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Velious Class Armor

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See Velious Armor Checklist for a checklist you can use to track your gems/armor pieces.
For a direct row by row stat comparison of each set, see Velious Class Armor Comparisons.


Faction Requirements

  • Thurgadin / Coldain: Kindly
  • Skyshrine / Claws of Veeshan: Ally
  • Kael Drakkal / Kromzek: Ally - Be very wary of the various Tormax faction mobs that are on the way to the quest room in Kael; Dlammaz Stormslayer is to the left on the other side of the bridge, as well as at least the two throne guards in the throne room. Also keep in mind there is corpse drag aggro in Kael, even for you dragging your own body near mobs you are max ally with.

It should be noted there is no level requirement on the quests.

Melee Sets

Class Thurgadin Kael Skyshrine Mischief Growth
Bard Resonant Armor Troubadour Armor Twilight Armor Melodic Armor
Monk Grand Master's Armor Golden Star Armor White Lotus Armor Monkey Hide Armor Silver Moon Armor
Paladin Runed Protector's Armor Shining Armor Scaled Knight's Armor Righteous Armor (Hate 2.0)
Ranger Runed Scout's Armor Forest Stalker's Armor Golden Leaf Armor Armor of the Untamed (Hate 2.0)
Rogue Brigand's Armor Deceiver's Armor Shadow Armor Assassin's Armor
Shadow Knight Dark Runed Armor Malevolent Armor Blood Lord's Armor Noctivagant Armor
Warrior Champion's Armor Warlord's Armor Myrmidon Armor Berserker's Armor Legionnaire Scale Armor (Hate 2.0)

Caster Sets

Class Thurgadin Kael Skyshrine Mischief Growth
Enchanter Beguiler's Armor Dazzling Armor Illusionist's Armor Mischievous Dazzler Armor Resplendent Armor
Magician Arch Mage's Armor Summoner's Armor Prestidigitator's Armor Sly Summoners Armor Armor of Conjuration
Necromancer Warlock's Armor Plague Bearer's Armor Rotting Armor Maleficent Armor Armor of the Bonecaster
Wizard Sage's Armor Armor of the Invoker Icicle Armor Wily Warlock Armor Sorcerer's Armor

Priest Sets

Class Thurgadin Kael Skyshrine Mischief Growth
Cleric Armor of Forbidden Rites Templar's Armor Akkirus' Armor of the Risen Crazy Cleric Armor Armor of Stability
Druid Rowyl's Armor of Nature Nature Walker's Armor Woven Grass Armor
67 8 16 6 20 50 0 0 130 340 18 25 10 11 9
Twisted Nature Armor Armor of Harmony (Hate 2.0)
Shaman Rune Crafter's Armor Spirit Caller's Armor Wolf Caller's Armor Shamanistic Shenannigan Armor Spirit Weaver's Armor

Obtaining Velious Armor Sets

Thurgadin, Kael, and Skyshrine

To create the Thurgadin, Kael, and Skyshrine class armor, you must collect a few Velious gems (Dropped) and a Armor Component (Dropped). To check faction; Hail the Quest giver - if they will talk to you about the quest they will accept the turn in.

Thurgadin Kael Skyshrine
Faction Required Kindly Ally Ally
Component Location Kael Drakkel


Temple of Veeshan

(North and West Wing)

Temple of Veeshan

(Halls of Testing)

Plate Corroded Plate Ancient Tarnished Plate Unadorned Plate
Chain Corroded Chain Ancient Tarnished Chain Unadorned Chain
Leather Eroded Leather Ancient Leather Unadorned Leather
Cloth Torn Enchanted Silk Ancient Silk Tattered Silk

Plane of Growth

Plane of Growth armor sets drop from various mobs in Plane of Growth.

Plane of Mischief

The Plane of Mischief armor is obtained via The Gift Box quest.

Velious Armor Gems

Useless/Vendor gems include: Crushed Emerald, Crushed Diamond Dust, Chipped Black Marble, Crushed Sea Sapphire, Crushed Chrysolite, Coral Crescent, Flawed Chrysolite, Flawed Flame Emerald, Flawed Lava Ruby, Flawed Opal, Flawed Flame Opal, Chipped Fire Opal, Crushed Nephrite

Icon Gem Name Usage Usage
Item 966.png Flawless Diamond Melee Breastplate
Item 963.png Flawed Sea Sapphire Melee Legs
Item 958.png Flawed Emerald Melee Arms
Item 953.png Crushed Coral Melee Helm
Item 954.png Crushed Topaz Melee Gloves Caster Gloves
Item 956.png Crushed Black Marble Melee Boots
Item 962.png Crushed Flame Emerald Melee Bracer Priest Boots
Item 956.png Black Marble Priest Breastplate
Item 965.png Chipped Onyx Sapphire Priest Legs
Item 951.png Jaundice Gem Priest Arms
Item 964.png Crushed Lava Ruby Priest Gloves
Item 959.png Crushed Opal Priest Bracer
Item 965.png Crushed Onyx Sapphire Caster Bracer Priest Helm
Item 958.png Pristine Emerald Caster Robe
Item 952.png Nephrite Caster Legs
Item 954.png Flawed Topaz Caster Arms
Item 960.png Crushed Flame Opal Caster Helm
Item 951.png Crushed Jaundice Gem Caster Boots