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Skill Brewing

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Brewing allows you to make mostly alcoholic drinks but there are also a few non-alcoholic drinks and items for other tradeskills. The majority of recepies require a container (either bottle, shotglass, cask) in addition to the crafting ingrediants, on a failure you will get back the container but lose all other ingredients. All combines are made in a brew barrel which can be found in most towns.

It is not a very profitable skill to have on its own but it is useful to assist in Tailoring as well as all Cultural Tradeskills. Brewing is also required for some quests most notably Coldain Ring Quests (triv 248), the Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl(triv 168), and also Rogue Redemption.

Recipe List

Item Yield Ingredients Container Trivial Use
Bog Juice Water Flask, Snake Scales bottle 21 Quest Item
Flask of Berry Juice 5 2 Berries, Flask of Water none 21 Drink
Water Flask 4 Pod of Water bottle 21 Drink
Flask of Fruit Juice 5 2 Fruit, Flask of Water none 24 Drink
Flask of Rathe Berry Juice 5 2 Rathe Berries, Flask of Water none 26 Drink
Flask of Sylvan Berry Juice 5 2 Sylvan Berries, Flask of Water none 26 Drink +1 Agi
Malted Milk Malt, Bottle of Milk bottle 26 Whistle Wetter
Flask of Karana Brown Tea 5 2 Tea Leaves, Flask of Water none 29 Drink +1 PR
Bottle of Kalish Fruit, Vegetables, Water Flask bottle 31 Quest Item
Othmir Algae Ale White Algae, Azure Algae, Ochre Algae cask 31 Alcohol
Othmir Short Beer White Algae, Azure Algae, Ochre Algae bottle 31 Alcohol
Root Beer Float Stormguard Root Beer, Chunk of Ice, Frosting none 31 Drink
Short Beer Barley, Hops, Malt cask 31 Alcohol
Stormguard Root Beer 2 Roots, Spices, Yeast, Water Flask bottle 31 Drink
Flask of Orange Juice 5 2 Emerald Orange, Flask of Water none 35 Drink +1 DR
Legion Lager Deadbone Barley, Flask of Bloodwater, Giant Blood Sac bottle 36 Alcohol
Caynar Nut Brown Ale Bag of Caynar Nuts, Barley, Hops, Malt cask 41 Alcohol
Honey Mead Hops, Royal Jelly, Flask of Water cask 41 Alcohol
Mead Yeast, Hops, Malt cask 41 Alcohol
Heady Kiola 2 Packet of Kiola Sap, Water Flask bottle 46 Tailoring
Brackish Othmir Ale Brackish Water, Azure Algae, Ochre Algae cask 51 Alcohol
Ogre Swill Malt, Yeast, Froglok Meat cask 51 Alcohol
Short Ale Barley, Hops, Water Flask cask 51 Alcohol
Egg Nog Spices, Malted Milk, 2 Aviak Eggs bottle 55 Drink
Egg Nog XXX Brandy, Egg Nog bottle 56 Alcohol
Fish Wine Water Flask, Grapes, Fresh Fish bottle 62 Alcohol
Ale Barley, Malt, Water Flask cask 68 Alcohol
Cod Oil Cobalt Cod, Flask of Water none 68 Velious Tailoring
Drake Egg Oil Drake Egg, Flask of Water none 68 Velious Tailoring
Faydwer Porter 2 Elven Wine, Red Wine, White Wine cask 68 Alcohol
Fish Oil Fish Eggs, Flask of Water none 68 not drinkable
Gypsy Porter 4 Gypsy Wine cask 68 Alcohol
Gypsy Wine Grapes, Wine Yeast, Fire Beetle Eye bottle 68 Alcohol
Red Porter 4 Red Wine cask 68 Alcohol
Ro Porter 2 Red Wine, 2 Elven Wine cask 68 Alcohol
Snake Egg Oil Snake Egg, Flask of Water none 68 not drinkable
Thubr's Darkened Ale Barley, Malt, Strange Dark Fungus, Yeast cask 68 Alcohol
Yew Leaf Tannin Yew Leaf, Flask of Water none 68 Velious Tailoring
White Wine Grapes, Wine Yeast, Fruit bottle 82 Alcohol
Red Wine Grapes, Wine Yeast, Berries bottle 95 Alcohol
Aviak Egg Oil Aviak Eggs, Flask of Water none 102 not drinkable
Gnomish Spirits Rice, Spider Legs, Rat Ears bottle 102 Alcohol
Elven Wine Morning Dew, Berries, Wine Yeast bottle 115 Alcohol
Brandy 2 Red Wine, Spices, Vegetables shotglass 122 Alcohol
Blood Temper Ogre Swill, Elven Blood, Human Blood, Dwarven Blood none 135 Ogre Smithing
Earthen Temper Dwarven Ale, Lava Rock, 2 Drop of Mercury none 135 Dwarven Smithing
Frost Temper Brandy, 2 Essence of Winter, Ice Goblin Blood none 135 Barbarian Smithing
Halas Heater Spider Legs, Vodka cask 135 Alcohol
Halfling Stouters Berries, Spices, Vodka shotglass 135 Alcohol
Liquid Velium Rubbing Alcohol, Small Piece of Velium none 135 Quest Item
Moonlight Temper Morning Dew, Swirling Mist, 2 Essence of Moonlight none 135 High Elf Smithing
Ol'Tujim's Fierce Brew Barley, Hops, Yeast, Malt cask 135 Quest Item
Royal Temper Rain Water, Griffenne Blood, 2 Essence of Sunlight none 135 Human Smithing (Q)
Scale Temper Sarnak Blood, Froglok Blood, Iksar Blood, Flask of Bloodwater none 135 Iksar Smithing
Sea Temper 2 Mug of Sea Foam, Saltwater Seaweed, Fish Wine none 135 Human Smithing (FP)
Shadow Temper Elven Blood, Neriak Nectar, 2 Essence of Shadow none 135 Dark Elf Smithing
Tumpy Tonic Kiola nut, Water Flask none 135 Alcohol
Vodka 2 Short Beer, Water Flask, Vegetables bottle 135 Alcohol
2x Brewed 2x Stout Dwarven Ale 2 Dwarven Ale, 2 Short Beer cask 142 Alcohol
Tail Kicker Lager 2 Lizard Tail, Malt, Vinegar, Water Flask, Yeast none 142 Alcohol
Lothran's Ancient Absinthe Brandy, Brimstone, Bundle of Wormwood none 143 Alcohol
Armadillo Simmer Ale Armadillo Meat, Ogre Swill, Vinegar, Malt, Yeast Armadillo Husk 148 Alcohol
Emerald Orange Schnapps (not classic?) 2 Emerald Orange, Steamfont Spring Water, Wine Yeast bottle 148 Alcohol
Faydwer Schnapps (not classic?) 2 Sylvan Berries, Steamfont Spring Water, Wine Yeast bottle 148 Alcohol
Snapper Oil Dragon Bay Snapper, Flask of Water none 150 Baking
Skull Ale Cyclops skull(returned), Short Beer, Vinegar, Spices none 151 Alcohol
Hulgarsh 3 2 Vodka, Water Flask, Fishing Bait cask 155 Alcohol
Skunk Breath Ale 2 Skunk Scent Gland, Short Beer, Gnomish Spirits, Malt, Yeast cask 155 Alcohol
Coldain Heater Brown Algae, Allspice, Water Flask shotglass 158 Alcohol
Bleeding Brain Vodka, Spices, Fire Beetle Eye shotglass 168 Alcohol
Ginesh Vegetables, Water Flask, Short Beer shotglass 168 Alcohol
Sacred Velium Ink Liquid Velium, Cutlassfish Oil, Royal Kromrif Blood none 168 Quest Item
Underfoot Brown 4 Underfoot Mushroom, Malt, Short Beer, Water Flask cask 168 Alcohol
Faydwer Shaker Dwarven Ale, Elven Wine, Gnomish Spirits, Mead cask 188 Alcohol
Minotaur Hero's Brew 3 Malt, 2 Short Beer, 2 Water Flask, Yeast cask 248 Quest Item
Tainted Avalanche Ale Arctic Mussels, Ice Wyvern Stinger, Iceball, Mind Melt, Runed Sea Shell (Cloud), Seahorse Scales bottle 248 Quest Item
Boot Beer Swamp Vegetables, Innothule Mushroom, Malt, Water Flask, Bottle of Milk Large Leather Boots 158< ? <=168 Alcohol
Blackburrow Swig 4 Blackburrow Gnoll Skin, 2 Gnoll Pup Scalp, 2 Ol'Tujim's Fierce Brew Blackburrow Cask no fail Quest Item

(Eggs that do not combine to make oils: wurm egg, giant hornet egg, griffon egg, basilik egg (looted version, not foraged), alligator eggs)

Velious Brewing ingredients are available off Blumblum Swigwater in Cobalt Scar.

Leveling Guide

Intelligence or Wisdom, whichever is higher governs your chance to gain skill increases.

The following is intended as a guide for those interested in advancing brewing skills with a minimum of foraged items and running around. Qeynos and Freeport are excellent cities to learn in. With decent Int or Wis one can advance in this skill relatively quickly, just DO NOT drink while brewing! Brewing is relatively easy skill to start don't train any points in this skill unless you just have some to spare.

Fast Track to skill 151, then 188

You can go from skill 2-151 doing Skull Ale, and is the fastest way to skill up. Then do Faydwer Shaker in East Freeport to hit 188 skill. In East Freeport, together the brewing supply vendors at the brew barrel and the female vendors in the building East of the brew barrel, carry all ingredients for to make the shaker.

At some point it becomes cheaper to level with Skull Ale (trivial 151) if you can get the skull from An undead cyclops as it is always returned on failure or success. Heads up (hahahaha), a Cyclops skull is what you need for Skull Ale and is not the same as Dareb's Skull. Both are dropped by An undead cyclops. The undead cyclops has place holders as well so it may take a while to get a skull, but camping the skull seems less painful than going through the level up guide. Especially if increasing brewing on multiple characters for the prayer shawl quest.

Antonica Biased Brewers

(non-bold steps may be skipped)

For Iksar Brewers Note: This section of the guide requires many foraged items and is not realistic for an iksar with 50 foraging to obtain in high numbers. Just focus on combines that you can buy from the vendor even if the trivial is high and you fail a lot you will still gain skill.

  • For those of you who want a solid balance between time and money costs, follow the recommendations below.
*Recommended: for non-iksars, it is better to skip Heady Kiola altogether. If you take a look at this table, you'll see that in order to make it successfully 95% of the time, you would need a brewing skill slightly higher than 75. In addition, while it is useful for tailoring, it is quite expensive to make in comparison to Mead and Short Ale, costing more than 4pp per stack of 20. At 36 brewing, you will be failing usually around half the time, which means for every stack of 20 you're just throwing 2pp away per stack. From 31 to 41 make Mead, and then from 41 to 51 make Short Ale. If you need Heady Kiola, come back to it later around 80 brewing in order to minimize your losses.

Despite what the above edit mentions I utilized Heady Kiola's from 41-46 and after having an 80% success rate decided to use up the rest of my ingredients. Once I hit trivial I did not have a fail on the rest of the tries of my remaining ingredients, so I decided to continue going with the plan of going until I got a fail. I made 108 Heady Kiolas before I got a fail it is beyond a 1 in a quadrillion chance if the table is correct (literally, do the math), so I feel its safe to say this is incorrect

Note: You can easily acquire snakes scales and fish while leveling early on. If you work tailoring while you level, and fish during healing/medding time (yes, you can fish while medding), you can easily get to the point where your tailoring skill is just beginning to need the Heady Kiolas when you're at the skill level to start making them. Of course, if you save a stack of whatever you're brewing lately, you can keep your aclohol tolerance maxed as well. Cheers!

Final Note: Hero's brew trivial is 248 (when beginning to brew this at skill level 188, with 208 wisdom, I experienced 68 combines with no skill up. Bring your patience! - Wedar). (Adding confirmation: I also hit 188 Brewing before swapping to Hero's Brew and I hit at least 80 combined with over 200+ INT before getting a single skill up, then once the first one was achieved, I hit another 4 skills within about 20 combines).

Brewing in other Tradeskills

Brewing items for Cultural Blacksmithing and Tailoring can be made by any race.


Tempers are made by master brewers in a Brew Barrel for various cultural Smithing recipes.

Item Ingredients Cultural Tradeskills Trivial
Blood Temper 1x Ogre Swill, 1x Elven Blood, 1x Human Blood, 1x Dwarven Blood Ogre 135
Earthen Temper 1x Dwarven Ale, 1x Lava Rock, 2x Drop of Mercury Dwarf 135
Frost Temper 1x Brandy, 2x Essence of Winter 1x Ice Goblin Blood Barbarian 135
Moonlight Temper 1x Morning Dew, 1x Swirling Mist, 2x Essence of Moonlight High Elf 135
Royal Temper 1x Rain Water, 1x Griffenne Blood, 2x Essence of Sunlight Human (Qeynos) 135
Scale Temper 1x Flask of Bloodwater, 1x Sarnak Blood, 1x Froglok Blood, 1x Iksar Blood Iksar 135
Sea Temper 1x Fish Wine, 2x Mug of Sea Foam, 1x Saltwater Seaweed Human (Freeport) 135
Shadow Temper 1x Neriak Nectar, 1x Elven Blood, 2x Essence of Shadow Dark Elf 135

Known locations for temper materials:

  • Essence of Shadow: shadowed men (any zone that has them)
  • Essence of Winter: ice giants (Permafrost and Everfrost), tundra yeti (Dreadlands)
  • Essence of Moonlight: vampire-types in the castle of Mistmoore, dread wolves in Kithicor Forest
  • Essence of Sunlight: found on Sand Giants in South Ro, the Squire in Upper Guk, and chromadracs in Skyfire
  • Drop of Mercury: drops off various elementals (Steamfont, Najena, the Hole, etc.)
  • Lava Rock: fire elementals (Steamfont, Najena, etc.), Fire Giants (Solusek B), skyash drake in Skyfire
  • Elven Blood: off a variety of elves. For the faction-conscious, I recommend the bandits in Greater Faydark
  • Sarnak Blood: found on various sarnaks in Kunark
  • Froglok Blood: found off frogloks in Upper Guk, some frogoloks in Kunark
  • Iksar Blood: various iksar, with spellcasting ones seeming more likely to drop it (i.e., iksar necromancers in Sebilis jail)
  • Human Blood: found on humans. For the faction conscious, try bandits, dervish cutthroats, raiders, etc.
  • Dwarven Blood: if you guessed from dwarves, you'd be correct! For the faction conscious, try the dvarven bandits in Butcherblock
  • Ice Goblin Blood: from various ice gobbies in Permafrost/Everfrost
  • Rain Water: escaped Splitpaw gnolls in South Karana, gnolls in Lake Rathe
  • Morning Dew: foraged in Greater and Lesser Faydark at any time of the day, also some ground spawns in LFay
  • Swirling Mist: found off steam elementals in Steamfont, mist elementals in Najena, "Huge Water Elemental" in LGuk
  • Mug of Sea Foam: found on seafury cyclops in OOT
  • Saltwater Seaweed: fished in OOT - this is a NO DROP item, whomever is doing the brewing for this must do the fishing for it as well
  • Ogre Swill: sold at some booze merchants in Oggok and Freeport, possibly other locations as well
  • Neriak Nectar: sold at some booze merchants in Neriak, probably other locations as well
  • Flask of Bloodwater: sold at many merchants in Cabilis


Tanning agents are used for cultural and Velious Tailoring.

Item Ingredients Use Trivial
Acorn Oil Misty Acorn, Flask of Water Halfling Tailoring 102
Oak Bark Tannin Oak Bark, Flask of Water Wood Elf Tailoring 102
Yew Leaf Tannin Yew Leaf, Flask of Water Black Pantherskin Armor and Haze Panther Armor 68
Drake Egg Oil Drake Egg, Flask of Water Cobalt Drake Armor and Tigeraptor Armor 68
Cod Oil Cobalt Cod, Flask of Water Arctic Wyvern Armor 68
Aviak Egg Oil Aviak Eggs, Flask of Water Fleeting Quiver 102

Known locations for tanning materials:

  • Yew Leaf - ground spawn in Wakening Lands
  • Drake Egg - foraged in Skyshrine, also rare drop off named drakes in Skyshrine
  • Misty Acorn - foraged and ground spawn in Misty Thicket
  • Oak Bark - foraged in Kithicor Forest, Warslik's Woods, ground spawn in Butcherblock


Item Ingredients Use Trivial
Snapper Oil Dragon Bay Snapper, Flask of Water Baking 150
Snake Egg Oil Snake Egg, Flask of Water Muskie Marinade 68
Fish Oil Fish Eggs, Flask of Water none known in p99 68

Brewing Guides

The Benefits Brewing by Aesop

The one book on brewing is an excellent guide for learning the skill to near mastery levels. Unlike most skills, this one was one I didn't even bother to put one point into (not even to "prime" the skill!). The same it true for alcohol tolerance, but it would seem the this skill isn't as useful as I thought it might be for a magician-- a few drinks and I've got the intelligence of an ape (and a dumb one at that)! However, I recognize that there are a few very potent elixirs one can mix for warriors (who have little use for intelligence in the heat of battle!) who can benefit much from the bonuses alcohol can give to them at high tolerance levels!

There is at least one recipe I know of for a brew that cannot be found in any tavern in Norrath (to the best of my knowledge!), and I know more will be found eventually. To date, it is not a very profitable skill to have, as the common brews one begins with can be had for far cheaper than they cost to make. This may change at a future date, and perhaps the harder-to-find or otherwise unfindable brews will make it a more profitable undertaking.

Basic Brewing Materials by Niami

You're going to need to locate several things, before you try brewing. First, you need recipes. The book you can buy so far is the "Brewer's Limericks" book. The only location found so far for this is Kaladim. (There is a quest in Halas/Everfrost for more advanced brewing recipes.) Then, you need a brew barrel. These can be found in pretty much every town. They are that odd things that look like a barrel with a hose leading from it to a white trashcan. Then you need containers for the finished product. Casks, bottles and the like can usually be found in inns and taverns. But wait, there's more. That's right - other ingredients. Some recipes will need ingredients that you can purchase at a few select shops in Norrath. Other recipes will requires foraged goodies, or creature loot (rat ears, snake scales and other such yummy stuff).

Ok, you've located everything and are ready to try. Wade through those Brewer's Limericks, try to translate them into the ingredients needed, pop them into the brew barrel, and press combine. (You can also take the easy way out and visit the recipes section of this site for recipes if you don't want to chase books all over.) If you fail, you will get back the bottle/cask, but you will lose all the other ingredients.

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