a Paw in your inventory, you will destroy your materials by hitting combine.


Enjoy your
Paw of Opolla
Paw of Opolla
Item 743.png

AC: 9
STA: +5 CHA: -5 WIS: +9 AGI: +9 MANA: +5
WT: 0.2 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL

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