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In-game names:
Blue: Trenger, Trengest, Trengester, Trengerest, Trengerer, Trengestest, Treng
Green: Kaejer
Forums: Kaejer

Former Bregan D'Aerth
Current Kitten Who Says Meow


Random Guides By Kaejer

  • Zone Spawn Timers - List of default zone spawn timers in various zones.
  • Vendor Junk - For pricing of frequently sold to vendor/merchant items.
  • HOT Mobs Guide - For a short summary of the mobs in Halls of Testing in Temple of Veeshan.
  • NTOV Flurries - Short list of flurry and fake flurry mobs in Northern Temple of Veeshan.
  • Tradeskill Equipment - List of cheap INT/WIS items for melee classes to use with tradeskills.
  • Droga Farming - For listing some good options of Temple of Droga farming with statistics (WIP).

Project Missing NPCs/Images

Adding missing images for NPCs around the world whenever I get bored (also adding missing NPCs). Poor a caiman didn't get an image until 5/3/2021. [1] [2]

The Arena, Beholder's Maze, East Commonlands, Eastern Karana, Everfrost Peaks, Highpass Hold, Innothule Swamp, Kithicor Forest, Lake Rathetear, Lavastorm Mountains, Misty Thicket, Nektulos Forest, Northern Desert of Ro, Northern Karana, Oasis of Marr, Qeynos Hills, Rathe Mountains, Southern Desert of Ro, Southern Karana, The Feerrott, West Commonlands, Western Karana, Grobb, Halas, Neriak Foreign Quarter, Neriak Commons, Neriak Third Gate, West Freeport, North Freeport, East Freeport, North Qeynos, South Qeynos, Oggok, Rivervale, Surefall Glade, Befallen, Blackburrow, Cazic Thule, Runnyeye Citadel, High Keep, Lower Guk, Nagafen's Lair (Sol B), Najena, Permafrost, Qeynos Aqueducts, Solusek's Eye (Sol A), Splitpaw Lair, The Temple of Solusek Ro, Upper Guk

Odus and Faydwer
Erudin, Paineel, Erud's Crossing, Kerra Island, Toxxulia Forest, The Hole, Stonebrunt Mountains, The Warrens, Ak'Anon, Northern Felwithe, Southern Felwithe, North Kaladim, South Kaladim, Butcherblock Mountains, Dagnor's Cauldron, Greater Faydark, Lesser Faydark, Ocean of Tears, Steamfont Mountains, Crushbone, Kedge Keep, Mistmoore Castle, The Estate of Unrest

Burning Woods, Dreadlands, Emerald Jungle, Field of Bone, Firiona Vie, Frontier Mountains, Lake of Ill Omen, The Overthere, Skyfire Mountains, Swamp of No Hope, Timorous Deep, Trakanon's Teeth, Warsliks Woods, West Cabilis, East Cabilis, Chardok, City of Mist, Dalnir, Howling Stones (Charasis), Kaesora, Karnor's Castle, Kurn's Tower, Mines of Nurga, Old Sebilis, Temple of Droga, Veeshan's Peak

Cobalt Scar, Eastern Wastes, The Great Divide, Iceclad Ocean, Wakening Land, Western Wastes, Icewell Keep, Kael Drakkal, Skyshrine, Thurgadin, Crystal Caverns, Dragon Necropolis, Siren's Grotto, Sleeper's Tomb, Temple of Veeshan, Tower of Frozen Shadow, Velketor's Labyrinth

Plane of Fear, Plane of Hate, Plane of Sky, Plane of Growth, Plane of Mischief

Potential Future Projects

  • Camp Locations - Consider if some zones would benefit from location markers for camps, such as in The Hole. Possibly rough areas of how far camps cover (maybe in an image like [3]?
  • Add to Raid Suspensions - Update this page to also have single mob concessions that happen through GM intervention.
  • Add photo gallery to Server Firsts - To reduce multiple pictures posting on equipment pages, a gallery for server first photos would be nice.
  • Add zone categories to all important items - Mostly focus on adding categories to named drop items and useful items. Then maybe, everything depending on how long that takes.
  • Update Rulings page - Add more raid rulings for one off specific issues and questions that are not specifically written in the rules.
  • Standardize recipes - A lot of item pages with recipes at the bottom are a bit varied. Would be nice to make them all similar design.
  • Loc numbers for Neriak - Neriak graph lines are on the image, just needs to have the numbers added to the image then loc mapped.
  • Replace Neriak map since it's inaccurate - Replace current and very inaccurate Neriak maps with this map and add gridlines/numbers [4].

In Progress

  • #Project Missing NPCs/Images - Adding missing NPCs to the wiki + screenshots. Going zone by zone to update as much missing information as possible.
  • Loc Mapping - Finish loc mapping Permafrost
  • Redirect Pages - I'm mad at intermittent case-sensitive searching, so I'm setting up redirect pages for anything that doesn't auto go to the page when spelled correctly. Also adding in redirect links of frequently-used acronyms or shorthand names.
  • Removing Bad Auction Entries - They suck and I like my graphs to look all pretty and stuff. If you find any, message me in-game or post in on my Discussion page.
  • Reduce Wanted Pages Count - Reduced this page from 700ish missing entries down to <500. Going to try to keep it below 500 while also adding some other missing pages.
  • Add Era Tags to All Pages - Adding era tags to any page I find without era tags.
  • Add Useful Categories - Adding categories for plant, animal, and undead to NPC pages.
  • Add Word/Page/Rune drop tables - Add actual drop lists to rune/word/page pages instead of generic level ranges.[5]


Listed in reverse chronological order of completion.

  • Add Locs to Tradeskill Container Pages - Add locations to the pages for all stationary tradeskills, such as Brew Barrel, Loom, etc.
  • Blue Raid Rules - Updated this ancient page to have more recent raid rules all on one page.
  • Resist Gear - Update resist gear page to add a cheat sheet or popular resist items section since most people end up buying a lot of the same items for starter resist gear.
  • Add Item Lists for Dozekar Tear Quests - Add the list of all items to the individual quest pages.
  • NTOV Flurries - Quick guide to the mobs in north Temple of Veeshan that drop what is commonly called "flurry loot" even though not all of the mobs flurry. Also trying to get details/pictures on missing NPC pages for these drakes.
  • Update HOT Minis - Add in the final quest rewards for each piece of quest loot dropped by the named HOT minis on the individual pages so it's easier to see what is for what. Updated respawn time and pretty much all the information because it's pretty empty. Probably will update the pictures too if I can since they're a bit rough and one is missing entirely.
  • HOT Mobs Guide - Quick guide to Hall of Testing mobs in eastern Temple of Veeshan. Added all of the details from my knowledge.
  • Cleanup Blue Guilds - Move some of the inactive guilds to a separate inactive section so people can see what guilds are actually active.
  • Create Raid Suspensions - Should be good for some historical raid issues.
  • Reorganize Coldain Ring Quests - Make it so it's a bit easier to follow, possibly a shorthand checklist. Someone else did most of this already by the time I got to it.
  • Tradeskill Equipment - Page with mostly ALL/ALL equipment for INT/WIS to raise tradeskills with for non-casters.
  • Droga Farming Guide - Added the base of the page and my experience with farming on my character and plat rates.
  • Vendor Junk - Page filled with random drops from NPCs that are frequently sold to merchants for plat.
  • Coldain Ring War - Created page with about all of the information I have on the fight plus a few new pages for the individual units. Hopefully, people can update over time so it becomes a more diverse page.
  • Velious Class Armor Reorganizing - The pages have all of the information, but in varying orders depending on which class/type. Going to try to reorganize them all into the same orders so people don't have to search for which piece they want every time and will hopefully by instinct go to the right place if they use those pages regularly. Also, potentially a shorthand entry for all the useful information in one small chunk of information.
  • Gangrenous Touch of Zum'uul - Add in the long lost and missing Necromancer spell.
  • Modernize front page - Removed some links that are almost never used or currently irrelevant links off of the front page. Added a couple that are frequently used in place of those links. Fixed order of links on Blue/Red/Green to all match.